Volume 8, Number 4                                       January 14, 2005

The Farmer


The Price of ignoring the laws of cause and effect

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

Yesterday it was "Moses and Pharaoh", today it is Farrakhan and the modern "Pharaoh". However, prophesies may have no meaning to a people who are ignorant of the laws of cause and effect.

On January 10, 2005 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan reminded us that the 10% who rule this world understand the laws of "cause and effect", but they keep the 85% in a state of ignorance and superstition by teaching them that "...rain, snow, hail and Earthquakes comes from that mystery God". According to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there is the remaining 5% who are the "...poor, righteous teachers, who do not believe in the teaching of the 10%."

We, over the last four years from 2001 through 2004 under the section called "The Farmer Newsletter" at www.MuhamamdFarms.com have taught our audience about the Black farmersí struggle and the deteriorating safety of our food supply. In that same period we downloaded from the Internet and catalogued articles pertaining to these same issues in the "News" section of our website.

We put the list of articles in a format that one could see the progression of events and issues through time. This was done in an attempt to help the reader grow into understanding the relationship between "cause and effect" throughout this time period. We understood that with such a vast deluge of information that has been made available by the Internet, people might get lost in the "flood" without understanding the value of the information provided.

Patterns move through time like a "snake". The 10% would have you to believe that every thing is a coincidence and that anyone that sees these "patterns" is a paranoid "conspiracy theorist". On the other hand the courts set up by this same ruling 10% will put you in jail based on "coincidences" which they call circumstantial evidence. If they have enough "coincidences" and a "motive" then they put you in jail.

How many incidents of "co incidents" does a people need to understand that a people who put them in slavery over 400 years ago, declared them 3/5ths of a man in 1776 and still pay them wages 200 years later based on 3/5ths of white folks income, have a "motive" for continued oppression and genocide? We suggest that you now take the time to go to and just look at the titles of the articles published under "The Farmer Newsletter" starting at the most recent one listed at the top and go down the page back to January of 2001. We also suggest that you go to the "News" section and look at the titles from the recent one, "U.S. District Court Denies Motion to Modify Black Farmer Law Suit" back to "Cocaine tied to heart attacks" in January of 2001.

In January of 2001 our "Farmer Newsletter" article was called "Black farmers lawsuit: A bunch of crap". In November of 2004 we reported "Constitutional Committee Hears Complaints on the Black Farmersí Lawsuit". In other words it has taken the Congress four years to finally look into the allegations that we brought forward not only in the 2001 article but as far back as March of 1999 when the Black farmers went to the "fairness hearing" in Federal Court in D.C. to protest provisions of the lawsuit. We even went so far as to video tape the progress of the lawsuit from 1998 through 2001 and presented to members of the House Committee on Agriculture a documentary called "Snake in the Reparations Grass". An article by the same title is also found in the list of the "Farmer Newsletter" which tracks the events from the lies that were told to the Black farmers by their lawyers, to Black farmers going to jail to protest the lawsuit, to the final admittance by the monitor of the Black farmersí lawsuit that the lawyers lied to Black farmers and the court.

The result of the lies by the lawyers and the refusal of Congress and the media to listen to the farmersí complaints is the continued loss of land by Black people and the loss of the Black farm population as these old warriors die while waiting on justice. How long will these incidents of willful theft of land by the United States Department of Agriculture, denial of justice to Black farmers and the continued deterioration of the health of Black people, be ignored as mere coincidence?

We at Muhammad Farms have attempted through these articles to let the rest of the Black community know why we work so hard to prepare for what we see as a time of famine for Black people. Some of our readers understand and have increased their support for the "Three Year Economic Savings Program". Some may still need to be convinced.

Now the country is hearing the call for "Reparations" for Black people in America. We presented the documentary "Snake in the Reparations Grass" to warn the movement about the "game" that was played on Black farmers so that the larger body of 40 million Black people would not be seduced by shallow offers of cash such as $50,000 per family. The history of the Black farmersí struggle indicates that America would much rather give out money to non-land owners than give land back which was stolen. This indicates a more defined agenda of piling Black people up on concrete where they can be more easily exterminated through violence or poisoning. This last statement may seem like a great "leap of faith" or alarmism. However, we present the past articles and news clipping over the last four years as evidence for our case.

The Black farmers have suffered because their leadership had ignored the laws of "cause and effect" and did not want to accept that a "snake" was in their mist after being promptly warned. We remember that the lawyers for the Black farmers recruited respected Civil Rights leaders such as Rev. Joseph Lowery to tell the Black farmers to trust the well meaning white Jewish lead attorney that eventually sold them down the river.

Now as we move towards a call for Reparations and a return to Washington, DC to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March, we must pay better attention to the relationships between "cause and effect". One may ask how Minister Louis Farrakhan, who does not allow the members of his organization to carry weapons and even admonishes the larger Black community to turn their weapons in, expect the government of the United States to listen to his demands for Reparations? What "carrot or stick" can he present to the most powerful military and richest nation on earth that would make them respond favorably?

The title of this present article relates to understanding the relationship between "cause and effect". The continued loss of land and health by Black people is "the price of ignoring the laws of cause and effect" and faking ignorance of the motives of their open enemy. We worked diligently to teach the Black farmers the tricks of the US government and showed them how and when they were being used each step of the way, but they refused to listen and therefore suffered the consequences.

However, today the ruling class is very upset over the recent severe weather patterns affecting America and the tsunami in the Indian Ocean as being some type of divine intervention. This line of thinking is very interesting in light of the question "Is God Dead?" being asked in the 1960ís and 70ís.

We highlighted possible results of a new series of "cause and effects" in a front page article called "The Hand of God: Hurricanes and Mighty Snow".  We suggest that you read this article and analyze the series of events after Minister Farrakhan gave his press conference on May 3, 2004 when he warned America to "watch the weather". According to the Bible and Holy Qur'an, "Pharaoh" ignored the power of the rods of Moses and Aaron to inflict plagues. Will the modern "Pharaoh" of today ignore the plea for justice from a modern "Moses" or "Aaron" who may understand the "laws of cause and effect" and may even have contact with the "Primal Cause"?