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Readers of the author’s first book, "Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid", have been waiting 15 years for this new book, "I Will Not Apologize: The Resurrection of the Master Architect". This new book can be considered a sequel or expansion of the ideas touched upon in the first book written in 1988 such as:

1. The pyramids were not tombs, but part of a water irrigation purification system

2. The Sphinx was not a man but a woman and was 12,960 years old.

3. Slaves did not build the pyramids, highly motivated and skilled Black Africans did.

4. White people were bred on islands in the Aegean Sea.

5. The Black Egyptian (Kemetic) leadership sought to hide the true meaning of the pyramids and the technology of their age from so-called white people (the Kheftiu).

6. The Ancient Egyptians (Kemetic people) foresaw the enslavement of Black people by so-called white people.

7. The Kemetic scientists knew how to lock information into the genes to be unlocked and utilized by their descendants at this time in history.

This new book does not apologize for the bold and unorthodox ideas presented in the first book, but expands each one of these ideas with research and findings of fact discovered over the last 15 years. It also goes deeper into the construction of the pyramids including the use of "hydraulics".

It shows how to read the stories and 6,480 years of pre-history that the pyramids and other stone structures in the Nile Valley tell in the geometry and layout of their construction. The stories go from the making of the white man, the enslavement of Black people in America and the New Era of the world brought in by Min. Louis Farrakhan.

This book reveals more of the hidden technology of the Kemetic scientists and how the western world has retrofitted Kemetic technology to build modern civilization. One example will illustrate what we mean. As you drive around any city or town take the time to look up and study the water towers as shown below. You can not have tap water in your home, manufacturing plants or office buildings without this technology. This technology was taken directly from the Ancient Egyptians and was called the "Tet" or the pillar in which Osiris (fresh water) was stored. Whenever a new village was started in Kemet, the King set up a "Tet" or water tower. Today, the expansion of modern civilization is still dependent on this same technology.

However, with all the startling findings presented in this book, the one thing that may be the most controversial finding is the predetermined relationship between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, which was known by the ancient Kemetic scientists and revealed in their monumental constructions. This relationship must be dealt with in light of the fact that it seems to pop up in any forum where Black liberation is discussed. Malcolm X has moved from being the white man’s most hated adversary to being placed on a commemorative stamp by this same white man. Why?

Lastly the man whose number is "666" is revealed. If the author is correct in his analysis of the number and the man (and I believe strongly that I am), then Black people had better take a critical look at the time and what must be done as the world of Yakub goes to hell with us on board.

This book will stretch your mind and shake up your world of complacency, if you read it (smile).  


  The Egyptian "Tet"                           Older model Water Tower


   More Modern Water Tower

Table of Contents 

Preface: Following “Instructions”
I will not Apologize
Egypt is the Prize
The Process of Discovery
The Journey
Yakub’s History
Back to that Picture
The Pyramids were not Tombs
How were they built?
Of Boats and Stones
Hiding Technology
Back to my Personal Journey
The Sphinx enigma
Water Purification
Pilgrimage to the Nile
Sakkara Plateau, Thebes and Abydos
Back Home: Finding Rivers
Personal Problems
The Geometry of the Pyramids 
The Sign
Testing the God
Cracking the Code
Brother Emmanuel
Muhammad Farms
From the Pyramids to the Million Man March 
Temple Orientations
Islam and Kemet
Building the Temples
Sakkara Plateau: Story of Breeding
The Measuring Rod
The Pyramid’s Double, the “Ka” 
Inside the Pyramid
What Time is It?
Who Discovered the “Double Helix”?
Seti I, A former priest of Set
25,000 Years or 25,920 Years? 
The Devil Plans
Who are these So-called White People and So-called Jews?
In Conclusion
    “Egypt”, “Yakub” and “Is-Ra-el”
    We need a Hero (Heru)
    Prologue: Upon this Rock 
    “I Will Not Apologize" 

Along with the book you get a free CD of 11 poems by Dr. Ridgely put to music. These poems compliment the contents of the book.

(You may order the book by sending a money order for $25 to cover the cost of the book and shipping to Ridgely Mu'min, 2569 Southpoint Rd, Bronwood, Ga. 39826) email: drridge@bellsouth.net

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