>Why The Arabs And So-called Jews Can Never Ever Find Peace Together In The
>So-called Holy Lands Of The Middle East? FINAL INSTALMENT.
>Continuing from last week’s article dealing with the above subject, one
>must know that Aryan-white (European and American) tradition, Apostolic
>fathers of the Church, theosophical teachings and writings, as well as the
>Arabs, have all laboured over the past 500 years, trying to disconnect
>Black Africans from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kanaan (Israel, today), in
>order to hide the true identity of the original authors of the Bible and
>the origin from whence the Bible originated, which was Ancient Egypt. In
>essence, what the Aryan-White race has attempted to do by ‘high-jacking’
>Ancient Egypt: The strategy has been to kill the “Messenger” (Black Ancient
>Egyptians), but save and embrace the “Message” of the messenger for
>themselves (the Holy Bible text).
>It is important to know that Western curiosity and interest in Ancient
>Egypt and Ancient Kanaan, wanting it to be recognized at its genesis as an
>Aryan-White or Asian Civilization, thus induced Western scholarship to
>create the discipline science called Egyptology. The Aryan-White race’s
>main objective in establishing Egyptology has been to uproot every vestige
>of Black African influence in Ancient Egypt, thereby, destroying the Black
>African genesis of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kanaan. Thus, to this end,
>the Aryan-White race’s intent has been to give the entire world a
>counterfeit analysis of this Great Black African Civilization of Ancient
>Egypt and Kanaan, as being a creation of their own race. However, the
>late Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegalese), who was a Physicist-Scientist,
>Egyptologist, Palaeo-anthropologist and World Historian, eloquently sums up
>the essence of the Aryan-White race’s futile attempts to ‘white-wash’
>Ancient Egypt. Diop: “Mankind, trying to destroy the Black African
>genesis of Ancient Egypt, is like trying to drown a fish in the vast
>-Alien Aryan-White Blood Mixed Into The Indigenous Blacks Of The Middle
>Note: Mandatory interbreeding and a process of miscegenation policies,
>enforced to the letter, by first the invading barbarian Aryan-Whites coming
>from the Caucasus Mountains (Hyksos,1675 B.C.E.), Persia (525 B.C.E.),
>Greece (333 B.C.E.), Rome (50 B.C.E.), and, finally the Arabs (640 A.D.),
>upon the indigenous Black females throughout Ancient Kanaan and Ancient
>Egypt, over the past 2500 years, has created the proto-type so-called
>Semite looking race, today. Quintessentially, the historical genetic
>makeup that created an Arab people by 800 B.C. is no more than their
>historical mother being a Black woman, indigenous to the whole of the
>Middle East and Persian Gulf area, and their father being a barbaric
>Aryan-White from the mountain caves of the Caucasus Mountains. The
>European so-called Jewish people ruling Israel, today, are actually the
>Ash-ke-naz tribal descendants of Gomer (read Genesis 10:3) and the Hyksos
>from the Caucasus Mountains of South Asia. They have no genetic
>connections, whatsoever, with the so-called Holy Land in and around
>Today’s Palestinians, although they have historically succumbed to many
>Aryan-White foreign invasions (over a period of 2500 years) and racial
>mixing, as a mixed breed of people ; however, Palestinians are the true and
>original descendants of the pure indigenous Black people (Ancient Egyptians
>& Ancient Kanaans) who once occupied this land called Israel, today. Of
>course, today, the un-bastardized, Original and Genuine Black- descendants
>of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kanaan are living in Ghana, Nigeria and other
>regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, today. When Ancient Egypt and Ancient
>Kanaan fell to the invading Aryan-White barbarians, most of its Black
>population fled (Exodus) to the sub-Saharan African forestry regions for
>-No Documented Account Found In Ancient Egyptian Records Of Any So-called
>Jews Ever Been Enslaved In Egypt-
>In fact, before the birth of Christ (B.C.) and After the Death (A.D.),
>there is "no" documented account, whatsoever, of any (so-called) Jews ever
>being enslaved in Ancient Egypt. Moreover, historically, successive
>Egyptian governments as well as international Archaeologists,
>Egyptologists, Historians, and Scientists have never found any account,
>whatsoever, of such an event ever happening in Ancient Egypt.
>However, in the past 6000 years, the only known and documented people ever
>to be enslaved for 400 plus years in a foreign land (Americas), are Black
>Africans who were kidnapped by Aryan-White Europeans and Americans from
>Africa, and taken to the USA, Caribbean, Central and South America, to
>serve in bondage there for 400 plus years.
>-Senior Jewish Rabbi At Sinai Temple Admits Jewish Biblical Exodus &
>Enslavement In Egypt –Never Existed-
>Stunning enough as it is about this “Legendary Lying Lore” of the
>Judaeo-Christian Religion, thus, the truth is now beginning to come forward
>to dispel this 2500 years old ‘Big Lie.’ Recently, in the newspaper of
>‘The Dallas Morning News’ (internet: DallasNews.com), Dallas-Forth Worth,
>Texas, USA, April 8, 2002, ran the following story (page 1 of 4) entitled:
>Religion-Jews grapple with skepticism about Exodus story. The story is
>the following:
>The renowned Jewish theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel calls the Exodus a
>moment so central to Judaism that the event defines the people.
>Yet Judaism has been openly grappling lately with an uncomfortable reality:
>Achaeologists and other experts are finding no solid evidence outside
>Scripture that the Exodus, and the slavery in Egypt, ever really happened.
