Volume 4, Number 1                                                       June 27, 2010

K.R.I.S.T. Newsletter


Who is the Real Anti-Semite?

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave an address at the Atlanta Civic Center on June 26, 2010 that may prove to have brought down the old house of lies that “upholds the architecture of white supremacy”. Minister Farrakhan announced the publication of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume II” and gave a clear statement of who the real Children of Israel are. In no uncertain terms he declared, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught him, that the Black man and woman of America are the real Children of Israel and “Israel” represents all of the white race and not just one of its tribes. And according to documents presented on pages 235 and 236 of “Secret Relationship II”, the white race including the so-called Jews have declared that the Black people of America are considered as “children” under their laws.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan went on to point out that the real “seed of Abraham” from a spiritual, historical and genetic point of view are in fact the Black man and woman of America and not those European Jews who claim to be Abraham’s descendents. “Secret Relationship II” points out that there are two main branches of those who call themselves Jews. One branch can trace their lineage back to Abraham and his ancestor Shem. These are called “Sephardic Jews”. There is another branch consisting of Europeans who are recent converts to Judaism who lived north of the Caucasus Mountains. According to the Bible those tribes that lived in this area of the globe are descendents of Japheth and not Shem and therefore not Abraham. These descendents of Japheth are called “Ashkenazi Jews” and are the vast majority of the “European Jews”.

“Secret Relationship I” brought to the world the fact that these European Jews were deeply involved in the African slave trade. But Minister Farrakhan pointed out in this lecture that there used to be a “Star of David” over the doors of the slave dungeons on the Gold Coast of Africa. However over the last 15 years that emblem has been erased to hide the Jewish participation and control of the slave trade from West Africa. “Secret Relationship II” describes in detail how Jews in the South actively participated and legislated in America’s successful effort of putting the Black people in America back into a sophisticated type of slavery after they were supposedly freed after the Civil War.

Minister Farrakhan stated that 1877 can be considered a most important year in establishing a system that has put Black people in a virtual slavery and back on the farm plantations and the plantations of sports and entertainment. The “Compromise of 1877” was sold to Congress on March 1, 1877 by a Jewish Louisiana Congressman by the name of William M. Levy. This compromise removed the Northern soldiers from the South which allowed Southern Gentiles and Jews to whip Black people bank in line and force them back into the cotton fields so that the South and the whole of white America could grow rich off of cotton, which was the “oil” that fed the industrial revolution in both America and Europe.

So now “Secret Relationship II” documents how the so-called Jews were active and aggressive participants in the continued affliction of Black people in America. Minister Farrakhan asked the audience if Blacks have been “afflicted” in America everyday for the last 400 years? The capacity crowd of 5,000 thousand responded an emphatic “Yes!!!” God only knows how the 13 million listeners over the radio and on the internet responded. Minister Farrakhan read us the Bible verse of Genesis 15:13 which reads “And he said to
Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;” Minister Farrakhan went on to say that the Black people of America best fit this description of the plight of the seed of Abraham. And if Abraham was a Semite and these European Jews are not, then their anti-Black behavior demonstrated in both “Secret Relations I and II” can properly be labeled as true “Anti-Semitism”. Therefore the real Anti-Semites are those European Jews who claim to be descendents of Abraham but are not but yet persecute the dark Semites. They demonstrate their most virulent form of Anti-Semitism when they strike at the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan whenever he defends Black people against the evil power of “white supremacy”.

Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that a copy of the newly released “Secret Relationship II” will be sent to the leaders within Jewish and Gentile America, presidents of the Historically Black colleges and “Negro” leaders in general. He stated that he dares anyone to refute the truth in this new book about the Jewish involvement in the continued persecution, enslavement and affliction of Black America and he will pay with his life if his detractors can successfully defeat this “truth” that will set the Black man and woman of America free.

However, Minister Farrakhan being a most merciful man gave both the white Jew and Gentile a way out of this mess and God’s wrath by letting those few Blacks who become millionaires to freely share their wealth in the rebuilding of Black America without the fear of being shut down by their new “plantation owners”. He also gave America a way to reduce her sentence of death by giving Black people in America true reparations which would include land. Minister Farrakhan said that the Moses of the Bible did not seek integration of the Hebrew slaves into Egypt but he demanded their complete separation in a land of their own. So should we.

Go to: http://www.blacksandjews.com/wordpress2/ to get your copy of "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume II.