Global Anger at US 'Growing' 
Thursday, 5 December, 2002, 01:46 GMT 

A major survey of global public opinion has found increasing anti-Americanism. 

We'll do everything we can to remind people that we've never been a nation of conquerors 

President Bush The trend is most dramatic in Muslim societies, and some of the strongest
anti-Americanism is in Egypt and Pakistan, according to the study by the US-based Pew Research Center.

After 38,000 interviews in 44 countries, researchers concluded that in the past two years discontent had
also grown in countries considered traditional US allies. 

But the survey also revealed that opinions about the US were "complicated and contradictory", with
people at the same time embracing American things and decrying US influence on their societies. 

Most people in most countries liked American television, films and music, and thought the spread of
American science and technology was beneficial, the survey found. 

President George Bush said the results partly reflected the work of foreign "propaganda machines"
which painted the US in a bad light, the Reuters news agency reported. 

National interest 

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who headed the survey, said its results should not be
interpreted as a criticism of the Bush administration. 

Fully 83% of Turks oppose allowing US forces to use bases in their country, a Nato ally, to wage war on

Pew Research Center report She described the survey as a "snapshot of the way the world is viewed at
a very complicated time". 

"In many ways it is still in the US national interest to understand what others think of us," Ms Albright

The survey concludes that: 

* While there is growing dislike of the US, people in 35 out of 42 nations hold a
generally favourable view of America 

* In Russia, US popularity has enjoyed a surge - 61% of Russians have pro-US
attitudes compared to 37% in 2000 

* Dislike of America is concentrated in the Muslim nations of the Middle East and
Central Asia 

* America's war on terror enjoys support outside the Muslim world 

* People in Canada, Germany and France - traditional American allies - are more
critical about US policy and business practices than people in Africa and Asia 

A follow-up six-nation survey on the threat from Iraq found that people in France, Russia and Germany
oppose a war to oust Saddam Hussein. 

British public opinion is evenly split, while most Americans favour military action. 

In Turkey, 83% of respondents said they were against the US using Turkish bases in the event of a war
in Iraq. 

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have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational


Roy Innis Speaks against Min. Farrakhan

RE: Civil Rights Chief Warns White House of Al-Qaeda-U.S. Muslim Threat

Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min

December 6, 2002


In this article Roy Innis repeats the misinformation about the relationship of this so-called sniper to the Min. Farrakhan has already been addressed by Min. Farrakhan in a press conference which can be viewed at .

In this article Roy Innis is quoted as saying in reference to Min. Farrakhan:

"He needs to clean his own house and examine his own house to make

sure that he doesn't have sociopaths and psychopaths and haters of other

sorts and al-Qaeda adherents floating into his organization."

He called on Farrakhan to "weed out his non-spiritually based

followers" and to take care that "his rhetoric doesn't give aid and comfort

and nurture" [to] al-Qaeda sympathizers."

How is Min. Farrakhan to clean his "house" of "sociopaths and psychopaths and haters of other sorts"? So in other words Min. Farrakhan should not accept for membership anyone who has been to prison. If Min. Farrakhan obeyed Mr. Innis then the mission of the Nation of Islam which includes the redemption of a fallen humanity must be scrapped. We must remember that if Black men and women have become "sociopaths and psychopaths and haters of other sorts", they were made that way by the American society not Islam or the Nation of Islam.

The Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad have been in America since 1930. Min. Farrakhan has been teaching this message since 1955. What has been the track record of the thousands of followers of these two men? Where are the "hate crimes" that one can associate with Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam?

After the Million Man March in 1995 many so-called Black leaders criticized Min. Farrakhan for not taking the opportunity to spit venom at America while he had a potential army of 2 million Black men. Instead Min. Farrakhan took that opportunity to ask Black men to "Atone" for their past behavior, take responsibility for their lives, and go back to their communities and become doers of good. For this he was criticized. Now he is blamed for the acts of someone who has not been seen for years.

Furthermore, this sniper(s) killed a Black child and a Black activist. How does this fit? The Nation of Islam has been accused of being "racists", but never self-haters. Come on Mr. Innis, use your head.

When Min. Farrakhan makes statements alleging that the US Government is planning and scheming to shut his mouth by "any means necessary", many call him paranoid. When Min. Farrakhan uses writings of scholars to show how America has conspired against its own citizens, many accuse him of spreading "conspiracy theories". Now here comes Mr. Innis beckoning the call of his "masters" and accusing our brother of getting Black people in trouble with the modern "Pharaoh".

