Volume 9, Number 17                                             February 7, 2007

The Farmer


"If I were Satan"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has declared that Black people in America have made a "covenant with death." He states, "We have already made an agreement with hell and that is why hell is in our lives. We have made an agreement with death and that is why death is in our communities."

How do you know when you are participating in a "covenant with death"? If you have seen the movie "Supersize Me" and you are still a loyal and frequent customer of Murder King, MacDeath, Sintucky Fried Chicken, Lurches Fried Chicken, Wind Dies, Pizza Gut, Awful House, and Bo is Still Hanging, you have made a covenant with death. If you are still a part of the American dreamers who spend over $100 billion on Fast Foods, you have made a covenant with death. If you are addicted to diet sodas, soy bean products and micro-waved TV dinners, then you are on the fast track to hell.

If you have bought into a culture that looks at cooking as slavery, growing food as primitive and exercising as a punishment, then you have made a covenant with death.

Have you read "Fast Food Nation", "Murder by Injection", "Seeds of Deception" and "The slow Poisoning of America"? These books and many others, point out that we are dealing with some mad scientists who are using humans as guinea pigs.

Why are pharmacies being built on almost every major corner? How did we fall into this "trap" and how can we dig out? Was this "trap" accidental set or is it a part of a grander scheme?

Let us stretch our imagination and suppose that "Satan" is real and human. Then let us put ourselves in his position and have a little fun just thinking what I would do:

"If I were Satan"

If I were Satan and faced with the threat of the removal of my kingdom, I would take action. Let us first look at the "threat". The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught his followers that Master Fard Muhammad had promised to destroy the devilís world. He said that the Mother Plane and its bombers would begin to destroy the major cities after the devils had killed no more than 300 of his "Righteous Followers".

Well, if I were Satan I would hold off on shooting and look for a more subtle method of killing.

In the mean time I would put Muhammadís beloved Blacks in the middle of all my major cities. Therefore, if those bombs were to drop they would kill a lot of Black people too. This would give me Time to discover and implement more "non-violent" methods of killing.

Since Elijah taught his followers "How to Eat to Live", we, Satan, can not expect to get Elijahís followers to knowingly eat the main killer of the Negroes, the swine. Therefore we must put the poison in the very foods that they think are safe.

Since they purchase these foods from us willingly, and I am not forcing them, then no one can blame me if they die from the food. They have a choice. They could buy farm land and grow their own food. But I will make farming unprofitable. If they follow me in greed, they wonít stick to farming long enough to thwart my plans. Furthermore, I will take away the land of the Black farmers and make the farmer a laughing stock in the Black community to ensure that young people will not go into that profession.

Now how can I (Satan) produce poisons that will not be noticed until too late? I would begin by producing a set of pesticides based on Hitlerís "nerve gas" (organo-phosphates) and distribute it at low cost to the farmers. This would begin to tare down the immune system of the population. Then I would use my new knowledge of the DNA to add a gene to soybeans and corn that would attack human sperm and eggs.

We would like to genetically modify all food crops, however that would not be necessary. The genetically altered crops will contaminate the other crops, plus we will mix in the genetically modified crops in all of our processed foods.

Since those who follow "How to Eat to Live", eat one meal per day, we will reduce the nutritional value of the food that they do eat, so that their body would not be satisfied with that one meal. We will market varieties of crops that grow fast but have lower nutritional value. So the people will get weaker, even though they are eating more and getting fatter.

To help them eat more we will introduce monosodium glutamate (MSG) into every processed food that we make. We will make MSG the "nicotine of food". ĎYou can never eat just one.í So without them knowing it, they will be making a covenant with death. Just one deviation from the right path will make them addicted to our poisonous fast foods, and make death convenient.

If they continue to eat our contaminated meat, we will make the meat not only unhealthy but Unholy by selling them meat from cloned animals produced by a homosexual reproductive process. Our next step would be to put a pig gene in every meat and major vegetable crop through genetic manipulation. We will make them all deviate whether they know it or not.

The only thing that could thwart our plans is that the followers of Elijah stick to "How to Eat to Live", start raising their own food and inspire other Blacks to do likewise.

If they decided to stick to such a regimen, we would have to force them to eat our poisons or just shoot them down outright. Of course this could bring on the "threat". However, given enough time we may be able to come up with some better weapons to fight God with. All we need is Time.

Even if we can not beat Him, if we have enough Time we can learn more about the "root of Life" itself and poison life at its root before the effects are visible to the naked eye. The damage done would be too great to fix before Life itself is exterminated on this planet.

All we need is time. Watch out for any "trumpet blower" that would arouse the Black people to use their God inspired personal activities that would burn up our plans and break their death covenant with me, Satan, and my "merchants of death".

Of course the above monologue was just "talk". However, those of you who have been reading the articles posted in the "Farmer Newsletter" at , the Final Call Newspaper or just paying attention, may find that "truth is stranger than fiction."

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