Volume 13, Number 4                                                                   July 28, 2010

The Farmer


The High Tech Lynching of Mrs. Shirley Sherrod

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

According to “The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews, Volume II” (TSR-II) the Black Codes were enacted after the 1877 Compromise which removed Union troops from the South and allowed white people to do what they willed against Black people. Now supposedly over time and particularly since the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960’s, these Jim Crow Black Codes were put on the shelves to gather dust. However, we argue that the overt Black Codes have been transformed into more subtle and devious what we will call the “New Black Codes of High Tech Lynching.” Under this new strategy, national laws and initiatives along with local zoning laws and ordinances are put in place that on the surface do not seem to be targeted at Black people, but the targeting takes place in the implementation and enforcement of these “laws”.

On page 238 of TSR-II the research team presented to us a new method of control where the former slave masters got the general body of whites to double as “Jim Crow deputies” and act under a set of “…customs to undermine Black development…” In essence, the plantation fence was extended to include the whole country. So, today white law makers, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, judges and common snitches continue their undercover roles as “Jim Crow deputies”. When the common snitches see Black folk trying to use some means of escaping their economic status or caste, the law makers get together and outlaw certain activities that the Blacks may be using to break out and put in place a plan for their new “High Tech Lynching” to put them back in their place and warn the rest. Of course as written, these laws and ordinances seem to apply to all citizens, but in reality they are only or mostly applied to Blacks. The white law enforcement agents simply do not see any white offenders, but are on the hunt for any Blacks that seem to violate the statute. Then this captive is passed on to the judicial system where he winds up in a lopsided “poker game” with his defense lawyer, the prosecuting lawyer and the judge all acting in cahoots against their Black captive. The final blow comes with the sentencing where Blacks are given more jail time than whites for the same act.

Now let us see how these “New Black Codes” are enforced with a very recent example. Our sample “New Black Codes” include: 1. All whites are deputized to keep Blacks in their place, 2. Blacks must know their place, 3. Blacks have no rights that a white person has to recognize, 4. Doing business while Black is illegal, 5. No one shall help Blacks, 6. Blacks shall not organize except to sing and play and 7. Blacks shall own no land. After reading this article our readers should look over their experiences to see whether these and other “hidden” codes actually exist and shape the economic arena in which Blacks must compete and live.

On Monday, July 19, 2010, a sixty-two year old Black woman was literally “kicked to the curb” over accusations of racism by anti-Black political operative. Mrs. Sherrod was asked to pull over to the side of the road and text message her resignation from her job as the Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the USDA.

Andrew Breitbart, a notorious right-wing political smear specialist, who happens to be Jewish, published on his internet blog site an edited version of a speech given by Mrs. Sherrod in March of this year at a fund-raiser for the NAACP chapter in Douglas, Ga. Taken out of context the video seemed to indicate that Mrs. Sherrod had used her federal power as a USDA official to discriminate against white farmers. Fox News picked up the story as presented on Mr. Breitbart’s blog and political commentary host, Bill O’Reilly, asked that she be fired from her job. That same day while Mrs. Sherrod was having a training session with USDA Rural Development employees in one part of Georgia, she was contacted by cell phone that she needed to take a leave of absence immediately and turn in her government car 3 hours away in Athens, Ga. While on the road back to Athens to turn in her government car she was contacted twice and the last call was from her immediate supervisor, Cheryl Cook, that the White House wanted her to pull over to the side of the road and text message back her resignation.

Yes, a 62 year old Black woman was asked to pull off onto the side of the road in rural Georgia to resign on the spot without ever addressing her accusers or employer to state her case. Evidently Mrs. Sherrod did not know or forgot that: 1. Breitbart, O’Reilly and Cook were deputized to keep Blacks in their place, 2. Blacks must know their place, 3. She as a Black woman had no rights (like do process) that any white (including her bosses) had to recognize.

She was accused of “discrimination” in application of assistance to white farmers, but no white employees of the USDA have ever, and I mean ever, been fired for discrimination against Black farmers even after the USDA had to admit that some of its’ employees actually discriminated against Black farmers and the USDA had to fork out over $1 billion to those Black farmers. This is a clear case of discrimination in the application of the law. And the USDA seemed to hand over the enforcement of their anti-discrimination policy to “Deputies” Andrew Breitbart and Bill O’Reilly,

The story about Mrs. Sherrod and the USDA is not over. USDA Secretary Vilsack apologized to Mrs. Sherrod but did not offer her back her job. Instead he reportedly offered her another position which he said that she was uniquely qualified for. There are only three positions she should be offered: 1. Her old job back as Georgia Director of Rural Development, 2. The job of her boss who “kicked her to the curb”, the Deputy Under Secretary of Rural Development or 3. The Job of the person who was over her boss who forced her to resign, the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. Anything else is another example of injustice. We do not know as of the writing of this article whether Mrs. Sherrod will accept Sec. Vilsack’s offer. No matter what position she might take in the USDA, she will be attacked again, because she has been targeted.

