Volume 13, Number 6                                                                      September 13, 2010

The Farmer


Co-Operative Corporation: The Corner Stone of a New Economy Based on Freedom, Justice and Equality

By Melannee E. Muhammad

On June 26, 2010, Minister Louis Farrakhan taught the world that the black man and woman are the true “children of Israel”! He also told us that while the Jews are not the people that fulfill this prophecy we must acknowledge that as a people they excel in every form of human endeavor. Consequently, The Minister instructed us to study them so that we may learn how they have become so successful.

That being the case, I initiated my study by reading the book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2” (SRBBJ-2) published by the Nation of Islam Research Department. This book clearly documents how our forced free labor under a Jewish (Talmudic) framework was utilized to create enormous wealth for white people (both Jews and Gentiles) and formed the basis of this world’s economy. This mind set i.e. free and/or cheap labor was not relegated to the slave plantation. The quest for free and/or cheap labor continued after our so-called emancipation through the industrial revolution to the present day.

Our forced labor and their efforts to thwart the utilization of our labor and/or talents for our benefit and/or advancement can be divided into four time periods characterized by the method and/or system utilized to extract our labor. These periods were:

· Slavery (1555) to the Civil War (1865)

· The Compromise of 1877 to the establishment of The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (which later became the American Federation of Labor) in the 1880’s

· Establishment of the American Federation of Labor in 1886 to the advent of music agents in the late 1940’s and 50’s

· Present Day where we may own the “masters” of our music and rights to our athletic abilities but as Minister Louis Farrakhan taught us they have found new ways to reclaim the wealth through marrying white (Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson) or tricking you out of it (Scottie Pippen) with bogus investments and/or business deals

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that “history is the best reward for all research”. Therefore, let us look at the methods utilized during each period so we know what was done and conversely identifying what not to do when we come into our own.

In the first period (1555-1865) we were chattel slaves. Bought and sold like any other livestock. We worked from sun up to sun down without any benefit from or control over our labor. During the first part of the second period (1865-1877), we were able to exercise a modicum of independence and demonstrate our brilliance and potential greatness despite efforts to keep us in a subjugated position. However, after the Compromise of 1877 a set of laws (Jim Crow) were legislated that fraudulently gained access to our labor through peonage. The “Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2” documented 10 Jim Crow laws. Of the ten laws, three dealt directly with our labor in the following way:

· Created laws (vagrancy) by which you could be arrested and then “sold” to pay your fines/debts.

· Sharecropping which kept you working the land for little or nothing but always in debt to the landowner via obligating blacks to have a specific license if not working on a plantation.

· Requiring that blacks sign a contract with a planter who must give written permission if they wished to leave. If the black worker leaves without permission he could be arrested and forced to work on a public works project until he agreed to return to the original planter.

The third period (1886-1950’s) is characterized by the development of the unions to block the black man’s ability to utilize their skills, talents and expertise as a craftsman and/or skilled laborers to benefit themselves. This was done to thwart any economic advancement and to disrupt the natural hierarchy of the family thereby destroying the family unit. If blacks possessed other talents they were exploited by agents who were more than willing to facilitate the expression of their musical genesis while robbing them of the royalties. Just consider the history of music giants Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Little Richard and Chuck Berry to name a few.

The last period (1950’s through present day) is characterized by a system of 21st century slavery where black musicians, athletes and entertainers are allowed to express their talents via entertaining white people but are still being robbed of the fruits of their labor by (primarily Jewish) unscrupulous agents. In this period blacks have made progress in that they are allowed to own the “masters” of their music and/or benefit from their athletic abilities. However, the “brothers” of the entertainment agents control the distribution channels through which their music is marketed and sold as well as the lucrative athletic endorsement contracts the athletics enjoy.

This strategy is just a variation of the sharecropping system that evolved after our so-called emancipation with a 21st century twist. Controlling the distribution of our “product”, in this case our musical talent is another example of one of the ten Jim Crow laws documented in the “Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2”. This law stated that blacks were forbidden to sell farm products like flour, cotton, hay, rice, peas, wheat, etc. without the written permission from a white man. Instead of ex-slaves being required to bring the product, most often cotton, to a specific merchant the artist is tied to a distribution system that the agents and their “brothers” control. Any similarities between this law and present day practices are not a coincidence! This law has other implications for black agri-business and black economy in general but more of that another time.

Other methods utilized to rob black entertainers and athletics have been to guide them either to marry whites (so the wealth does not stay in our community) i.e. Tiger Woods whose estranged wife (a former nanny) is reported to have received 100 million dollars in their divorce settlement and Michael Jackson whose children will inherit the bulk of his vast estate. Another way wealth is stolen from blacks is through fraudulent investments and/or business deals like the airplane in need of extensive expensive repairs that Scottie Pippen was doped into purchasing to name a few. (See Final Call: Volume 29 Number 40).

The time has come that we must take control of our labor so that it benefits us. Therefore, the issue today is what were the mistakes the usurpers of our birth right made to build this world and how do we avoid them? They were “the chosen” but because they broke their convent with Allah they forfeited their position. What caused them to forfeit their chosen status? In my opinion, they used the knowledge given them to enslave instead of benefiting humanity and the “usury” of the labor of a whole race of people for over 300 years for their benefit.

Well then, how do we share the knowledge we’ve received and what system and/or model should we use to incorporate the principals of freedom, justice and equality into our system? I humbly submit that the answer lies in the utilization of the co-operative corporation. Under this model all benefit equally from their labor.

The concept of corporations evolved after the Civil War as the option for land ownership diminished for whites and became almost impossible for blacks. The future industrial barons were gobbling up land faster than it became available. By 1870 the need for an industrial labor force was almost as great as the agricultural labor force. As a result, landless workers found themselves in industrialized cities in what can be called “virtually wage-slavery”. Driven by the desire to free themselves from this pseudo slavery, American workers began to organize.

The cooperative corporation was one of the models developed in the mid 1800’s in an attempt to transition wage-earners into becoming self-employed. The Knights of Labor were at the forefront of the struggle. Not only did it advocate better wages and working conditions it also sought to eradicate the entire wage-slavery system for all workers by structuring the corporations so that it was actually owned by the workers.

Obviously, this did not go over well with the factory employers. Ultimately, the Knights of Labor and other organizations failed in their attempt to eradicate the wage system. The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (which later became the American Federation of Labor -AFL) was the only organized labor movement that survived - partly because they accepted the wage system that benefited the employers and were opposed to the co-operative corporations vision of a fair and equal division of the profits from the worker’s labor.

The other reason the AFL reigned supreme was because the organization was a champion of the racist views held by the general population who were intent on keeping the black man in a subjugated position.. The “Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2” gives a detailed description of how the AFL accomplished this by forcing the black man out of the skilled trades and relegating them to the lowest wage rates through their anti-Black union policies under the leadership of Samuel Gompers.

That is why the fundamental premise of the co-operative corporation lends itself to an economy based on freedom, justice and equality for all. The concept and/or model is also very versatile. It can be applied to virtually any business situation from banking to food production and distribution.