Volume 7, Number 5                                         January 3, 2004

The Farmer


Making "Mad Cows"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

"BUT, following a people who the Holy Qur’an describes as ‘eating like a beast’ (white race)—they eat anything that they want to eat and they do not care concerning the harm that it is doing to their life." (p53)

"TO EAT MEAT is against our life and shortens the span of our life. We eat meat because it is a habit from childhood." (p.63)

"FASTING DOES much for us. A three-day fast will tell the story – you feel better; your body begins to feel lighter and not weighty as it felt when it was filled with food; your thinking is clearer." (p.46)

"Both the libation and the practice of cutting off the heads of sacrificial beasts are common to all Egyptians in all their sacrifices, and the latter explains why it is that no Egyptian will use the head of any sort of animal for food." (P. 144; Herodotus)

"I will describe some of their (Egyptian) habits: every month for three successive days they purge themselves, for their health’s sake, with emetics and clysters, in the belief that all diseases come from the food a man eats; and it is a fact – even apart from this precaution – that next to the Libyans they are the healthiest people in the world." (p.158; Herodotus)

The first three quotations are from "How to Eat to Live" by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The next two quotations are from "Herodotus: The Histories" written 2,400 years ago. The rest of this article chronicles just one example of how we pay for ignoring the divine guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and not following the traditions of our ancestors who built the pyramids and a civilization that prospered for at least 4,000 years and fell only because of invading barbarians (white folk).

Just before X-mas America admitted that there are some "mad cows" in the house. Has one of Saddam’s secret "weapons of mass destruction" finally reached America? No, "mad cows" are a product of human behavior right here in the good old USA and not some virus lurking in some dark corner of the world just waiting to jump out at the innocent. "Mad cows" are made by "mad", greedy people who run their world based on lies and tricknology. They lie to the consumer and trick cows to eat themselves. In fact they cut off the heads of cattle, grind them up and mix these "renderings" back into the feed for the cattle, turning herbivores into cannibals and making them go "mad".

Since the outbreak of the disease in Canada, the USDA has increased the testing of cattle for the disease. Secretary of Agriculture Ann M. Veneman said that her department tested 20,526 cattle for mad cow disease last year out of approximately 35 million commercially slaughtered cattle.  The only reason that they test any animal is that the animals can’t stand up when they go to the slaughter house. When they spot a "downer", as they call it, they still slaughter the animal, as they did this one on December 9th, and send it through the food system. They send brain samples off to a laboratory in Iowa and then Britain, then two weeks after the animal parts are in the food chain, they make the announcement. Now how smart is that?

According to ABC News seven states are trying to track down pieces of this slaughtered "mad cow". But not to worry, they have quarantined the herd and are blaming Canada for exporting this sick animal to America 4 1/2 years ago or maybe 6 1/2 years ago, depending on who you want to believe. Quarantining the cattle herd is not the way to stop the disease. "Where is the feed that this sick animal ate?", should be the question. Since the practice of feeding cow brains back to cows was supposedly banned in 1997, revisionist spin doctors are trying to get the infected cow’s age "right". We wonder how many times the age of this cow will have to change? (smile)

On the other hand three and one half years ago when the Japanese discovered their first case of "mad cow" disease, they went to mandatory testing of every head of cattle that went to slaughter. According to a December 25, 2003 New York Times article called "Expert Warned That Mad Cow Was Imminent", Dr. Stanley Prusiner, a neurologist who won the 1997 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on prions, stated that the Japanese testing procedure produced this fall two new cases of the disease in animals aged 21 and 23 months. The "mad cow" in Washington state was 4 1/2 OR 6 years old.(smile)

Dr. Prusiner visited the Secretary of Agriculture six weeks ago to encourage her to broaden the mandatory testing procedure because he felt that an outbreak of this deadly disease was destined for America. His warnings were ignored and even now the USDA is trying to minimize the perception of danger by claiming that the infected cow was born in Canada.

The USDA knows that this disease is caused by the behavior of the feed industry and not isolated to a particular condition at a farm. The history of identifying this disease goes back to studies done in the early 1900’s on an isolated tribe of cannibals on the island of New Guinea. Their now outlawed practice of eating the bodies of their dead relatives caused this same type of "spongiform encephalopathy" nervous disorder in members of the tribe who ate the brains and spinal fluids of their dead relatives.

When these same types of symptoms popped up in herds of cattle in England in the 1980s, scientists figured out that the practice starting in the 1960s of feeding cow renderings (including the brain and spinal column) back to cows was the likely cause of this deadly abnormality. They immediately outlawed the practice in England. America followed suit in 1997. However, the incubation period of this type of disease in humans is up to 40 years. Therefore, there is no way to determine how many animals or humans may still be latent carriers of the disease. When you add the fact "that nearly a third of the country's 10,000 feed plants were not inspected" last year, you have to rely on the honesty of a set of people that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad characterized as "eating like a beast".

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Bon appetite and Peace, Doc