Volume 4, Number 8                                       February 5, 2001

The Farmer


"Killing me softly..."

by Dr. Ridgely A. Muímin Muhammad

I just saw a story on "Dateline" Sunday, February 4, 2001 concerning scientists getting closer to cloning a human being. The scientist working on the technique assured the reporter that the cloning process would be done in an ethical way insuring the safety of the child produced in the process. When asked why is cloning needed, the scientist responded with the usual reasons such as infertility of a married couple.

These and other reasons for cloning are highlighted on a website promoting cloning set up by the Human Cloning Foundation :http://www.humancloning.org . Many of the reasons listed on the website include: medical breakthroughs, medical tragedies, to cure infertility, to fund research, bad parents, a child's right to be better than its parents, to take a step towards immortality, because you believe in freedom, to be a better parent, endangered species could be saved, animals and plants could be cloned for medical purposes, to have a better sense of identity, because so many people want cloning, Religious Freedom, because of the special relationship that twins have, economics, gay couples, a cure for baldness, etc.

Now these are the reasons given for cloning. While many of them seem trivial, others appeal to the sense of caring for those who suffer. However, a few send up a "red flag" such as: endangered species could be saved, economics and gay couples. In the world that we live in filled with racism and known instances of genocide, one must ask the question of who will have access to this cloning technology and what is their agenda.

If on one side we here respectable leaders like Al Gore talking about the overpopulation of the planet, then what species of humans is endangered? Surely not the darker people of the planet, because he mentions three countries in his book "Earth in the Balance" as trouble spots of overpopulation: Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria. On the other hand in predominantly white Russia the population is in decline with many women in that country not being able to have natural births.

Therefore with cloning white Russians or declining populations of white people all over the planet would be better able to reproduce, whereas poorer countries not having services of these technologies must depend on the natural method of reproduction. Presently, the darker people do not seem to be at a disadvantage, however things could change if ethnic biological weapons are developed to reduce fertility among the darker races. Could this be possible?

In June 1997 Janeís Defense Weekly reported that former defense Secretary Cohen "quoted other reports about what he called Ďcertain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races." More can be read about biological warfare in a recent publication by the British Medical Association entitled, "Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity" where it states that "Genetic engineering of biological agents, to make them more potent, has been carried out covertly for years..." p. xviii.

But what is more disturbing is testimony which has surfaced in the South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission around "Dr Death" (Wouter Basson): "There were revelations of research into a race-specific bacterial weapon; a project to find ways to sterilize the country's black population; discussions of deliberate spreading of cholera through the water supply; large-scale production of dangerous drugs; the fatal poisoning of anti-apartheid leaders, captured guerrillas, and suspected security risks; even a plot to slip thallium, a toxic heavy metal that can permanently impair brain function, into Nelson Mandela's medication before his release from prison in 1990." More can be read at: http://muhammadfarms.com/News.htm#Biowarfare S. Africa

Methods of population sterilization include inoculation under false pretenses and poisoning the water and food supply. The international biotechnology firms have become more intrusive into third world countries in their attempt to control all germ plasma of the planet. They go into an area and collect the local staple germ plasma, break down its genetic code then patent that code and variety. They then try to force the local farmers to buy the corporationís seeds threatening them with patent violations if they plant their once native varieties.

The recent "Rice Genome Project" (http://muhammadfarms.com/News.htm#Rice Genome) is heralded as a great break through and a step in locking down the genetic code of the other main food staples including corn and wheat. Now rice can be manipulated at will, even inoculated with vaccines to "prevent" diseases. Could one of the "diseases" be "overpopulation"?

Even if you donít accept such "conspiracy theories", the recent revelations of what has been going on in the livestock industry which has surfaced in outbreaks of Mad Cow disease in unexpected countries reveal that profits, not ethics or human safety, govern the "merchants of death". Putting this new cloning technology in the hands of a proven killer is like selling guns to a felon. How do you think they will use it?

Although the testimony and trial of apartheid killers like "Dr Death" may cause disgust and outrage, the more euphemistic approach of the Al Gore types may pass by unnoticed. Its like a very popular song that I love to hear Roberta Flack sing "Killing me softly..."