Mr. Innis needs to examine the "house" we live in called the USA where men such as Strong Thurmond who is being honored as an American Political Hero made a statement that it is unconstitutional to not be able to "lynch" Black people. Mr. Thurmond never cleaned up his act, yet served in the U.S. Senate for nearly a half-century. There are other "hate teachers" that Mr. Innis is aware of and I am sure that he has real reason to be afraid of them.

History has a way of repeating itself. Mr. Innis knows that Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are not a violent people, because if he believed that himself he would not speak such slander. However, maybe even Mr. Innis may yet be redeemed.

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Junious Ricardo Stanton
Civil Rights Huckstering

December 6, 2002

A post came over the Web from TheBlackList sharing an article that appeared
on the Website dated October 26, 2002. Roy Innis the head of
the assimilationist civil rights organization Congress of Racial Equality
(CORE) sent a letter to the White House requesting a meeting with the
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to warn about what the article termed
"a breeding ground for the perpetrators of the next wave of terror attacks
against the U.S.". Innis felt it was his appointed duty to warn Ridge, Bush,
Rice et al about the "clear and present danger" that terrorists like
al-Qaeda may take advantage of anti-AmeriKKKan sentiment within what Innis
called "non-spiritual" Muslim communities. I have never been an Innis fan,
perhaps because unlike Malcolm or Martin Luther King Jr. he was not a
spellbinding orator, he seemed clumsy in public and to me he gave off as we
used to call "bad vibes". Subsequently CORE fell out of the news and
relevancy as the Black Power, Community Control, Black Is Beautiful and
Nationalist movements emerged but Innis stayed on as head of the
organization and I guess in an effort to reinvent himself and the
organization he has flip flopped from the conventional Civil Rights begging
for validation and crumbs from the oppressors to being a neo-conservative
spokesman. As AmeriKKKa shifted more to the right Innis shifted with it to
keep the funds flowing from whites because CORE has lost much of its luster
and vitality within the black community.

I think Innis, while being a bit alarmist and self serving may have a
point; not so much that black Muslims are a potential fifth column; but
given Bush's crusade against Islam AmeriKKKa may very well use this to
profile and target Africans in AmeriKKKa who have converted to Islam or non
Muslims who wear African style clothing or jewelry thinking they are
unpatriotic or potential terrorists. The media promulgated psy-ops the
AmeriKKKan public has been subjected to is relentless and it has induced a
percolating anxiety, an intellectual numbness which discourages critical
thinking and analysis and a passivity that allows the ruling elites and
their lackeys to bum rush invasion of privacy and civil liberties limiting
legislation that many feel is setting the stage for a Big Brother type
scenario. Innis may be afraid blacks will be the unwarranted targets of
profiling, arrests and detention. I don't think for a minute Innis believes
black Muslims are a potential threat. If he does, it shows just how out of
touch with the pulse of the black community he really is. But he does have a
point, remember The King Alfred Plan and Rex 84, blacks were prime suspects
and targets and that was thirty-forty years ago! I think Innis is an
opportunist who is using this situation as a way to ingratiate himself with
the Bush cabal at the expense of brothers who have converted to Islam. While
I am no fan of Islam given Arabs used it to conquer huge tracts of African
territory and they were the ones who institutionalized the African slave
trade with its mutilation and castration of African men and the rape of
African women, which still goes on today, hundreds of years before the
arrival of the Europeans; I realize many blacks in AmeriKKKa reject
Christianity because they see its hypocrisy, moral and ethical bankruptcy
and many view it as "the white man's religion". People choose their religion
for a myriad of reasons. It is well known that joining the Muslims while in
prison is a form of protection against physical attack by other inmates. If
that's what a man feels he has to do to protect himself, so be it. If the
conversion is based on meditation, study and personal choice, so be it. Who
is Roy Innis to pass judgment on anyone's motives or determine who is or who
is not "spiritual"? "Ye shall know them by their fruits" and that goes for
Roy Innis too. Methinks his motives are more self serving than he lets on.
The Nation of Islam was critical of AmeriKKKa long before Minister
Farrakhan came on the scene. Its founder Elijah Muhammad counseled his
followers not to bear arms against another Asiatic nation during WW II. He
even went to jail for his convictions. I notice Mr. Innis has not given any
major interviews about all the brothers who went to Vietnam or Gulf War and
returned traumatized by both the war and the double bind of living in
AmeriKKKa after putting their lives on the line so people like Paul
Wolfowitz, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney can push their fascist agenda on
another generation of unsuspecting citizens. I haven't seen him give
interviews about the Army spying on the NAACP during its formative years or
about COINTELPRO or Operation Chaos during the late '60's and '70's. If Mr.
Innis had any real empathy for our people or wasn't blinded by fear or
self-interest he would know Muslims aren't the only ones who refuse to go
for AmeriKKKa's okie-doke.