The more we learn about this story, the more intriguing it gets. In her long and stellar career as an activist Mrs. Sherrod had violated “New Black Codes” “4”, “5”, “6” and “7”. Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod were one of the farm families that I worked with in the Pigford v. Glickman Lawsuit. It took them almost 10 years to finally win their case against the USDA. The Sherrod’s were one of the 40 Black families that founded New Communities, Inc, a Black land trust organization which bought 6,000 acres of farm land near Smithfield, GA in1969. They ran this farm on the “kibbutzim” cooperative style that they learned in Israel in 1968. The Nation of Islam had bought a 4,500 acre farm a few years prior, 1966, near Bronwood, GA, 6 miles away.

There were a series of severe droughts in the 1970s which forced New Communities to seek financial assistance from the USDA. The USDA did not provide timely assistance and they lost the farm. After they lost the farm Shirley Sherrod landed a job with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives whose mission was to help Black farmers and small white farmers save their land and set up cooperatives to market their products. It was while working for the Federation that she met the Spooner’s of whom she talked about in her ill fated speech 24 years later.

Finally the 40 families that owned New Communities were rewarded $13 million in 2009 or about $300,000 per family. Also in 2009 Mrs. Sherrod was given the job of Georgia Director of Rural Development. Now it was in March of 2010 that Mrs. Sherrod gave her ill fated speech in the little town of Douglas, GA. It seems that Mr. Breitbart went to some lengths to fall upon this tape. Was Mrs. Sherrod being targeted for breaking the “New Black Codes”?

The swiftness of this “High Tech Lynching” of Mrs. Sherrod points to another aspect of how Black people are terrorized to stay in their place. There is a book published in 2007 that I have read called, “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein. In this book she points out that the CIA paid doctors in Canada to develop methods to destroy the psyche of unsuspecting patients, then rebuild these “blank slates” with a new identity. The experiments were successful with destroying the psyche, but not successful with rebuilding them into the image that the doctors were trying to transplant. She then goes through a number of CIA activities where they used the tools developed in these experiments to destroy the national identity, cohesiveness, and will of masses of populations in different countries across the globe. In fact the term “Shock and Awe” was coined by retired navy commander Harlan Ullman to identify the tactics that America should employ in the Second Gulf War to quickly facilitate the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s army. “Shock and Awe,” writes Ullman “was intended to address this question: If Desert Storm could be refought, how could we win in half the time or less and with far fewer forces?...The key to its success is finding the entry points for Horner’s needles—the spots that, when targeted, get an enemy to collapse immediately.”

The knee jerk response by the USDA in their swiftness to kick Mrs. Sherrod to the curb was meant to send a message to any other up and coming would be Black government officials that the white power structure would not tolerate any form of reverse racism by Blacks. And though the USDA had never taken such swift firing actions against whites, Blacks had better know and stay in their place. It is just like what Michael Jackson sang “They don’t really care about us.” Not only are the New Black Codes in effect, they will be carried out swiftly to accomplish their ultimate goal of causing the quick “collapse” of any Black person thinking “out of the box”, much less trying to escape the modern plantation state.

Mrs. Sherrod has escaped the initial mob attack by successfully getting the ear of a CNN reporter. Black farmers went to jail in March of 2000 protesting how their white Jewish lawyer turned the Pigford class action lawsuit into an out of court settlement that allowed the USDA to break up the “class” and discriminate against Black farm landowners. However, although CNN and all the other major networks were invited to see us jailed, none showed up on the steps of the USDA to record our plight. The Black farmers were being “high tech lynched” then and are still being deprived of justice, a fact of which we will detail in a future article chronicling the other story that went on between July 19 and 22, 2010, the same week that Mrs. Sherrod escaped her attackers. We must vigilantly look after our sister, Mrs. Sherrod, because the New Black Codes are still in effect and order must be restored, even if those who are anti-Black must result to more “shock and awe”.