Volume 12, Number 12                                             July 6, 2009

The Farmer


Perspective on 2009 Founder’s Day: “The Beginning of the Rise of Islam in the West”

by Sister Veola Timraz

  Allah (God) Master Fard Muhammad, to whom Praises are due forever, came in Person, to teach us the right way and to point out to us the great arch deceiver, according to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It is the fundamental Belief of a NOI (Nation of Islam) Muslim. A NOI Muslim not only follows the principles of rituals of mainstream Islam, but live their lives according to the Muslim Program. This Document is the Creed for NOI development. These are the guiding principles and beliefs of the NOI Muslim.

  The NOI Muslim is a Special Muslim. We must remember why Master Fard Muhammad came to North America and why he said, according to what I was told by a Sister in 1973, that he had traveled all over the world looking for that particular genotype from the tribe of Shabazz. That's why he spoke so many languages in His search for this Class of people. For He knew from among this group, He would find that quality of genus to “make Him a man”.

After three years and some, He had completed his task. He knew this Class of off springs from the Tribe of Shabazz would produce a progeny of descendants who would love Islam and follow the teachings of the Prophets. So Allah chose one from among many who believed and listen to Him, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to be the Messenger of the time for his people. This is what “FOUNDER'S DAY” represents, the coming of Allah, (God) Master Fard Muhammad, to who Praises are due forever, in Person to teach us the right way.

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) received Allah's command to “Arise and Warn” (74:2), he complied with it with it with greatest vigor, devotion and dedication. In studying the Sermons of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), I find that he threw a flood of light on matters pertaining to the conduct and character preached by Islam to its followers and the way in which they should fulfill their Social and economic obligations. These addresses also exhort the Muslims to fear God and believe in the hereafter.

  The subject matter of Khutbars (addresses) although delivered over 1400 years ago is as fresh and relevant to our present day life and its problems as it was in the lifetime of the Holy Prophet. In reading the first Sermon of the Holy Prophet, I could hear the voice of Minister Farrakhan in the words of the Prophet, when he said after praising Almighty Allah the Holy Prophet said: “A leader and a pioneer never misinforms his people. By God if I ever misinform all the people I shall never tell you a lie. If I ever deceive and mislead all the people I shall never deceive and mislead you. I swear by Allah who is alone worth worshiping: Indeed I am the Messenger of Allah to you especially and to mankind generally”.

  A Messenger runs an errand for God, to lead the loss and strayed back to God. Upon reaching Medina, the first thing the Holy Prophet did was to buy a “piece of land”. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has lead the NOI to do the same. The “Founders' Day” Celebration is held on this land, a 1600 acre farm that produces food for families.

This was my first trip to the farm. I became enriched. It made me want to engage in business. I began to think of my investments, my duty to Master Fard Muhammad (God), my responsibility to my family and myself. I understand more now, that the economic development of a people begins with feeding oneself.

  In the beginning Allah gave Adam and Eve no clothes, but he gave them the pleasure of eating from all the glorious foods, except one, a special tree, a tree that would be a determining factor in man’s fall and destruction and being fuel for the hell fire. Being on the Muhammad Farms, reminded me of “Tara” (the land), from the movie “Gone With The Wind”, as I held the dirt in my hand, and said to my daughter and grandson, “Allah u Akbar, with this you will never be hungry or be unemployed”.

  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told the NOI Muslims back in the day, that the land was one of the most essential element of man’s making himself independent. And, that he must be able to feed himself and his family.

  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said on March 17, 2009 via web the “duty on the NOI Muslim is to try to go into business to do for self.”

  He said, in doing this “Allah will enrich the Believers, open the door for us to practice the principle of charity, enabling us to send back to the Nation to strengthen it”. In this is a great reward, because if you have something to give to strengthen something, think of what you will have left for yourselves, after giving.

  As a member of the Ministry of Agriculture, directed by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu'min Muhammad from the State of Alabama, I bear witness after touring the Farm, it is the catalyst for the development of food and a fiber production system. I see the Three Year Economic Program at work for the Believers. Let's increase our charity to the Three Year Economic Program.

  This will allow the farm to attain the proper equipment and facilities to make Muhammad Farms a viable enterprise. As I toured the land, I could see where a cannery, a master kitchen for training and research, domiciles, and many more things that would make a city. A Sister and I talked of a theme park for our children, a recreation site that would welcome the Muslim for clean fun and entertainment. We left the farm with many ideas and dreams and hopes for the future.

This is why Master Fard Muhammad (God), whom all Praise is due, came to Black Bottom Detroit: “to raise up men and women”, who had the fortitude, to build a new paradigm for civilization. The Nation of Islam, which has done just as The Holy Prophet said would do “rise in the west”. It would be the pattern, the original, the model for the new paradigm.

  The Nation of Islam is that which Shakespeare's Henry VIII., so brilliantly says “She shall be... A Pattern to all princes”. Also, (v. 5. 23), “...an exemplar; a model of a specified excellence...”; a Nation which will produce a high level of culture, social and political development. I say to the NOI Muslim you have a responsibility to get the moral strength through your prayers, to help Minister Farrakhan with this mountain of responsibility, for we can be fortified by our prayers.