Volume 5, Number 6                                       December 5, 2001

The Farmer


From Maize to poison mess

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

According to Webster’s dictionary poison means "a substance that through its chemical action usu. kills, injures, or impairs an organism...". In our last week’s article entitled, "9/11 Hype Vs 9/9 Genetic Bomb" we introduced you to a San Diego biotechnical firm called Epicyte, "where researchers have discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm." The president of this company said, "We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies...". Now since sperm is essential to reproducing human life as we know it, then Epicyte has produced poisonous corn. Why? See http://www.Epicyte.com.

Interestingly, according to a National Public Radio broadcast on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 scientists have found genetically modified material in maize on mountain plots in a remote area of Mexico. However, the scientists are baffled by this finding because Mexico has completely outlawed the importation of genetically modified corn, maize. Mexico is considered by the Europeans as the genetic home of maize and has the largest variety of maize genotypes in the world. In fact, when companies want to modify corn they go back to some of what’s called the "root stock" and begin their breeding processes to improve current strands. By the way, the word "Mexico" itself is derived from the word "maize".

In America, seed companies that have patented a genetic strand of a modified crop have been known to sue farmers on whose land they find traces of their particular modified crop, such as "Round-up Ready" corn or BT cotton, if these farmers have not paid the licensing to utilized their patented strand. So what would be the incentive for such companies to send modified corn seeds to Mexico, if no one there is willing to pay for such seeds. "Maybe somebody just stole them and brought them there so they could make more money?" Maybe, however the area where they were found was very remote and the farmers were subsistence farmers, who do not buy commercial seeds but save their native seeds year after year.

In another National Public Radio report and discussion aired on Friday, November 30, 2001, scientists and callers debated the efficacy, ethics and necessity of "human cloning". The argument for cloning centered around the desire to develop cures for diseases. Stem cell research may prove to unleash a myriad of regenerative tissue techniques, etc., etc.,. Please read, "Killing me softly" at: http://www.muhammadfarms.com/The%20Farmer%20Newsletter.htm.

Stem cells can be taken from human embryos. So scientists want to clone embryos like in a factory, then take out the stem cells, but not allow these embryos to become full grown humans. However, even these scientists admitted that stem cell research does not need embryos. Stem cells from the bone marrow of cadavers provide the same material as embryos. Then why clone embryos, unless the real goal is to clone human beings or something that looks like human beings?

Now let’s move to another seemingly unrelated fact. This society has been gradually moved to accept homosexual marriages and thereby homosexual families where two men or two women can marry and adopt a child and that unit be considered "family". Hmmmm, what about two men or two women who decide to clone themselves. This may become very useful if Epicyte is successful in marketing their poison and infectious mess, I mean corn.

Now back to maize. I visited Egypt in 1989 and produced a three part 6 hour video documentary of that trip and our discoveries called "Going Home: A Pilgrimage to the Nile." At the Temple of Luxor we discovered a huge hieroglyphic relief of the name of Ramesses. The glyph was as large as your chest and the details reached out and smacked our consciousness. The name we call "Ramesses" was broken down in three main parts: 1. Ra, 2. M-z and 3. Z. For a picture click onto our website at:

The M-z part (there were no vowels) is sometimes rendered M-s depending on the particular school of hieroglyphic "experts". It is rendered by a glyph that can be used both phonetically and as a "determinative". According to the scholars, M-z or M-s means "birth", yet they describe its determinative or glyph as "fox tails tied together". What does fox tails have to do with "birth"?

However, when we saw this glyph in its full glory we immediately recognized it as three sets of two ears of corn tied together. When I was younger, I noticed that this was how the farmers used to dry out and keep some of their corn seeds for next season’s planting. Now that makes sense. Seed = birth.

Of course the hieroglyphic experts had to lie about what they saw in terms of M-z or "mezz" or maize or corn being depicted on a stone monument that was at least 3,500 years old and in Africa. The historical and thereby political ramifications of the fact that corn was first grown in Africa, then transported by boat to America while the so-called white man was living in caves and believing that the world was flat would be "white supremacy world view" shattering.

Al Gore in his book "Earth in the Balance" isolated "Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria as trouble spots for overpopulation. Now it seems that the corn (M-zz) that Africans invented may be turned into the genetic weapon of the future to eliminate their seed (sperm) and finally give so-called white people a way to stop "Babe’s Kids", while they clown, I mean clone their way into their "Bare", I mean "Brave New World".

Now we may be able to better understand why Black farmers have been systematically driven off of their land. See these articles in an AP series on Black land loss:

"Lost Holdings Haunt Black Families"


"Land Often The Motive For Attacks On Blacks, Lynchings"


"Torn from the Land"


Finally, "Excuse me while I sound the alarm,

But the USDA plans to do you harm.

They’re the ones that designed these genetic bombs,

They’re the ones that took the Black man’s farms." ("Terminator Genes")

Peace, Doc