Volume 12, Number 19                                                              February 7, 2010

The Farmer


Will Haiti’s Earthquake Wake Us Up?

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

In 1970 Henry Kissinger, US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the Nixon Administration, made a statement saying: "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." The first question to ask is who is this “you” that Kissinger is referring to and why would ‘they’ want to control oil and food? It is important for the black, brown, yellow, red and white people of this planet to understand that the “you” is just a few and does not include all “white” people, just a few families. The devastating earthquake in Haiti has forced a lot of people to study the history of Haiti and its battle with America over the control of her resources. America’s first response to the devastation was to land 20,000 troops into Haiti to continue her on and off occupation and political disruption of that country since 1915.
F. William Engdahl wrote an article on January 30, 2010 called “The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti” whose full contents can be studied at: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=17287. In this article he writes:

“In March 2004, some months before the University of Texas and American Big Oil launched their ambitious mapping of the hydrocarbon potentials of the Caribbean, a Haitian writer, Dr. Georges Michel, published online an article titled ‘Oil in Haiti.’ In it, Michel wrote,

… .[I]t has been no secret that deep in the earthy bowels of the two states that share the island of Haiti and the surrounding waters that there are significant, still untapped deposits of oil. One knows not why they are still untapped. Since the early twentieth century, the physical and political map of the island of Haiti, erected in 1908 by Messrs. Alexander Poujol and Henry Thomasset, reported a major oil reservoir in Haiti near the source of the Rio Todo El Mondo, Tributary Right Artibonite River, better known today as the River Thomonde.”

Mr. Engdahl further points out in this article that Cuba which is only 90 miles from Haiti discovered large oil reserves off of its coast in 2008 and plans to work with Russia and China to help exploit those reserves. So now the cover is pulled back. American oilmen knew about the oil as far back as 1908. The U.S. invaded and occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934. America’s President Franklin D. Roosevelt rewrote Haiti’s constitution in 1934 to allow American businesses to buy the most valuable pieces of land in Haiti. However, with Cuba finding and planning to exploit oil from this same basin, America had to act quickly to establish a military presence in the area to control who will exploit these vast oil reserves. Former rivals Clinton and Bush joined hands to “help” Haiti. In the meantime the Haitian people suffer from extreme poverty, while any Haitian leader who may have plans to utilize her hidden resources for the benefit of the Haitian people are either killed or like their former President Aristide, removed from office and not allowed to come back to the Western Hemisphere.

In a previous article we wrote entitled “The Destruction of Haiti” we pointed out that one of the major problems in Haiti was her extreme loss of topsoil due to the removal of trees. These trees were cut down to make charcoal because this was thought to be Haiti’s only source of indigenous fuel. How ironic it is to find that she had oil all along but has not been allowed to exploit her own resources.

Now let me talk to the American people who until the economic crash in 2008 had believed that the political and economic leaders of this country have been working on their behalf. For centuries Americans have been used to destroy the economies and political systems of other countries around the world, including Haiti. America’s military has terrorized the world while she has used her abundance of agricultural wealth to destroy indigenous people’s agricultural systems. Now the same set of families that financed the colonization of America and the world have now decided to turn America into a ‘Third World’ country. Demographers speculate that white Americans will be the minority in the foreseeable future allowing Blacks and Latinos to have political control of the most powerful country in the world. These controlling families are not sure that they can continue to control the minds and hearts of their former slaves. When 2 million black men showed up in Washington, DC in October of 1995 at the Million Man March, these families, the ‘you’ of Kissinger, realized that black people may be faking their mentally asleep condition and could not be trusted to blindly follow bad leadership. Minister Farrakhan stopped the plans of America to take the black man down, alone, so ‘they’ decided to take America down on top of the Blacks.

After World War II the world was open to American capitalism only checked by the communist regimes in Russia and China. During this period the American worker enjoyed the greatest growth in income and consumption. America and Russia went around the world and bullied non-aligned nations to make a choice of which camp they would join. If they did not bend, the CIA for America and the KGB for Russia would topple governments and assassinate leaders. The American worker was convinced that they had arrived into the middle class and were coaxed into participating at the rich man’s gambling table called the Stock Market. They allowed their retirement funds to be handled by third parties who played at the gambling tables ostensibly on their behalf. But after 1995 Congress began to roll back the laws that protected the American people against these “gambling houses”, posing as investment banks. Only too late did the American workers find out that their ‘agents’ were getting rich from fees while trading the workers’ money, but then somehow lost the workers’ money in a series of bad investments, bets. Now the American workers who thought they were entering the middle class don’t have enough stored wealth on which to retire.

In the 1980s Russia “threw in the towel” and left America as the undisputed champion of the economy of the world. China finally capitulated to the onslaught of capitalism and now she is in bed with America. China had to get rid of 20 million farmers to be accepted into the World Trade Organization in 2000. Why would 1.5 billion people who were self-sufficient in food production allow the West to make China become dependent on America for substantial portions of her food supply? At the same time many American manufactures left America and set up plants in China to exploit cheap labor, and then sent those same manufactured goods back to America. As long as the American economy was expanding under the false economic bubbles, first generated by the “dot-com” era and then later the housing bubble, the American consumers could use their equity to borrow money to buy those unnecessary consumer goods that were being shipped from China to the ‘Wal-Marts‘ of America. However, in 2008 Wall Street crashed, the American consumer stopped buying and China’s economy had to lay off millions of factory workers.

Have you seen “Food Inc.”? Over the last 8 years the average returns on investments in agriculture to the American farmer has been 1.67%, while other sectors of America’s economy received 8 times that amount on each dollar invested. This imbalance in financial returns is draining the resources of the family farm. American agribusiness has lobbied Congress to further handicap the family farm while expanding production on mega farms owned by multi-national corporations. Many of these mega-farms are located in California.

Now the stage is set far a major international drama. China wants to work with Cuba to develop her oil reserves. China is the number four market for US agricultural exports. At the same time, China is buying up more of America’s debt than Americans, making China the largest holder of America’s debt and dollars. What happens when, not if, an earthquake, like the one that hit Haiti, strikes California and sea water floods the Central Valley of California which supplies 12.8% of the United States’ agricultural production? What will happen if California cannot ship food to China and the Chinese people face a serious food shortage? She will first try to use her financial leverage over America to force her to send China food at the expense of the American people, whose family farms would have already been decimated by large agribusiness corporations. What is the planned end of this game? Will it be war between America and China while the rich European families and bankers hide in their underground cities? Will Haiti’s earthquake wakeup America in time? Or will we just feel sorry for Haiti for a while, and then go back to sleep while the “Kissinger’s” of the world plan our fate?