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NAFTA Equals Death, Say Peasant Farmers

Diego Cevallos 
Dec 3 (IPS) - More than 2,000 peasant farmers from
throughout Mexico staged a protest Tuesday in the
capital to demand a freeze on the agricultural
provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA), which they blame for most of their economic
and social woes. But their demands do not appear to
have much chance of winning the desired response from
the government.

"I have nothing. I am here out of desperation because I
am poorer than I have ever been," said Francisco
Martínez, an elderly farmer who took part in Tuesday's
march in Mexico City, carrying a sign that read "NAFTA
Equals Death".

Under the slogan "the countryside can endure no more",
farmers from 24 of Mexico's 32 states marched in Mexico
City to the Congress building to present their demands
and later staged protests outside the U.S. and French

UNORCA, the national union of some 30 regional peasant
groups, organised the demonstrations with the aim of
preventing the agricultural trade liberalisation
measures -- agreed under NAFTA, which comprises Canada,
Mexico and the United States -- from taking effect in

The new phase of liberalisation entails the complete
elimination of tariffs on 21 farm products, including
potatoes, wheat, apples, onions, coffee, chicken and

The NAFTA mechanism, which UNORCA describes as "toxic
to the Mexican countryside," establishes three steps
towards liberalising the farm and livestock sector. The
first occurred in 1994 when the three-nation treaty
entered into force, the second is slated for January,
and the third in 2008.

In 1993, when NAFTA was still being negotiated, the
government of Carlos Salinas, then president of Mexico
(1988-1994), agreed to the process of a gradual
elimination of agricultural tariffs with the support of
the country's leading farm organisations.

Now, nearly a decade later, they are all complaining.

Recognising the difficulties that Mexican farmers face
with the deepening of trade liberalisation, President
Vicente Fox announced in November that the government
would provide support for rural producers to the tune
of 10 billion dollars in 2003, or 7.7 percent more aid
than this year.

Fox stated last month that he is very concerned about
how the trade liberalisation process is unfolding, "in
light of the U.S. subsidies to its agricultural

He said he would take up the matter with the George W.
Bush administration, but there has not been any
indication of action so far.

The Mexican president's aim would be to press the
United States to eliminate its farm subsidies, which
total 19 billion dollars a year, nearly double what
Mexico has budgeted for its farmers in 2003.

But Washington announced that it will not alter its
farm subsidy policies and that the situation of the
Mexican farmers does not justify annulment of the
agricultural chapter of NAFTA.

Mexico would not ask for a suspension of the trade
agreement's farm provisions anyway, say Fox
administration sources, because doing so would mean
revoking the country's recognition of the treaty

Since NAFTA took effect, Mexico's overall exports shot
up from 60.9 billion dollars in 1994 to 158.4 billion
dollars in 2001. In that same period, imports jumped
from 79.3 billion dollars to 168.4 billion dollars

More than 85 percent of Mexican trade is currently
concentrated in exchange with the United States.

But for Mexico's rural areas, where 75 percent of the
population living in extreme poverty is concentrated,
the three- country treaty has meant the loss of more
than 10 million hectares of cultivated land.

And the decline of the rural sector has pushed 15
million peasants -- and mostly young people -- to move
to the cities, either in Mexico or in the United
States, according to a study by the Autonomous National
University of Mexico (UNAM).

Over the last 10 years, the participation of the
farming sector in Mexico's gross domestic product (GDP)
has fallen from 7.3 percent to less than 5.0 percent.

The protests Tuesday echoed similar demonstrations in
November, including the blockade of a main federal
highway by farmers in the state of Morelos,
neighbouring the Mexico City federal district, and
protests by peasants from the southern states of Oaxaca
and Guerrero outside government offices in the capital.

The common denominator of all of these events is the
rural producers' rejection of NAFTA.

