Volume 8, Number 7                                            March 22, 2005

The Farmer


"Life is in the Balance"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

A number of students of ancient Kemet are lording the value of the principle "Maíat". "Maíat" at its most basic means "balance". Life itself depends on a series of forces balanced together in most intricate manners, like a man on a tight rope dangling high off the ground. A man walking such a tight rope only needs a little push, or shove or cross wind to throw him off balance and make him fall to the earth and die.

As I was reading "Murder by Injection" written by Eustace Mullins, one paragraph struck me square in the face: "In 1919Öwheat was selling for a guaranteed price of $2.20 a bushelÖ" What? We received $2.20 per bushel on a load of our wheat that we sold in June of 2004, eight-five (85) years later. Now what other item or commodity has held its price so well?

Some might think that itís wonderful that technology is so efficient that the farmer gets the same thing for his wheat that he got 85 years ago. Question; how long would you stay in a business where what you receive does not change, but what you have to spend has gone up by a factor of 9.6? In other words, what a farmer has to buy costs him 9.6 times what it did in 1919, but he still gets the same for what he sells to earn the money to buy those things. In other words, the farmer is the economic slave for Americaís great industrial progress.

I remember driving up to Atlanta with a load of watermelons a few years ago and having some young Blacks laugh at me because I was hauling watermelons on our farm truck. I had to laugh along with them, because I saw "dead folk laughing."

While they were laughing some very smart and wicked men were planning their annihilation. There are some documents that you might want to look up on the internet. One is "Global 2000" by Cyrus Vance, adviser to President Jimmy Carter in 1979. This document stated that the world needs to reduce its projected population growth by 4 billion people. Also look up "Georgia Guidestones" that were erected in Elberton, GA in 1979. Guiding principle number one was to keep world population at a steady 500 million people. However, in 1979 there were at least 5 billion people already here. Whatís up? Can you spell "g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e"?

But how can someone produce death in such large numbers without the people catching on? One way is by putting the economic system completely out of line with our life-support-system, causing man to act in his own short term economic interests, while tricking him to dig his own grave in the long term. Another way to put it is that you put man on a fast track to hell with the carrot of cheap food and immediate gratification.

Make man hate to farm, hate to work and hate to wait and you have set him up for a collision with reality. In 1997 twenty-five percent (25%) of Black farmers were 70 or older, while only 4% were 35 or younger. In other words, when the old ones die out, there will be no young ones to take their place.

Oh, I bet you been looking at them "Star Wars" trilogies and think that you can live on a planet with no farmers and no trees, just an endless array of skyscrapers, concrete and dust. No, Iím sorry, not only will that not work, it is ugly. However, the very ones that are making you think that you donít need "nature" and you donít need land, are patenting what was "natural" and stealing all the land.

Let me make this simple. Trees and green things breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Thatís the balance, "Maíat". A planet without trees and green plants will soon suffocate itself with dumb humans breathing up all the oxygen and producing what they can not breathe in, carbon dioxide.

Oh, but you believe in the white manís wisdom and technology so much, that you are convinced that he will always find a way with his unbalanced, no rhythm self. I ran into the president of Dupont a few years back and we were discussing putting labels on genetically modified crops. He assured me that his scientists had researched all the ends and outs of the new biological technologies and they had everything under control. I laughingly said, "I hope that these scientists you got arenít the same ones that tried to stick four digits into two slots on our computers." I was talking about "Y2K" where the designers of computers must not have took into consideration that the year 2000 was going to happen and they needed a way to distinguish between 1901 and 2001. "01" would not suffice.

I am a farmer and attended a workshop this month, March, sponsored by the University of Georgia. The subject matter concerned the use of other herbicides in "Round-up Ready Cotton". The presenters were explaining to farmers that although "Round-up Ready Cotton" was designed so that the only herbicide you needed was "Round-up", certain weeds had taken genetic information from the cotton and developed strains that were resistant to "Round-up". The specialists recommended that the farmers needed to go back and use some of the other herbicides along with the "Round-up" to destroy the new "self-modified" weeds before they get out of hand. In other words, nature done fooled "Round-up". Nature will always seek a balance, "Maíat".

Sometimes I say, "Oh what the hell, let somebody else worry about all of that, Iím go make me a rap video and get paid." Or you might say, "Negro you ainít got no talent." Wrong, Iím Black (smile). However, somebody has got to have enough respect for the gods that we used to be to look out for the dumb children of our great ancestors. Our ancient ancestors in Kemet knew of many technologies that this white man has rediscovered or just retrofitted from what he could understand out of Egypt. However, our ancestors had enough sense not to use some of them, because they could count past 100 years. You see the Black man taught the white man everything that he knows, however the white man slept through "Common Sense 101" and he has made those that worship his mind just as dumb.

My words are no idle boasts. The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that were taught to him by Master Fard Muhammad in the early 1930ís have been ridiculed by this world but never proven wrong. Master Fard Muhammad brought us "Actual Facts", not theories. "Actual Facts" can be checked. Bring Minister Louis Farrakhan before your scholars, scientists, theologians and historians. Challenge him.

I as a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan have written a few books myself. Read them and challenge me. I also challenge those of you who think you know Kmt (Kemet) to read my books and challenge me on my novel understanding of Kmt and the pyramids. We are just trying to teach you and save your life. It took us many years of study and submission to the Creator to know what we know. Get on board with Minister Farrakhan and help us build the kingdom of God on earth to replace "western civilization", where the white manís heaven is the Black manís hell and fast becoming a slow agonizing death for white people too. Our people do not have time for us to ego trip, trying to play catch up and "one up", because "life is in the balance." Peace!