Volume 8, Number 12                                               August 14, 2005

The Farmer


10 Years after the MMM or

"Never let them see you sweat"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

There is this commercial for deodorant whose theme is "never let them see you sweat." We are now 10 years out from the Million Man March and headed back to DC as the Millions More Movement. I have heard the question asked as to why should we go back to DC? This is a valid question if the first march had no effect or the issues that it addressed have been solved. Looking at the condition of the black community and the number of black men unemployed and or in jail, it is fair to say that problems of our people have not been resolved.

The other issue is whether the first MMM had a positive effect on the black community and caused our enemies to react. Minister Farrakhan has pointed out many positive effects of the march including more black men registering to vote, black men joining churches and organizations, black men taking better care of their families and more black orphans being adopted by black families. The crime rate has gone down in a lot of our major cities even though the number of black people being incarcerated has increased.

"Come let us deal wisely with them" is what the Pharaoh of the Bible said to his advisors in terms of their fear of the growth and power of the Children of Israel. Part of that dealing wisely is to not let black people know that the MMM made the modern Pharaoh "sweat". White people teach that life is series of co incidents. This is to keep you from analyzing the cause and effect relationships that you experience but are made num to. The very last thing they want you to believe is that a black leader can make them react to his moves instead of him asking permission to move.

The MMM began to have an effect on the government of America the very night that Minister Farrakhan announced it at the first Menís Only meeting held in New York City at the 149th Street Armory. That very night, January 24, 1994, the US Senate went into special session and declared that when 5 or more young black men were hanging together they could be labeled as a "street gang". So as Minister Farrakhan was going around the country getting black men to unite, the government labeled this unifying effort as recruiting "gang members". So as it was during slavery in both the "slave states" down South and the so-called "free states" in the North, it is still unlawful for more than five black people to get together unless a white person is there to monitor their activities.

President Clinton in his State of the Union Address on January 25, 1994, the day after the announcement of the MMM, outlined his strategy to be "tough and smart" (deal wisely) against "crime" by announcing the "three strikes youíre out" and "put away for good" crime bill. The next year on February 10, 1995 the Clinton administration introduced legislation whose language was moving towards asserting that certain crimes, such as robbing tourists, committed by street gangs in the ghettoes of America may be classified as terrorism. This bill also gave the FBI authority to investigate political groups and causes at will similar to the now infamous "Cointelpro". Thanks to the fear generated by "911", the government has put into play the new "Patriot Act" and has developed the new language of "terroristic threat", that gives the police the authority to put a black man in jail for just looking at a policeman in a "threatening" manner.

On the economic end the government laid in wait for us like a "snake in the reparations grass." As 2 million black men descended on the DC Mall, the government foresaw the demand for reparations by black people for past wrongs. Therefore the government reacted by making Alexander Pires, a former Justice Department lawyer, the lead attorney in the black farmersí fight against the USDA in 1998. The governmentís plan was to take over black peopleís demand for reparations by planting a "white savior" at the head of the movement and divert it towards a meaningless quest for a few crumbs for individuals and not repair the damage to the "class" or group. The first step taken by Mr. Pires was to move the fight of the farmers from stopping foreclosures and getting their land back that was taken by the USDA to getting $50,000 each.

The consent decree was devised so that most of the farmers who owed the USDA were denied in the lawsuit and thereby still under the gun of foreclosure. However, the media did not cover the black farmersí cry against the lawsuit, but instead touted the success of Mr. Pires in getting the largest civil rights settlement in U.S. history, thereby shooting him to the front of the pack of lawyers that might present the U.S. government with a general reparations lawsuit. However, through the efforts of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association (BFAA) and www.MuhammadFarms.com, Mr. Pires was exposed as the "Snake in the Reparations Grass" and summarily booted off of the reparations "dream team".

Minister Farrakhan is now deeply involved in the Reparations movement. He is emphasizing that land be a part of any reparations package and that black leadership develop a 10 year plan for the "total liberation" of black people in America. This 10 year plan is to be implemented by black people with or without government support.

Minister Louis Farrakhan made me the manager of Muhammad Farms in 1995. This is a 1556 acre farm in Georgia that was bought at the end of 1994 using funds raised through the Three Year Economic Savings Program. This program and even the land that was bought was a reenactment of the strategy used by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the 1960ís to jump start a people towards nation building. Now Minister Farrakhan was doing the same. On top of this Min. Farrakhan was calling the million man "army" to march with him on Washington to make demands of the government.

The enemy could see the handwriting on the wall. Allah (God) fixed circumstances such that the government could not stop the "army" from marching. However, the government got busy to ensure that the Nation of Islam would not be able to feed that army when they got home. In particular, the government removed almost all of the subsidy programs that kept the prices of the major agricultural commodities above the cost of production. In the past these subsidies were given to white farmers like "welfare cheese", but denied to Black farmers.

However, since the Nation of Islam was now farming and had expertise that could access the government programs, the government decided to wipe out all the programs even though it would destroy most of the white family farmers as well.

The prices of corn, wheat, cotton and soybeans plummeted after the "Freedom to Farm" bill was passed in 1996. The graph shown below describes how prices for these commodities fell from their high marks in 1995 and 1996 to almost half these amounts by the year 2001. We could just accept this as a "co incidence", but I am going with Minister Farrakhan again in 2005 to push up on the beast and watch him "sweat" again. I wonder how high will gas and diesel prices get by October 15th? Hmmmm...

Even though I suffer as a farmer under this cost/price squeeze put on by the government, I am comforted by understanding the cause and effect relationship by our push towards and at the MMM in 1995 and the governmentís response since that time. The Holy Qur'an admonishes the believer to persevere because when the believer suffers, know that the enemy is also suffering even though he may never let you see him sweat.

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