Volume 3, Number 2                                             February 6, 2006

K.R.I.S.T. Newsletter

The Spiritual Pyramid & The Physical Pyramid

by Bro Dewayne Muhammad

On the night of November 22, 1910, a small group of surrogates of the most powerful bankers of the World met,
under the veil of utmost secrecy, at specific little-used tracks of the railway station in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Each of these secret banking agents had his own private railway car with new servants who would not
recognize the identity of these men. The men traveled in silence to their secret destination, the elitist resort
island off the coast of Georgia named Jekyll Island. Over the next few weeks these men would perpetrate,
under the orders of their masters (men such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan bankers) perhaps the
most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted upon the American People. 

The two pictures are one in the same, one physical the other spiritual. Charleston South
Carolina sits on the 33 rd parallel where you will find the first Masonic Temple. if you
slice a horizontal line all the way across the lower end of the state it will give you a 
capstone, like the missing cap on the back of the dollar bill. On the pyramid you flip the
state upside down. The base becomes what we call the upstate taking a piece of North
Carolina to make a perfect base, the tip point of the capstone is Georgia a few miles
across the border we can find Jekyl island where the federal reserve was founded 1886.
The movie National Treasury they kept saying the secret ls with Charlotte, for the
movie sake it was the name of a sunken ship. The clue would be found to finding the
National Treasury.

The white man calls the people from the Sea Islands of the Carolinas and the Georgia. 
"Geechie" they call themselves the Gullah people.
They do a play in Beaufort, SC the Gullah Geechie Coalition.
Where they portray the slaves worshiping the one God Allah one can easily say. The
slaves couldn't spell they were trying to say, that they are Allah's people

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina Black people have the nature closer to the
of Africa. I believe we have work to do to create this spiritual pyramid to awaken the
sleeping masses
of our people, they must return and visit the South
to regain what they lost here.