"The farmers are walking towards death because they are
up against the 'disloyal' trade competition from the
United States and the Mexican government's desertion of
the countryside," says Alberto Gómez, UNORCA executive

Without exception, Mexico's farmer organisations
believe the new phase of NAFTA-stipulated farm trade
liberalisation will generate more poverty and prompt
more people to leave rural areas.

They also reckon that the financial support Fox has
promised will not be nearly enough.

Mariano Ruiz, an analyst with the Mexico City-based
Grupo de Economistas y Asociados, says the worst blow
for the Mexican farmers will come in 2008 when the
agricultural tariffs on products like maize and beans
are lifted.

An estimated 2.8 million Mexican farm families make
their livelihood from these commodities.

"The countryside is a time-bomb that could explode very
soon," commented Rosario Robles, chairwoman of the
leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the
country's third political force.

The elderly farmer Martínez, who joined his colleagues
for the Mexico City march Tuesday, does not believe in
anything that the Fox government is offering.

"I have heard many things in the two years since he
took office. The one thing for certain is that I am
getting poorer and poorer," he said

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Date: 2002/12/05 Thu PM 11:55:09 EST

More on NAACP and Cuba

Re: Tidbits - December 4, 2002 


The NAACP has no plans and has announced no plans to
establish an office in Cuba. We arranged a trip for
representatives of the fast-disappearing American black
farming population so they can solicit and enjoy - as
their fellow white farmers are doing in droves -
opportunities to sell their produce to Cuba.

Julian Bond
NAACP Board Chairman



Danny Muller

On November 6 the U.S. Treasury Department imposed
$20,000 in fines on Chicago-based Voices in the
Wilderness (VitW), a campaign to end the sanctions on
Iraq. On December 5 at 10 AM members of VitW will hold
a press conference on the 2nd floor of Grace Place, 637
S. Dearborn, Chicago. They will affirm that they have
traveled to Iraq in nonviolent defiance of US/UN
sanctions and announce that they intend to raise
thousands of dollars to continue breaking the embargo.

Sue Mackley, Nathan Mauger and others who have returned
from Iraq in the past few weeks will be joined by
delegates scheduled to travel to Iraq before the end of
the year.

These fines are for delivering medicine to Iraq without
a permit in 1998. They are directed against VitW co-
founder and double Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy
Kelly of Chicago. Dan Handleman, of Portland, Oregon,
was simultaneously fined $10,000 for alleged travel-
related expenses incurred during a 1997 VitW delegation
to Iraq. Earlier this year, Bert Sacks and Rev. Randall
Mullins, both of Seattle, were fined $10,000 each for
taking part in the same 1997 delegation. They refused
to pay, and instead raised over $10,000 to buy more
medicine to bring to Iraq. This medicine was delivered
by Sacks last September.

The fines come as VitW is sending Americans and other
internationals to Iraq almost every week to take part
in its Iraq Peace Team. Currently there are 16
volunteers in Baghdad with Iraq Peace Team. In the
event of another US military assault on Iraq, they
intend to help coordinate humanitarian efforts, offer
independent reporting, and stand in solidarity with
Iraqi civilians.

"We will not consent to pay any fine," said Kathy
Kelly, currently in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team.
"We simply reject the government's contention that we
cannot carry medicine to the sick, and assert that it
is a greater evil to let the children die."

Since January, 1996, VitW has sent over fifty
delegations to Iraq. In addition to medicine, they have
illegally brought to Iraq toys, medical books and
journals, blood bags, pens and pencils for schools.
Voices in the Wilderness representatives will be
available to speak publicly and with the media. VitW
has sent hundreds of delegates from over forty states-
for local representatives, please contact us directly
at 773 784 8065.

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Cuba seeks to capitalise on its biotech
expertise: With a literate citizenry and one doctor for
every 200 people, the island is rich in human capital.
Patrick Michael Rucker reports


Financial Times

USA Edition 2
December 4, 2002

BODY: After Alessia Spallone severed her spine in an
aircraft crash last August, doctors at one of
Switzerland's most renowned clinics said she would
never walk again.

Then her father, himself a neurosurgeon, arranged for
treatment in Cuba.

The International Centre for Neurological Restoration
(Ciren) on the outskirts of Havana does not offer the
luxurious surroundings Ms Spallone knew in Switzerland,
but she is feeling better. "Their whole approach is
different," she says of the intensive care she is
receiving. "The doctors don't know yet if I will regain
use of my legs, but we work as if I will." Around 900
foreigners a year seek treatment at Ciren and according
to Julian Alvarez Blanco, director of the centre, they
would like to treat many more.

