Volume 2, Number 1                                            November 8, 2004

K.R.I.S.T. Newsletter


The Hand of God: Hurricanes and Mighty Snow

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Muímin Muhammad

Wet snow blanketed parts of Texas, closing roads and cutting power to thousands. The heaviest accumulation was on election day, Tuesday, November 2, where more than a foot fell in the Lubbock area. The Texas Panhandle saw as many as 8 inches, according to the National Weather Service. There were wind gusts reported up to 45 mph causing tree limbs to break and knock out power lines.

Eight inches of snow and 45 mile per hour winds is more like a blizzard than just a snow storm and this was the first part of November in Texas no less. On viewing the satellite image of the snow on the ground (Diagram 1) we see that this unusual snow was located near Midland, Texas, the boyhood home of President "elect" George W. Bush and the birth place of his wife, Laura.

The buzz over the internet is that Bush stole the election again. However, it seems that the "snowman" is after Mr. Bush. He flew back to Texas to vote on Tuesday and was greeted by this blizzard in early November. Perchance he may remember the warning given to him by Min. Louis Farrakhan on May 3, 2004 at a press conference held in Washington, DC, where he told Mr. Bush that he should get out of the Middle East or he should expect "unusual" weather.

This latest episode of "unusual" weather prompts me to reveal the results of another weather analysis that I made concerning the hurricanes that touched America this summer. America was struck by five major hurricanes, Alex, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. We live on a farm in Southwest Georgia which has suffered its share of inclement weather recently. Therefore, we have paid close attention to the tracks of hurricanes as they approach our area. We were first struck by Frances, whose eye passed almost directly over our area. Then we watched Ivan pass just west of us and then Jeanne which passed directly over us again.

The track of hurricane Jeanne was most intriguing because she was going North northwest one day then South southeast the next. She first looked like she would veer away from Florida, then she turned around and struck Florida within 35 miles of where Frances had hit earlier. Well, this prompted me to search for the tracks of each of these five storms which we have posted below (Diagram 2).

Then we traced the course of each of these storms and found that without adding or subtracting anything, the tracks formed the five letters of the word "Allah" in Arabic (Diagram 3). In fact the order of the storms from Alex to Jeanne would be the order in which "someone" would write or sign their signature if their name was "Allah".

When I showed this to a friend, she told me to add up the numbers which represented the intensity of these storms according to the National Weather Serviceís rankings. Alex was a category 3 storm, Charley 4, Frances 4, Ivan 5 and Jeanne 3. These numbers add up to the number 19, which is what Mother Tynetta Muhammad refers to as the signature of Allah.

Therefore, it seems that someone named "Allah" wrote his name across the landscape of America using hurricanes as His "pen". Of course one could just chalk all this "unusual" weather to "coincidence". Go ahead chalk it up, but in the meantime we will pay close attention to the weather as we move through the winter and on through 2005. Minister Louis Farrakhan has declared that to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March he is calling on Black men and women to go with him back to the DC mall and this time we are demanding Reparations in the form of land.

Minister Farrakhan has taught us that white people come to the Black owners of very successful businesses with an offer to buy and a threat. Of course the Nation of Islam does not endorse carrying weapons, so what could be the "threat" that we bring as we ask for land? We believe that it is the "Son of Man" that produces earthquake, hurricanes and mighty snow. We believe that we have God backing our demand for land and freedom. It seems that He may have written his signature already to let us know that He has a mighty hand to back up our demand to the modern Pharaoh to "let us go".

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