> One of the greatest stories ever told, it seems, may be a fable built on
>“The story of the Exodus did not happen the way the Bible depicts it, if it
>happened at all,” said Rabbi David Wolpe, senior rabbi at Los Angeles’
>Sinai temple.
>Rabbi Wolpe kicked up a storm last year when he gave several sermons and
>classes at Passover focusing on research that casts doubt on the Exodus as
>a historical event. In doing so, he revealed information that many
>rabbis and scholars have known for years-and shoved the discussion from the
>libraries out to the pews.
>As Rabbi Wolpe pointed out, nearly 100 years of excavations have yielded no
>conclusive evidence that the Israelites were ever slaves, lived in Egypt,
>or wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Nor is there proof that they
>conquered Canaan with Joshua as their leader.
>Many scholars now believe that Israel arose indigenously out of Canaan,
>land that today is Lebanon, southern Syria, Jordan and the West Bank of
>Israel. Under the prevailing theory, these Canaanites took on a new
>identity as Israelites and might have been joined or led by a band of
>Semites from Egypt, perhaps explaining the Exodus story, scholars say.
>End of news piece culled from ‘The Dallas Morning News’.
>-Black Ancient Egyptian Priest Possessed Super-Natural Powers-
>Reader, note: The Ancient Black Egyptian Priesthood "did not Lie" about
>their predictions. According to Herodotus, a Greek, and oldest European
>historian; "the Egyptian Priests possessed super-natural powers; were
>experts in Magic; controlled the minds of men (hypnosis); had the power of
>predicting the future, and the power over nature, by giving commands in the
>name of the Divinity and accomplishing great deeds." (Herodotus, The
>Histories, Book 2, pages 109, 177). It is this writer’s fervent belief
>that the Ancient Egyptian Priesthood “Cast a Curse” upon the thieves that
>stole their Holy Bible (The Book of The Coming Forth By Day and Night,
>Papyrus of Ani ) 2500 years ago, and who has lied to the world that this
>divine knowledge was bestowed upon them as a gift from Jehovah, God
>Almighty. This fact attest to why the so-called Jews (Ashkanazi) have
>been under persecution for the past 2500 years.
>Historically, the aristocracy of Europe has always shown hatred against the
>so-called Jewish people, since it was well known in their socio-political
>and economic circles that these people were of a mixed racial origin, that
>migrated out of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kanaan up into Europe. Due to
>the negative anthropological ideas and theories of early European scholars
>against Black Africans, thus, the knowledge and reality that
>Judaeo-Christian foundations of Europe actually originated from African
>theosophy and philosophy, has surely been a major source of
>social-political embarrassment for Europeans.
>The racist and extremist Europeans had always seen the so-called Jewish
>people with suspicion and contempt vis-à-vis their same contempt and
>ill-feelings they had towards sub-Saharan Africans. That is to say,
>historically, the Europeans had no genesis of religion to claim as their
>own, other than what came up ‘out of Africa’, Christianity, which was
>brought to them by the so-called Jews, who had stolen this divine
>manuscript from the Ancient Egyptians. This fact has left the European
>(Aryan-Whites) with bitterness, enmity and jealousy against the so-called
>Jewish peoples and Africans. Also, this fomented feelings among
>Europeans that the so-called Jewish people had deliberately deceived them
>so that the Jews would dominate Europe. “This is also the reason no
>credible reason has been given for the most atrocious massacre of blacks
>and Jews in human history” (Nana Darkwah, Africans Who Wrote The Bible).
>Moreover, Kufu's Pyramid was built as a 'Sacred Shrine', dedicated to the
>deity of 'Ya-weh' (Davidson, Pyramidology) before Kufu came to the throne.
>This pyramid was not built as a funerary tomb. Kufu's Pyramid was
>dedicated to Astronomical, Mathematical, and Prophetic (parapsychological)
>studies and use. Also, Kufu's Pyramid was the 'Initiation Chamber' of the
>'Osirica Order' used by Egyptian Priests to test the Initiates who were to
>become Holy Preists. Thus, "all the great leaders of the great religions
>of antiquity were Initiates of the Egyptian Mystery System: From Moses, who
>was an Egyptian Hiergrammat, down to Jesus (Christ)." (Taken from Dr.
>George James' Stolen Legacy, page 40, Julien Richardson Associates, San
>Francisco, Cal., USA, 1985). Also, all orthodox religions' Holy Saints,
>beginning with Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohamed, had to go down
>into Ancient Black Egypt, before coming into their prophethood mission.
>This is a historical fact!
>Finally, reader, the picture should be very clear by now, “Why The Arabs
>And So-called Jews Can Never Ever Find Peace Together In The So-called Holy
>Lands Of The Middle East?” That is to say, neither one of them is the
>true blood heir to this land. The real blood heirs to this so-called Holy
>Land are today living in sub-Saharan Africa and throughout the African
>Diaspora. Above all, it is only these Black Africans who are the true
>blood heirs to this Holy Land that can bring Peace to that region, and for
>that matter, bring peace to the entire world. But this can only happen
>when the Truth is unveiled as to who are the Original sons and daughters of
>this Holy Land, and all Parties who are in dispute over this land, “Submit”
>and “Acknowledge” this Truth and its Heirs (Black Africans), as being the
>Rightful Heirs to this land.
>By The Master Teacher H.M. Maulana.