03/21/03 --


All Americans to be under house arrest, public school
children undergo practice drills where they are
relocated to "secret locations" (FEMA camps).

On March 16, 2003 a Ganett News Service headline read,
"Red Alert? Stay Home, Await Word." Tom Baldwin went
on to report that, while speaking at a news conference
alongside Governor James E. McGreevey, Sid Caspersen,
New Jersey's Director of the Office of
Counter-Terrorism, stated, "If the nation escalates to
"red alert," which is the highest in the color-coded
readiness against terror, you will be assumed by
authorities to be the enemy if you so much as venture
outside your home."

The article also stated, "A red alert would also tear
away virtually all personal freedoms to move about and
associate." It went on to report that Caspersen said,
"You literally are staying home, is what happens,
unless you are required to be out." 

On February 14, 2003 article in the Washington Post
reported that Washington DC area schools were planning
to prevent parents from picking up their own children
in the event of a terrorist attack.

This is an incredibly dangerous trend that we see
developing. The Federal Government has done almost
nothing to beef up security on our borders since the
September 11th attacks, and doles out visas at record
levels to people coming to America from countries
listed by the State Department a sponsors of terror.
Meanwhile, emergency managers across the country are
saying that if there is a red alert citizens will have
to stay in their homes.

Almost as soon as I started reporting the news about
national house arrest and school Lockdown and
relocation on my syndicated radio show, the already
bizarre story got ten times worse. I received a call
on-air from a parent in Bolton, Massachusetts saying
that he had gotten a letter from the Nashoba regional
school district telling parents that they would not be
allowed to pick up their children during a red alert.

He faxed our office a copy of the document, which
states that not only will they deny parents their
right to pick up their children, they will bus the
children to a "secret location" that cannot be
disclosed to parents. 

Do you really believe that terrorists will carry out a
strike and then have the resources to attack the
secret location where the children will be? That's
ridiculous. This is about the State setting a
precedent that they can order you to stay in your
home, or that you will be considered an enemy (the
definition of extreme martial law) and that your
children are their property.

I have also received internal documents from the US
Postal Office in Kansas City, Missouri and Austin,
Texas stating that armed guards will make Federal
employees stay in the building for days in the event
of a terrorist attack or red alert. I have now
received faxes and calls from parents in multiple
states, big cities and small towns (that's right,
you're not safe even in the country) that are even
worse than the fax that we've posted, but the parents
are afraid to come forward.

I talked to the parents of two different children who
are attending school in Milbourne, Arkansas. For the
last week their children have been put through what
can only be described as brainwashing more severe than
the conditioning undergone by Hitler youth. 

The children in the Milbourne Elementary School have
been denied breakfast and lunch while being forced to
watch terrifying video of terrorist attacks and
archived battle footage. 

On Friday, March 21, 2003 the children were supposed
to get out early from school for spring break at
12:15. One of the parents only lives a mile away from
the school in the rural community of only 1500 people.
He became concerned when his 10 year-old son did not
arrive home on time.

As he was calling the school, his son rode up to the
house on his bicycle an hour and a half late. The
distraught father told me that after his son told him
that he was denied food and was forced to watch the
"red alert" videos for three or four hours a day. He
reported that school employees told the children that
they were not going to be allowed to leave. Then men
in dark blue uniforms with rifles locked the children
and their teachers in their classrooms. The children's
fear intensified when they noticed that their teachers
did not know what was going on and were afraid
themselves, trying the lock in vain attempts to get

The children were then marched outside where flat
faced prison-style school buses were waiting. The
parents I talked to said their children clearly saw
"US ARMY" on the side of the buses. The children were
then marched back to their classrooms and the
uniformed men (not local police) disappeared. The
children were only then allowed to go home.

In 1999, obtained an Associated Press
report about a federal program administered by FEMA
that was training schools to load children
(handcuffed, in many cases) on school buses and take
them to "emergency centers."

We have seen hundreds reports of this kind of training
going on across the country. The government is clearly
turning our schools into preparation centers for the
police state. Charlotte Izerbyt, former Head of Policy
for the Department of Education (1980-1984) had
provided me three years ago with internal Department
of Education documents where they gleefully announce
that the public schools would be used as a system to
brainwash our children into accepting a societal shift
into authoritarian control.

It is absolutely vital that all parents contact their
local school districts and demand that any attempt by
the federal government to implement these programs be

Listeners have sent us dozens of local news reports
from around the country where police in black uniforms
and ski masks yell and scream while brutally
manhandling children as young as twelve years of age
in lockdown drills. In 2000, Ft. Worth Texas' "Police
Officer of the Year" was killed at one of these

Just sitting here writing this emergency press
release, I remembered a story from 1999 where the US
Marine Corps with elements of the Coast Guard took
over Hobbs Middle School in Pensacola, Florida. The
Marines terrified the children and told them, "the
mock "takeover" of Hobbs Middle School was a way to
illustrate what martial law is all about."

It goes on and on. Here's the bottom line, parents --
get your children out of these reeducation camps.
Authoritarian governments always try to change society
at the school level -- and it's happening again.