Volume 2, Number 3                                  February 16, 2005

K.R.I.S.T. Newsletter


And There were Two in the Womb

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

Many times I have wondered why did Master Fard Muhammad come and declare our independence on July 4, 1930? Why did he choose the day of the signing of America’s Declaration of Independence to make himself known and his mission to liberate Black people in America? I can not claim that I know the complete answer to these questions, however in my research I have stumbled upon some interesting food for thought.

Did you know that at the dawn of America’s birth that there were two in the womb? Let’s go back to a similar story found in the Bible book of Genesis. Rebecca the wife of Isaac had twins in her womb described as two nations, two manner of people. The first to see the light of day was Esau, but his brother Jacob grabbed the heel of Esau as to pull him back and take his place. Jacob with the help of his mother did finally prevail in tricking Isaac into giving the birthright and inheritance to Jacob instead of the first born, Esau.

America declared her independence from Britain in 1776 using glorious phrases such as "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…" After learning that most of its signers were slave owners, I wondered how they could fix their minds to produce such eloquence yet not see the humanity in their captives from Africa. I know now that it was not their minds that created the idea of freedom, but they fed off of the Black man and woman’s yearning to be free as motivation and strength to stand up against all odds. They saw even after their complete domination, murder, castration, rape and torture of Black people that they could not completely put out the light of humanity in them. They treated their slaves as dogs, but their slaves never completely accepted their fate nor believed in their inferiority.

In 1772 a Black man who was a slave in Virginia was taken to England by his master. He ran away and was recaptured and bound for Jamaica. The Black man, James Somersett sued for his freedom and in a ruling by Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench, he was freed in June and the institution of slavery was declared unlawful. By January of 1773 not only had Blacks in America heard about this ruling but many sued for their own freedom in the court of Massachusetts in Boston which was still under British law.

On January 6, 1773 slaves under the pseudo name of "Felix" filed a petition for freedom which was the first "Declaration of Independence" in America. They were denied by the court but other petitions followed. By September slave owners in Virginia were afraid that their slaves would run to the British to seek their freedom.

After reading the "Felix" petition, I realized how eloquent and wise my captive ancestors were. The petitions were denied but it seems that this idea of the right of every man to freedom was so eloquently and forcefully expressed that it seeped into the scalps of the "Founding Fathers" and was used as a justification for their decision to cease the King’s land and declare themselves free.

The "Founding Fathers" of which many were Masons, were superstitious and turned to astrology to pick the right date for the birth of the nation so that the "gods" would insure the success of their new endeavor. They chose July 4, 1776 because four lunar months prior was the spring equinox on March 16th. Their astrologers had told them that they were in the dawn of a new age where the vernal equinox moved from Pisces to Aquarius. So after this four month gestation period they would spring forth from the womb at high noon in the middle of summer like ripe corn.

They chose July 4th also because they thought that they would be born in the middle of the Zodiacal house of Cancer which in Ancient Egypt was represented by a scarab, beetle, which represented Khepera, the Creator God. You see as they were enslaving and dehumanizing the sons and daughters of Africa they were studying Ancient Egypt in secret to steal her wisdom as they had stole her children. The children of the man from where god "el" was called Ra or Israel were asleep in Zion, but yearning to be delivered.

When one steals something, say like an expensive car, one must get the owner’s manual. This takes us back to the story of Hiram Abiff, the master architect, who was hit upside the head and buried in the northwest corner of the temple. His murderers wanted him to reveal some type of secret. Some say that the secret was the name of God. However, since the Masons teach that the name of God is Allah, they were and still are looking for another name, the name of the Messiah that was to come and liberate the slaves.

The Babylonians had stolen the knowledge of astronomy and developed a set of superstitions by which they thought that they could foretell the future, Astrology. The Wise Men from Babylon, the magi, based on what they had learned from Daniel, thought that Jesus was the one because of the time, 400 years after the last prophet of Israel, Malachi. They also saw a sign, a Star, in the West which they felt proclaimed his birth. They immediately went to Herod, the warden for Rome, to tell him that a Messiah for the Children of Israel was born. Herod thanked the gentlemen for their "intelligence" and proceeded to kill all the male children age two and under. But of course Jesus had escaped to Egypt, the home of his mother, Mary.

Jesus was later killed but he prophesied of another to come after him, called the Comforter or Spirit of Truth. Well the old soothsayers and magi realized they had better put a guard on post to watch for the next Messiah. So the secret societies of Mason, Rosicrucian, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, all are awaiting the long awaited Messiah so that they can kill him. They have enlisted new agencies like the FBI to track him down. They took the Astrological Zodiac, as codified by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C., as the tool to know the time and beat God at his own game.

Well it seems that the old boys forgot to receive instructions on when and how to make the necessary timing adjustments in their stolen artificial clock. The real clock, the astronomical stars were fixed but the place of the sun within the background of these stars had shifted by about 30 degrees over the 1800 years interval from 46 BC to 1776 AD. Therefore, when the astrologers would say that your sign at birth was Aquarius, more than likely the sun would actually be in Capricorn and so forth. Therefore, when they thought they were setting America up in Cancer, the sun was actually in Gemini. So instead of America being in the womb of creation by herself, there was another.

Master Fard Muhammad came and made himself known on July 4, 1930. On July 4th the sun was still in Gemini along with the newly discovered planet of Pluto, which was discovered on February 18, 1930. So it is indeed fitting that the Nation of Islam should celebrate July 4th as our Independence Day, because Master Fard Muhammad heralded by a new star, Pluto, found that other Nation that was in the womb of America, that she has held back from freedom, justice and equality. "What goes around comes around" and it seems that the story of Jacob and Esau must be restudied to learn the lessons of the present tense for the Nation of Islam. Another way to put it is that we must better understand why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that he was "Jacob" or "Yakub" in reverse.