Volume 5, Number 17                                                     March 28, 2002

The Farmer


"Deja Vue All Over Again"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

Why are the new reparations lawsuits getting so much public attention and people like Dr. Brock, Min. Silas Muhammad, NíCOBRA and others have been ignored by the "popular" press?

According to an article published on the Encobra.com website: http://ENCOBRA.COM/reparations_sought_from_u.htm and a March 25th USAToday article, Mrs. Deadra Farmer-Paellmann, a former intern for NíCOBRA has filed a lawsuit against three companies on the behalf of 36.4 million Black people. Her lawsuit has received wide coverage in both the USAToday and on national radio and t.v.

The so-called "Reparationsí Dream Team" has also gotten wide coverage in the USAToday on February 21 and March 25, 2002 (an article a month). "Reparations" is the hot item on radio talk shows. Jesse Jackson has all of a sudden become a spokesman for reparations. Al Pires is getting spots on late night t.v. talk shows. Hmmmmm??

I received an e-mail from the SMRT wire service which stated that her lawsuit was put forward by two Jewish lawyers. It is interesting that the Black farmers were never able to keep a lawsuit in the court until a white lawyer, Al Pires, stepped in. Are Black lawyers incompetent or is there something else going on here?

These new lawsuits are attacking corporations and not the government that made slavery legal. Why? According to Attorney Willie Gary, in the February 21st USAToday article, the team is shooting for an out of court settlement with these corporations. He states, "This should be a negotiated matter. We shouldnít be in litigations for 20 years." Is there a "shake down" coming by the "Dream Team"? Will or have assets already been shifted out of the corporations under attack such as with Enron? Will Black folks get the blame for these corporations going bankrupt while Black folk never get the money and the "pro-bono" lawyers get paid?

The lawyers argue that the US courts will never allow itself to be sued. However, there is such thing as an international court. Malcolm was killed because he was attempting to bring America before the U.N. on the issues of slavery and reparations. There are groups still working in that international arena. We hope that their efforts are not short circuited by this sneak attack by the so-called "Scheme", I mean "Dream Team".

The Black farmers were tricked into this same type of out of court settlement which resulted in a Consent Decree that they did not consent to. Therefore, I wonder will the 36.4 million Black people be allowed to "consent" to this new "scam" or just be sold out once again by "well-meaning white folk"?

In case you think that I am "reaching", letís look at the recent history of the Civil Rights Movement. The course of the present reparations issue is so similar to the advent of the famous March on Washington in 1963.

The idea of a March on Washington to protest the discriminatory treatment of Blacks was talked about among grassroots Blacks for more than twenty years. When the talk grew to the point of reaching the White House, they set out to find the leader of the effort and discovered there was not one leader and the march idea was basically unorganized. Aah, opportunity.

The White House hurriedly invited major Black leaders and told them to stop the March. However, not one of them could take responsibility. The White House then got to work, took control of the March idea and as stated in the "Autobiography of Malcolm X", "...with a fanfare of international publicity, approved, endorsed and welcomed" a March on Washington. Of course now the White House is the leader of the March to bring Black leaders together.

$800,000 was put in a pool by white philanthropies to unite Black leadership, and as Malcolm X stated, "Now what had instantly achieved Black unity? The White manís money. What string was attached to the money? Advice. Not only was there this donation, but another comparable sum was promised, for sometime later on, after the March...obviously if all went well."

Beware of the new "Snakes in the Reparationsí Grass". For more information on the history of how Black farmers were scammed, DNA testing and the genetic engineering of our food supply please go to http://www.muhammadfarms.com/The%20Farmer%20Newsletter.htm .

Peace, Doc