Volume 6, Number 16                                                        June 7, 2003

The Farmer


Witnessing the "Fall of America"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

After witnessing a twelve year plan to destroy Iraq which culminated in the "cake walk" to Bagdad, the "Beast" has focused his attention on another great nation. Bombing of Iraqís infrastructure along with the imposition of economic sanctions blew a great nation back into the "dark ages" even before the ground attack in March of this year.

Economic sanctions come in different forms. The Black farmers have faced "economic sanctions" since 1962 in the form of deprivation of capital at reasonable rates, deprivation of disaster payments in times of droughts, deprivation of subsidy payments in times of low prices and deprivation of alternative markets by the destruction of "mom and pop" operations in the Black community.

The purpose and specifics for these "sanctions" were laid out by the "Committee on Economic Development" 1962 report entitled "AN ADAPTIVE PROGRAM FOR AGRICULTURE." This report was used to shape agricultural policy for the last half of the 20th century. It stated that, "Net migration out of agriculture has been going on for 40 years, and at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, the movement of people from agriculture has not been fast enough..."

This "adaptive approach" recommended that vocational agriculture courses in rural areas be scrapped, agricultural prices be substantially lowered and temporary income programs be instituted to protect the most "suited for survival."

Since 1960 the "parity ratio" has dropped from .8 to .4. The parity ratio is the relationship between what the farmer receives, the numerator, and what the farmer pays, the denominator. A drop from .8 to .4 of the parity ratio means that farmers are now paying twice as much for what they have to buy from industries outside of agriculture verses what they receive for their product. This is just like your wage rate dropping from $8 per hour to $4. And if your bills donít fall by this same ratio, your standard of living will fall and you might wind up out of doors.

While the income from farming was dropping in "real" terms, the government gave white farmers 4 times the subsidies that it gave to Black farmers. Over time this has resulted in the land loss rate of Black farmers to be 3 times the rate as for white farmers. Black farmers have been to congress, the court and the streets. Yet they have received no remedy, just lies and false promises

Now it seems that the "Beast" or someone has focused their attention on a bigger prey than either Iraq or the Black farmers. This past week President Bush signed two land mark pieces of legislation: one authorizing a $350 billion tax cut and the other increases the debt sealing for the deficit. The combination of these two moves will insure a growing deficit and the slow bloodletting of a once great nation.

Back in the1980ís under Ronald Reagan this same "supply side" economic magic was pulled off on the American people and resulted in record deficits. Now that the Clinton administration had devised a strategy to reduce those deficits, Bush has decided to revert to the Reagan years. Why?

While Bush was pressing for his tax cuts, he failed to make public a report done by the Treasury Department on the debt. In fact some accuse the president of "burying" this report to hide the facts from congress. Why?

According to this May 29, 2003 report by BBC News, America was headed for a $44 trillion deficit if it did not increase taxes by "66%" (66 percent). Now decreasing taxes by $350 billion while at the same time sending money over to Iraq to first destroy then rebuild, does not sound like increasing taxes to save the American economy. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that "debt is slavery". Who then is America to be made slave to? Who will own the debt and thereby the labor of the American people?

A hint to who these new slave masters are and will be can be gleaned from a May 30, 2003 article by Emad Mekay entitled "Enron Used U.S. Government to Bully Developing Nations". The article reads: "Defunct energy giant Enron used the U.S. government to coerce the World Bank and poor nations to grant concessions and resolve its investment problems, according to documents and correspondence released by the Treasury Department." During this time period Enron paid "no taxes in the 15 years before it went broke in 2001--despite earning billions of dollars in declared profitsÖ" So it seems that "Corporate America" is the "America" that the American people have been turned over to.

To hide from the American people how these policies will make so-called white people into slaves like their once Black slaves, the congress slipped in the elimination of tax cuts to poor families. This would feed the psychological need of well-to-do whites to feel that as long as a policy hurts Blacks and the poor, then it is okay to suffer a little bit. They donít mind bleeding as long as Blacks bleed faster.

The Euro is now worth more than the U.S. dollar. As the Euro gains ground over the dollar, "Corporate apologists" called "economists" argue that the dollarís fall will boost the American economy by decreasing the cost of American exports, thereby increasing the sale of American products, providing expansion for American manufactures which will allow them to hire more workers.

Well if I sell my wheat for $1 instead of $2, then of course I will probably sell more. However, I will have to produce a lot more to bring my income level back up, which means that I will have to expand my operation and hire more labor. However, if I have to also borrow more money to pay for more expensive equipment, then I must offer a lower wage to the workers or take a pay cut myself. Who benefits? Answer: The bankers benefit because they can loan more money and the manufacturers benefit who sell me the equipment. Now if those manufacturers are in another country, then that country and those employees in that country benefit, while I drain myself and my workers of resources.

I do not know who is advising President Bush. I would like to know who is benefiting from his economic policies. I would like to know who he really works for. Why are his handlers producing "The Fall of America" that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad foretold in his 1973 book by the same name?

In the Black farmersí struggle against the USDA and local county supervisors, the enemy and his motives were a lot clearer, corporate greed and Southern white racism. But who are the enemies of the American people? Who is working to make the American tax payer and worker a slave? There are some so-called Black militants who talk tough against America. They would love to bring America to her knees and make her suffer for what she has done to Black people. However, it seems that America has an enemy that can do more than talk, but actually put policies in place to slowly bring a great nation to her knees. Who are these people?