"We would welcome more foreign clients, but the truth
is we are very little known," Dr Alvarez admits. "We
focus on patient care and find little time to

Cuba's education and public health systems, long the
pride of Fidel Castro's revolution, could soon be
providing for the island's financial future if a number
of high-tech and medical projects prove that communist
tools can be put to capitalist use.

The collapse of the Soviet Union delivered a
devastating economic blow to Cuba. Guaranteed sales and
fixed prices for sugar are no more and many of Cuba's
other industries have had a shock adjusting to the free

Tourism has replaced sugar as the island's main source
of foreign exchange and, in past years, has generated
nearly Dollars 2bn, four times the value of an average
sugar harvest.

With one of the world's most literate citizenry and a
doctor to patient ratio of about one doctor for 200
people - more than three times greater than Britain's -
Cuba is an island rich in human capital. Traditionally
those resources have been used in the service of the
state, but a prolonged economic crisis has Cuban
officials trying to convert the island's wealth of
knowledge into hard cash.

Cuba's medical and biotech sectors could be ripe for
such a conversion. Having flourished during 20 years of
generous state funding, Cuba's biotech programme was
aimed at meeting domestic pharmaceutical and
agricultural needs. Much of that work infringed upon
international patents but a number of recently-signed
protocols will make Cuban products acceptable to the
global market.

"We are not crazy about the patent system, but that is
the world we live in," concedes Carlos Borroto, vice-
director of Cuba's Centre for Genetic Engineering and
Biotechnology. "Signing those protocols does show our
shift away from 'me too' research to developing
original products for export."

Profits from the sale of Cuban vaccines, notably for
hepatitis B and meningitis, facilitate much research,
Dr Borroto explains, although his institute is courting
pharmaceutical companies to inject some risk capital.

Almost all sectors of the economy have been open to
foreign investment since the mid 1990s, but of 400
associations with foreign capital, only 16 are in the
biotechnology, health and science sectors. Cuba's food
industry has nearly an equal number of such projects.

For some observers, that contrast shows that Cuba
continues to neglect industries most open to foreign
involvement and growth.

"The Cubans should worry less about import substitution
and focus more on the capital intensive industries
suitable for their labour market," says a western
diplomat in Havana who follows the Cuban economy. "Why
make ketchup and potato chips when your workers are fit
for something more sophisticated?"

Local workers are providing technically complex
products, as demonstrated by ICC, a company which
administers nearly all Cuba's official websites. The
privately held company's 30 Cuban workers manage web
content, develop software and provide internet commerce
and banking services.

The company has to contend with Cuba's
telecommunications shortcomings, says Anibal Quevedo,
ICC's sole Cuban manager, but the island's preparatory
education system creates a reservoir of qualified

"Cuba's future is as a service economy, and in that
respect our company serves as a model," Mr Quevedo
says. "We constantly shift our business according to
opportunities in the market.

"The young employees we have are educated, eager and
ready to work, but those employees could be lacking in
another generation if the young are allowed to grow old
without any experience in these fields."

Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2002 The Financial Times 

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December 1, 2002
By Ted Glick

I have to admit that when I heard on the news just before leaving to visit my parents over
Thanksgiving weekend that George Bush had nominated Henry Kissinger to head up an
“independent commission” to investigate why and how the 9-11-01 attacks had happened, I
had to smile. In part I was smiling to avoid tearing my hair out at the thought of this
war criminal in charge of investigating the Bush gang and their actions and inaction prior
to 9-11. But I was also smiling because if there was ever a case of the enemies of truth,
in their arrogance of power, exposing themselves for the deceivers and obstructionists
that they are, this appointment was surely it.

I have a personal relationship of sorts with Henry Kissinger. I have the honor of having
been indicted in the spring of 1971 as part of a J. Edgar Hoover-concocted “conspiracy” to
allegedly kidnap the man. At the time I and most of the rest of the world knew little
about him; he was primarily a behind-the-scenes National Security Advisor to Richard Nixon
and a major architect of the war on Vietnam, Laos and then-Cambodia. 

Because there was no truth to Hoover’s conspiracy charges, my fellow Harrisburg 8
defendants and I were never convicted of them. I went on to a life of activism and
organizing for positive social change; Kissinger went on to continue his life of
crime-in-the-suites. And now he’s to oversee this commission. 

