The "Mdu-Ntr" or Medu Neters or The Hieroglyphs of Kmt


There are different translations of the "Per-t em Hru" by different schools of thought and done by those with different agendas. However, without the actual hieroglyphs along with the transliteration and translation we are left with the "mindset" of the would-be translater. The Kemetic sribes wrote on three levels at one time, therefore it would be hard to translate the full meaning of any text with a few English words. 

Each hieroglyph was more than just a symbol for a sound, it was a "word" in itself.
Therefore you have a "word" as a composite of different "words" forming an equation
which correctly expresses, not only the thing, but its relationship to other things in the
universe or psyche. I suggest that anyone that is truly interested would get one of Budge's translations that have a line of hieroglyphs with a line of transliteration right beneath it and then the English translation beneath it. This gives the reader a chance to re-interprete what has been interpreted after a while and get to the other meanings. 

Without doing so, it would be easy for someone new into this new way of viewing the
universe to get locked within the surface appearances of the European minds that try to decipher the code. The European CAN NOT translate our writings, because he CAN NOT accept the level of technology and understanding of man and the universe that we had at that time. Their minds simply will not allow them to go there. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

For instance look at the word "kar" taken from page 789 of Budge's Hieroglyphic Dictionary.  When the Kemetic scribes wrote they gave the phonetic spelling of the word " K A R " followed by a determinative or picture of that thing.  I will not force you to see what I see, but just look and think.