Volume 7, Number 12                                                July 25, 2004

The Farmer


Think "War" not Money

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

On July 17th we made our second delivery to Newark Mosque #25. Other surrounding Mosques and Study Groups came into Newark to pick up their orders of watermelons, eggplants and sweet corn. This area of Georgia was under a mild drought until Min. Louis Farrakhan visited Muhammad Farms on April 26, 2004. It started raining the hour that he left and we have had an abundance of rain since (all praises are due Allah). So now we have an abundance of watermelons to pick and get distributed.

I have had occasion to talk to other white farmers and brokers in the area and the outlook is not good for farmers in this area. One very large producer who grows everything from cotton to peanuts to vegetables told me that he has not made a profit on any product thus far. The market prices on all his commodities are less than his cost of production. To give you an example of how large his operation is. I estimate that he has at least 100 employees and has 10,000 acres of land under production. He has vast areas of greenhouses and every inch of his cropland is irrigated. Yet he can not make a profit.

I talked with a watermelon shipper in Cordele, GA, who told me that a number of large watermelon growers were either going out of business completely or were not going to grow melons anymore. The prices have fallen to less than 5 cent per pound on melons which is below cost of production. The consumer on the other hand is paying $4 to $6 per watermelon at the stores which amounts to about 25 to 30 cents per pound. The retail price of melons does not reflect the losses that the farmers are taking. Soon the consumer will pay.

White farmers are being driven out of farming while Black farmers have already been driven out. White farmers received government subsidies to the tune of $1,000 per acre over a ten year period, while Black farmers received about $273 per acre over the same period. Subsequently, the Black farmers got in debt trying to keep up and lost their land to the USDA.

We had some young visitors to come to Muhammad Farms to get the experience of farm work. They worked two hours and were ready to rebel against their task master, me (smile). So I asked them, "You see how hard this work is. Would you want to do this for 10 hours every day?" Of course they said no. Then I told them about how the USDA took the Black farmersí land and would not give it back even after the Black farmers went to court. So I asked them, "Why would the government of the United States not want a man to do this work who wanted to do this work?"

This is why we say to the customers of Muhammad Farms, "Think war and not money". We got into the business of growing food, not to get rich, but to set up an alternative production and marketing system for food, because we understand that we are at war. Every since Min. Farrakhan redeemed this farm through the Three Year Economic Savings Program, the government of the United States has instituted policies to directly reduce the profit making potential of our farm and in the process doomed the majority of Black and so-called white family farmers.

You might ask, are we that important to the rise of Black people that the government would go to such extremes? Look in the latest issue of the Final Call Newspaper and order you complimentary copy of "Guidance in a Time of Trouble" by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This guidance is for both Black and so-called white people who are being led by the wickedly wise whose time to rule is up. This is why they keep telling you that they have a problem with "intelligence" in the bungling of the war in Iraq.

I call white people "so-called white", because Black and white must understand that all people who have "white" skin do not have the same value to those who make decisions and rule America. In other words, the majority of the everyday white people that Black people meet are considered expendable by those whose major goal is to keep Black people down and eliminate our numbers.

The weapon of choice in this war against the rise of Black people is "poison". Poison either through direct lethal injections disguised as vaccines or more subtle in the form of chemically or genetically modified foods. We have posted a number of news articles in the "News" section of www.MuhammadFarms.com and have listed them below. Please read them and the other articles on the "News" section plus previous articles of "The Farmer Newsletter". Then after you read them, get busy and place your produce orders with Muhammad Farms.

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