Volume 8, Number 9                                                  April 27, 2005

The Farmer


Human Fried Rice

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

Scientists and food companies that brought you "Frankenfood" also introduced "mad cow disease" to the world by feeding cows to cows then to you. Cows naturally get their protein and energy from eating vegetation and not meat, unless force-fed by the merchants of death. Nature rebelled against this new practice of humans forcing cows to break nature’s laws by making humans taste a portion of what they have earned, "mad cow disease". Now scientists are adding "human genes" to our rice diet.

One set of scientists in California are field testing rice modified with human lactoferrin and human lysozyme, commonly found in breast milk, bile and tears. Lactoferrin is thought to be able to boost the immune system while other proteins can be used to treat cystic fibrosis and the lung disease emphysema. However, these same scientists cannot guarantee that the "experimental" crops will not spread to the rice that we eat everyday.

Rice is the staple for billions of people on our planet. Why play around with rice instead of some exotic type of plant that can only survive in the greenhouse and is of no real value to humans?

In a 2002 "Farmer Newsletter" article called "Who is Poisoning the Homeland?" we wrote that Mr. Tony Laos’, the CEO of Prodigene, a biotech company in the business to grow drugs in crops, assured the world that his drugs would not contaminate non-pharmaceutical corn. However, one month after his "assurance" the impossible happened. Interestingly, a week later the Homeland Security Bill was passed that would protect companies like ProdiGene and Epicyte from any liabilities with experimenting and producing vaccines in corn, even though these genes may cross over into the general food supply. Add to this that Epicyte is "experimenting" with "spermicides" produced in corn, then what we have here is a formula for mass sterilization and you won’t be able to sue for damages.

Another group of scientist in Japan are adding human genes to rice so that the rice crop will tolerate more doses of herbicides. We quote from the article "GM industry puts human gene into rice" by Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Independent on Sunday, 24 April 2005:

"Present GM (genetically modified) crops are modified with genes from bacteria to make them tolerate herbicides, so that they are not harmed when fields are sprayed to kill weeds. But most of them are only able to deal with a single herbicide, which means that it has to be used over and over again, allowing weeds to build up resistance to it.

But the researchers at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences in Tsukuba, north of Tokyo, have found that adding the human touch gave the rice immunity to 13 different herbicides. This would mean that weeds could be kept down by constantly changing the chemicals used."

Again, the side effects of adding human genes to the food supply has not been tested nor has the moral issue of humans eating humans, cannibalism, been addressed. Why is it so important to add the human gene to rice to reduce the labor in controlling weeds by making the crop more tolerant for herbicides? The labor supply to rice production at the same time is being cut back as China reduces her farm population by 20 million so that she can participate in the international trade of manufactured products as ordained by the World Trade Organization. Now China is flooding America with cheap manufactured goods while she is becoming more dependent on the West for food and chemicals to grow food.

What are they up to? In another "Farmer Newsletter" article called "Life in the Balance" we brought forward documents that might help explain "their" motives. One of the documents is "Global 2000" by Cyrus Vance, adviser to President Jimmy Carter in 1979. This document stated that the world needs to reduce its projected population growth by 4 billion people. Also look up "Georgia Guidestones" that were erected in Elberton, GA in 1979. Guiding principle number one was to keep world population at a steady 500 million people. However, in 1979 there were at least 5 billion people already here. What’s up? Can you spell "g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e"?

But how can someone produce death in such large numbers without the people catching on? One way is by putting the economic system completely out of line with our life-support-system, causing man to act in his own short term economic interests, while tricking him to dig his own grave in the long term. Another way to put it is that you put man on a fast track to hell with the carrot of cheap food and less labor.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The Ancient Egyptians had a name for these strange white people from the Greek islands in the Aegean sea which the Bible in Genesis chapter 10 called "Gentiles". They called them the "Khefti" and described them with a determinative of a man on one knee with an axe to his head. In other words these Greek people were believed by the Ancient Egyptians to be suicidal. Therefore it is no wonder that they are so reckless with the environment or the sustaining factors of human life, the food supply.

And since according to Herodotus the ancestors of modern whites, the Scythians, did not mind drinking from the skull of their defeated enemies, the next step of mixing human genes with vegetables and eating them does not seem much of a stretch. So where is the "West" headed? Maybe we are being led into the world of the movie "Solent Green", where eating human wafers will be a major part of our diet in this "Brave new world". Or maybe the taste of humans in our "fried rice" will be a new gift from the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, as we eat our way to hell?