Volume 7, Number 6                                              January 15, 2004

The Farmer


Whatís In Your Pantry Today?

by Sister Anne Muímin Muhammad


Are you aware that the foods you eat can cause feelings such as pleasure, discomfort, poverty, sadness, sophistication and power? Therefore the saying, you are what you eat is more than just a saying.

The science of nutrition is new to western culture. It was not until around 1940 that the National Research Council organized a Food and Nutrition Board to develop dietary standards for the US. Is it a coincidence that this is after our Saviour arrived and taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad what foods we should eat? I have just taken part in a series of nutrition seminars held by experts in western medicine. It is interesting to see how may western scientists are finally catching up with the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Before this western society disregarded the medicinal and therapeutic properties of food. Every other culture used food such as beans, honey, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and a limited amount of dairy foods to promote good health and prevent illness and disease. Western culture adopted the policy of eating whatever you want and then developed drugs to deal with the symptoms of illness resulting from such a careless practice. Other cultures did not suffer from many of the diseases that plague the west such as, obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, gallstones, high blood pressure and constipation. Now since we eat what we want and not what is good for us, Black people in America have gone from being the healthiest group since the early 1900s to now being the least healthy of all races and to make matters worse, the west is now giving you genetically altered foods that have been stripped of all nutrients. They try to add these nutrients back to the stripped foods by using waste products such as grinding iron particles into what they call "food-grade" and putting these particles in some foods such as breakfast cereals. Sure it goes into the blood stream and raises the iron count but it is not assimilated as a nutrient. The same applies to the chemical waste fluoride in the water which over time leaches calcium from the body.

What can we do to combat these mad scientists? Take your copy of How To Eat To Live by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad off the shelf and study it and put the techniques of eating to live into practice without haste.

I recently heard someone say that it is not good to take our children off of meat because they need the protein in meat. Not true. The navy bean that we have been given to eat becomes a "complete protein" when digested if they are eaten with vegetables such as we do with the bean soup, or whole grains such as the whole wheat bread. In addition, this digested protein becomes amino acids of which the body needs eight (8) from foods we eat. All eight can be gotten from eating the bean and whole wheat this way. Additionally, by adding "yeast" to our whole wheat bread that we bake ourselves, we are getting the amount of vitamin B-12 that the body needs daily.

Recent statistics say that more than one-fifth or nearly nine million people have iron deficiency. Again, if we are eating our navy beans and whole wheat bread we should be getting plenty of iron.

We must practice good nutrition as well as pray in order to have the energy and frame of mind to do the work that is before us.

Note: We should not eat the soy bean and its by-products. This bean is not digestible. This is stated by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in How To Eat To Live. We should also not use canola oil as the canola plant is a genetically modified plant. Also, use real butter instead of margarine, many of which are made from a variety of cheap oils.

To my sisters, knowing what foods we should and should not eat is a part of our post. Letsí take charge and safeguard our familiesí health and well-being. If we are practicing eating to live and putting our MGT/GCC curriculum into practice, we should be able to afford the best of foods. It does the body no good to be clothed in beautiful garments if we are feeding it junk. It is so important that we get on the right track because someone has to teach the rest of our sisters. This brings to mind a newspaper article I clipped and saved that talked about teenagers shaping the eating habits for the future. In this article a young sister was interviewed that considered herself old fashioned. She said that unlike most of her friends she liked a home cooked meal. Her friends she said will just eat fast food whereas she will make a home cooked meal like frozen pizza or prepackaged breaded chicken. Then again, maybe this is what most women today are calling home cooking.

It has been discovered that our ancestors in ancient Egypt had vast stone ovens which were used for bread-baking so the art of cooking is inherent to us. What we must do is become true believers in the teachings we have been given and put them into practice.

In servitude slavery, our food culture was taken from us and we were given a diet that surely leads to poor health and death. Master Fard Muhammad left with his student, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a food culture for this lost-found nation that will restore us spiritually, physically and mentally if practiced. I recently heard the author of a book on the history of food say that the one thing all cultures hold on to in order to safeguard their identity is their way of eating. Also, promoting their food is the number one way these cultures acquire economic stability.

(Sister Anne Mu'min Muhammad is the wife of Dr. Ridgely Muhammad at Muhammad Farms in Georgia)