Volume 8, Number 3                                 December 25, 2004

The Farmer


Investment Requires Security

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

On December 10, 2003 a Black man was shot twice in the head and killed by a member of the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department on Interstate Highway 185 in Columbus, Ga. On December 31, 2003 attorneys for TV station WRBL and the Ledger Enquirer newspaper filed a suit against the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department in order to get the videotape of the incident. It was almost a year before the video tape was released on December 1, 2004.

I reviewed this tape which is available over the Internet. What I saw can only be described as a pack of armed and trained "dogs", at least 6 to 8, dragging a Black man out of his car with his hands held up in the air, throwing him to the ground and shooting him in the head. This video was held back as evidence from the Muscogee County Grand Jury which decided on November 23, 2004 not to bring charges against the shooter, former deputy David Glisson. According to Sheriff Johnson, deputy Glisson's 'feel the barrel' technique was one reason for his termination, but not the murdering of a defenseless Black man.

What is this ‘feel the barrel’ technique other than another form of scientific intimidation or "Terrorism"? How many times had this technique been used to terrorize young Black men into a state of "shock and awe" for the white power structure?

The psyche of the human being is a very fragile entity. For proper development it requires a long period of protection and guidance from parents and community to develop into a healthy and productive entity useful to the members of its society. Security is a prerequisite to the individual or community to make the necessary personal and group investments needed to sustain a civilized society and existence. Otherwise the human would be forced to scavenge and kill to survive like any other animal. Therefore any continuous perceived threat to the security of individuals or the group produces an environment that leads to the destruction of that community or civilization.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew the importance of justice and the security that a just environment produced. He spelled it out plainly every week on the back of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. I encourage everyone to read each of the 10 points in "What the Muslims Want" and 12 points of What the Muslims Believe" as placed in the inside cover of the Final Call Newspaper published by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. However, for this analysis we will focus on number 6 of "What The Muslims Want." It states:

"6. We want an immediate end to the police brutality and mob attacks against the so-called Negro throughout the United States.

We believe that the Federal government should intercede to see that black men and women tried in white courts receive justice in accordance with the laws of the land - or allow us to build a new nation for ourselves, dedicated to justice, freedom and liberty."

In the Kenneth Walker case we have a Black man killed but white folks did not even want his killer to face trial. What type of a message does this send out to the Black community? We argue that the message is not only well understood by the Black community but also by the scientists of the white community.

Let me quote from The Heritage Foundation (a conservative think tank) lecture by Conrad Burns on March 28, 2003 called "Beyond the Middle East: In Search of Energy Security." He states: "Private capital investment requires political stability and the rule of law. Contracts must be honored, corruption must disappear, and the regulatory regime must be favorable to attract investors."

Where is this "stability and the rule of law" when it comes to justice in every day life of Black people in America?

Another scholar, Keith S. Rosen, puts it another way in his analysis of "Suggested Principles for Regulating Foreign Investment" done for the Consulting Assistance on Economic Reform (CAER II) on April of 1998:

"The guaranty of fair and equitable treatment covers both personnel and property. Investment requires security, and it is people, rather than things, that feel secure or insecure. It is essential people feel secure not only with respect to property rights but also as to their own persons."

So in other words, whites know that they must feel secure before they make any long term investments, especially on foreign soil. Therefore, what can make a Black person who is supposed to look after the well being of the Black community not understand that whites know what they are doing when they purposely produce a state of lawlessness and Terrorism in the Black community? Whites did this before in the string of lynching at the turn of the 20th century. Whites understood the power of Terrorism in destroying the economic development in the Black community of Tulsa, Okla., when they burned down 600 businesses in 1921. The devastating affect of such acts of Terrorism is spelled out more completely in The Farmer Newsletter article of September 19, 2004 called "The Black Belt that Should Have Been."

White folk study war and the psychology of warfare. Let us refer you to a definition of war from Carl Von Clausewitz, an eighteenth and nineteenth century Prussian soldier and writer whose book, "On War" is a central part of the curriculum of western military training. He states, "War therefore is an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will."

So what is the "will" of white folk? Is it to make the world safe for "democracy" or make the world safe for white "capitalism"? In the meantime, the Black community and people are afraid to invest in self and community for fear of "terroristic threats" as exemplified by the ‘feel the barrel’ techniques taught and approved by the armed occupiers of the Black community called "law enforcement agencies"?

Such brutality with its psychologically destructive affects must be met with a sober and measured response to inform both the white and Black communities that such behavior is not acceptable. Acts of Terrorism and war against the Black community and psyche must be dealt with in a way that our Black youth will know that it is okay to invest in their own education and have dreams of financial success and independence while they live.

Perhaps a little more destruction, like what happened with the hurricanes which lashed America this past summer, may incline the hearts of our enemies and courts of this land towards justice. In fact, the day after the Grand Jury decided not to indict Mr. Glisson a severe weather and tornado watch warning was issued for the Columbus area for November 24th.

Since it has been made evident over the last 400 years that white people are incapable of giving justice to their once slaves, like the Children of Israel under the Pharaoh of the Bible, should we not now pray to our God (Allah) to punish the enemies of freedom, justice and equality for Black people? A suggested format for such a prayer can be found on the MuhammadFarms.com website under the Farmer Newsletter article "A Prayer for Survival."