Volume 5, Number 25                                                     July 16, 2002

The Farmer


"39,998,998 To Go!"

by Bro. Lawrence Muhammad


The first, baby "crawl" (steps will come later) was taken when 1,002 juicy sweet Georgia melons were delivered to Detroit, from Muhammad Farms, in Bronwood, GA, by the Leotis Fleet, Inc, out of Chicago, IL. In less than 45 days from the 1st Annual

Agriculture & Black Survival Conference, held in Macon, GA recently, Detroit has started to Feed The 40 Million.

Our holistically grown melons came in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they were all sweet. We had Crimson Sweets, Jubilees, Black Diamonds, and Sangrias. We did not know all the names of the melons when we were selling them, but the community did

not care. They swarmed our cars and vans. Many were disappointed when we exhausted our first load but they made sure we were on the list for the next delivery. Not only is the local support overwhelming, but the National support is there, too. In talking to Sister

Anne Muhammad, from Muhammad Farms, she said, "We are getting call from all over the country from people who read the Final Call Newspaper, and they want to know how they can get some of them (watermelons)." She later added, "If the mosques and study groups would get them they would find they would get a lot of community support – this is something the people want."

Procedurally it is easy to get these melons to your city and distribute them throughout your community. Action has to be taken by "one". It works every time. The most important part of our success in Detroit is that we had brothers make a commitment in advance for the melons so by the time they arrived on a Thursday, they were gone by Saturday. Our future batches, probably four before the melon season is over, will come about every 10 days to two weeks. Doc Ridgely, manager of Muhammad Farms, has scientifically manipulated the growing and picking times so that the melons come off periodically, not all at once.

Feeding the 40 Million is one of several very important steps we are taking in providing for the human needs of our people and the world. Distribution is part of our logistics that will make each of our jobs, in our respective cities, an easier task. So "take action"! Do your share. You may be able to have 2,000 melons delivered to your city or only 300 to your study group. But assure delivery of something. We each are a part of the 40 Million. Let us save ourselves. I always remember what the BFAA (Black Farmers & Agriculture Association) Georgia chapter president Eddie Slaughter said, "To lose the ability to feed ourselves is unconscionable for a people this big and this strong… there is something seriously wrong with us as a people." However, every time we place and order we encourage Mr. Slaughter and the other Black farmers. We in Detroit are encouraged with our initial success and it is clear that you will be encouraged when you step out in your community and lead the way, following in the footsteps of The Honorable

Elijah Muhammad.

Call Muhammad Farms at 888-995-8119 to place your order for a melon delivery to your city, and, go to www.muhammadfarms.com to see the schedule for the different crops available for distribution to the 39,998,998. "Be" in that number.