Volume 8, Number 11                                                 July 29, 2005

The Farmer


Preparing for the "Fall of America"

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

While Black people in America are still debating whether the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was correct when he predicted the fall of Americaís economic system in his 1973 book called the "Fall of America", so-called white people are busy preparing for such a dreadful day. While Black people are running hand over feet to get further in debt to live the lifestyle of their former slave masterís children, white people are simplifying their lives and moving back to the countryside.

While Black people are busy trying to learn the latest dance and get the latest designer clothes, white people are learning how to grow their own food in their backyards. While Black people are spending thousands of dollars on rims for their fancy cars to ride around four square blocks in the crowded ghettoes of our big cities, white people are learning to drive little tractors to take care of their vegetable garden.

While Black people are reading music magazines and sports magazines, white people are reading "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Mother Earth News". According to an article called "Join the Real Food Revival" in Mother Earth News the US Department of Agriculture reported that the number of farmersí markets has increased by more than 80% from 1994 to 2004. However, from my experience most of the people who shop at these markets are upper class whites, not the poor whites or Blacks in general except for a few older Blacks who remember what "real food" tastes like.

I have noticed how tractor dealerships have fewer large farming tractors and more small garden tractors. I have noticed that around our 1600 acre farm in Southwest Georgia, large farms are being sold at auction and cut up by real estate developers into 5 and 10 acre tracts. These tracts of land are being bought up by people who are moving out of the metropolitan areas as though they are suspecting some type of trouble in those areas. I know of some of these white people building storage facilities underground for food and water as if they suspect something may be "going down" in our big cities of America.

I have noticed that almost every city in America now has a four to eight lane military highway (Interstate highway) looping around the inner city where Black people reside. I have noticed that most all of the warehouses for food and other necessities are located on the outer rim of such "loops" and surveillance cameras are placed over these routes supposedly for "national security" or traffic control. I have noticed that mileage markers in some major cities indicate the tenth of a mile, not just a mile. Why? Could it be for a grid map location finder for future military operations in our inner cities?

While Black folks are still "super sizing" it at the fast food restaurants, middle class whites are taking cooking lessons and going back to eating at home with their families. While Black women are giving their newborns artificial milk, white mothers are going back to nursing their babies.

There is a growing market for single home solar energy and wind energy units, while Americaís power grid is being sold at auction to foreign investors. According to a September 7, 2000 article called "British Power Firm's Takeover of Niagara Mohawk May Lower Bills in New York" (http://archive.pulp.tc/html/pma_report.html), the British based National Grid Group bought Niagara Mohawk. The purchase would extend the London-based company's U.S. electricity business from New England to New York and allow it to nearly double its customer base by bringing in 1.5 million Niagara Mohawk consumers. It would make National Grid the nation's ninth-largest electric utility.

In the 1980s when I was a professor of Agricultural economics at Black university, I did a number of research papers on the need for America to rethink the method by which she produced and distributed her food. This research included an analysis which showed that once you factor in the non-renewable fossil fuel energy used to produce and transport the food, agriculture was a net consumer of energy instead of a net producer of energy as designed by our ancestors in Africa. In Africa we invented the method of growing our food and livestock close to our villages so that we would not have to travel long distance to hunt and gather. This method of production greatly reduced the risk of our food supply and allowed us to concentrate on developing and spreading civilization.

However, now we live on top of each other in mega-cities with no direct access to the land or our food supply. We ship this food for thousands of miles and it sits in warehouses, trucks or stores for a number of days before we get it. Yet we expect to eat healthy living food. We have been given a false sense of safety and security by an artificial system an "oil crisis" away from total collapse. If the flow of oil stops, the trucks stop, the tractors stop and you canít even drive to shop.

Back in the 1980ís I proposed a new paradigm of "community supported agriculture" and "sustainable agriculture". Later I was shocked to see a piece of legislation related to new agricultural initiatives for the U.S. Department of Agriculture which included these new paradigms. Now white people have taken "community based agriculture" and "self-sufficient communities" to a whole new level. They are preparing to survive the fall of Americaís economy and infrastructure.

The white manís system is falling apart because he can no longer exploit the rest of the world for oil and useful land as he has done in the past. The lessons of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teach us that although the white man is only one eleventh of the population he utilizes almost one fourth of the useful land. Europe has three times more people per square mile than does Africa. African are starving because their useful land is controlled by the white man. However, as Africa wakes up and kicks them out, the white race will be confined to what they can produce. The wise ones know that they must move into a survival mode instead of an expansive, consumer oriented mode.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned us that one day the factories would be closing down. That day has arrived. General Motors moving plants to China. The whole textile industry closing down in America and opening in China. The high tech computer industry packing up and moving to India and China. White folk, seeing the hand writing on the wall, are packing up and setting up communities out in the wilderness where each family is responsible for specializing in a needed product or trade. In other words, white people are setting up African style villages, while Blacks in America and Africa are still flocking to the cities looking for more gold for their labor than they were receiving in their own villages and neighborhoods.

Suckers are born everyday and die as well. White folk are deploying an old Scythian war tactic where they get their enemies to chase them into a desolate area, then turn around on them and kill them while they are weak. Black people in the Southern United States had over 15 million acres of land which they had purchased 45 years up from slavery. Now we have less than 3 million acres and donít even want to keep that.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad left a blueprint for economic development in Message to the Black Man. When will we dust off this great book, eat the wisdom and act as if we had received the truth that would make us free in deed? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan used that wisdom and re-instituted the Three Year Economic Savings Program. We now have a 1556 acre farm in Georgia to begin the process of economic development. All things start with the land. However, capital is needed to work the land and process the raw products of the land so that we can service our people in a manner in which they are used to, until they wake up and come home.

It was the "African Village" lifestyle which kept civilization and life going on this planet for millions upon millions of years. We need trucks, processing plants and storage facilities to reach our people locked in the mega-centers of death until we can wake them up and lead them to the promised land of self-sufficiency and food security, before the complete "Fall of America".