Volume 12, Number 9                                         April 13, 2009

The Farmer


Grow now or forever hold your peace

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

Spring is the season for planting your garden. Hopefully you have already prepared your land, planting pots or raised beds. If you have not and need to know how, review the articles written in "The Farmer Newsletter" on www.MuhammadFarms.com such as: "The Sun in your Garden", "Getting ‘Grounded’", and "The Faith of Seeds".

After reading these articles and you still need more specific information, then contact one of our gardening experts on the "Farming and Gardening" committee of the Ministry of Agriculture. Their contact information is located on our same website under the heading "Ministry of Agriculture Resource List".

At this point in history if you do not yet know that we need to grow our own food and develop a new food distribution system then you need to go back and read the many articles that we have written on the subject archived on "The Farmer Newsletter". There are many articles archived under the "News" link on www.Muhammadfarms.com as well that would be profitable to go over as a background to understand why the US government does not want you to grow your own food. Now they are planning to control your backyard. Read "Government control of your garden: HR 875 and SR 425?" On the other hand, First Lady Michelle Obama is setting up a vegetable garden at the White House. Maybe more of us should do the same at our homes. Muhammad Farms and the Ministry of Agriculture are here to serve you when you are ready to make a move.

Right now we at Muhammad Farms are quite busy farming, because we bear witness to the truth of the warning of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan by utilizing our 1600 acre farm in Georgia to grow pure "wholistically" grown food for you. We have so far planted field corn, wheat, sweet corn, carrots, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, rutabaga, and watermelons. In the next few weeks we will plant navy beans, squash, cantaloupe, bell peppers, eggplant, and okra. If you would like to get some of this good food, again go to www.MuhammadFarms.com and contact a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in your area and get ready for some good food.

It is very difficult to farm, do research, right articles and books, plus service my Final Call Newspaper customers and then repeat information that I have already presented. This is why we set up www.MuhammadFarms.com and made it a repository of information. So when I do the research and write an article or find other valuable information, we post it on the website and leave it, so that you can retrieve it at anytime. Another way of utilizing the website is to just log on and read everything posted. This will bring you up to speed and help you understand why we must do something for ourselves in the line of food production and distribution.

If you read these articles and pay attention to the news, you will see that the US government is not concerned about the health and economic well being of Black people in particular or poor "out of the loop" White people in general. This same government over time took away the land of Black farmers and refused to give any of that land back. The government had one of its own agents to produce a bogus Black farmer lawsuit "consent decree" which gave the appearance of paying the Black farmers some money, but made no attempt to give back the land that was stolen by the USDA and sold at discounted prices to USDA employee family members.

Yet the US treasury has turned over all the present money and future money of the tax payers to the banking industry. At the same time they are trying to control your backyard garden. They are also planning to make all small farmers tag all of their farm animals and even their produce, while at the same time exempting the large industrial farms with herds from such requirements all under the excuse of "National Security". It is the large industrial farms that have produced "mad cows", not the small farms. It is the large industrial farms that spray raw sewage on spinach, not small farms. It is the US government that produced "Terminator Seeds" and gave the patent to Monsanto, not small farmers. It is the US government that forced the Iraqi farmers to turn in their natural seeds to receive Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds, not small farmers.

Recently I was alerted by people who visit the MuhammadFarms.com website on a regular basis that the site was down. I contacted my web master and after a few days he was able to get the site up again. However, he told me he could not determine why it went down nor understand how he was able to get it back up. Could it be that "Big Brother" does not like the fact that you are getting so much information about his plans to destroy the people through the food?

If you do not know by now that the US government is working for the International Bankers, as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has warned us, and not for you, you might as well "forever hold your peace" and put back on the shackles. But for those of you who already know, get busy with your gardens and please continue to support the Three Year Economic Savings Program so that we can help Minister Farrakhan get that one million acres of land that he talked about at this year’s Saviours’ Day.