The Kemetic Research Institute for Science and Technology

. "A people will not rebel just because they are catching hell, but they will fight for a New Way of Life." (Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu'min)


What will be this "New Way of Life"? What shall we base it on?

There was a civilization in the Nile Valley that gave us the pyramids, geometry, mathematics, hydraulics, writing, agriculture, ecology, medicine, astronomy, physics, accounting, city planning, governance and more. That civilization was called "Kmt" or Kemet, the black land. We go back to Kemet, not to stay there, but to explore the foundations and build a New World.

We will begin to present our findings and hope that it will inspire others to build on our research, expand it and bring to our readers the fruits of their efforts.  We encourage you to email your research articles to  Dr Ridgely Abdul Mu'min Muhammad.