Perhaps those progressive writers who took to their keyboards earlier this year warning 
the peace movement not to get involved with the “conspiracy” types, those who were calling
for the full truth to be investigated of how 9-11-01 happened, were on to something.
Didn’t those writers’ arguments, in essence, boil down to “how can you trust the rulers to
investigate themselves, so why should we waste our time?” The Kissinger appointment
certainly seems to strengthen that argument.

But, as a number of the rest of us have been saying, this issue of
what-did-they-know-and-what-did-they-do-about-it clearly has legs, as we can see by the
fact that Congress established this commission and the Bush administration had to agree to
it. The fact that the Bushites have been doing everything they can to gut and defang it
only underscores the potential it has to expose information, to get at the truth, and in
so doing seriously undercut their plans for endless war and 21st century fascism.

What information, what truth? Well, here’s what Richard Butler, former chief U.N. weapons
inspector, had to say on CNN’s “American Morning with Paula Zahn” on January 8th of this

BUTLER: The most explosive charge, Paula, is that the Bush administration—the present one,
just shortly after assuming office—slowed down FBI investigations of al Qaeda and
terrorism in Afghanistan in order to do a deal with the Taliban on oil—an oil pipeline
across Afghanistan.

ZAHN: And this book [Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth] points out that the FBI’s deputy
director, John O’Neill, actually resigned because he felt the U.S. administration was

BUTLER: A proper…

ZAHN: …the prosecution of terrorism.

BUTLER: Yes, yes, a proper intelligence investigation of terrorism… That’s the allegation,
that instead of prosecuting properly an investigation of terrorism, which has its home in
Afghanistan as we now know, or one of its main homes, that was shut down or slowed down in
order to pursue oil interests with the Taliban…The book says that the negotiators said to
the Taliban, you have a choice. You have a carpet of gold, meaning an oil deal, or a
carpet of bombs. That’s what the book alleges.

Richard Butler is no conspiracy theorist. He’s a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations, in fact, a very establishment body. More than likely he’s been at meetings with
Kissinger, so he’s not exactly someone we can count on to come forward once the commission
begins to operate, volunteering to testify about what he knows.

But we, the progressive movement, can call for him to do so. We can call for a full-scale
investigation into what John O’Neill knew and why he resigned. We can call for
investigators to spend time in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for Pakistan’s President
Musharraf to compel cooperation by the ISI, their intelligence agency that worked closely
with the Taliban and is certainly well aware of the negotiations referred to in the Zahn

As we do so we can call upon the vice-chair of the commission, Democrat George Mitchell,
to stand up to Kissinger’s certain efforts to turn this investigation into a cover-up. We
can call upon Democrats running for President and other Democrats to address this issue.
We can use Kissinger’s notoriety in a positive way to draw attention to the absurdity of
his being appointed by Bush to this position. And we can support the development of a
genuinely independent, “shadow” commission to go after the truth, follow all the leads
wherever they may go.

Will all of this turn up the smoking gun, the hard evidence, that undercuts the Bush
Administration’s claims of innocent ignorance, their efforts to pin the blame for the U.S.
being vulnerable to Al Qaeda on 9-11 to FBI and CIA bureaucracy and incompetence? No one
knows. But what we should know, what we should all be clear on, is that there are solid
reasons to believe that, if enough political pressure is brought to bear, information
could come out, one way or the other, that, more than anything else we do, can seriously
hurt the chances of Bush/Cheney being re-elected in 2004. Let’s think and act accordingly.

Ted Glick is the National Coordinator of the Independent Progressive Politics Network
( and just completed a nine-month campaign for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey

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The Bush Dynasty and the Cuban Criminals

New book reveals links of two presidents and the
governor of Florida with exiled hardliners 

by Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles

Published on Monday, December 2, 2002 by the

The brother of President George Bush, the Florida
governor, Jeb Bush, has been instrumental in securing
the release from prison of militant Cuban exiles
convicted of terrorist offences, according to a new
book. The Bush family has also accommodated the demands
of Cuban exile hardliners in exchange for electoral and
financial support, the book suggests.

Last year, after September 11, while the justice
department announced a sweep of terrorist suspects,
Cubans convicted of terrorist offences were being
released from US jails with the consent of the Bush
administration, according to the book, Cuba
Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana,
by Ann Louise Bardach, the award-winning investigative
journalist who has covered Cuban and Miami politics for
the New York Times and Vanity Fair.

The Bush family connections go back to 1984 when Jeb
Bush began a close association with Camilo Padreda, a
former intelligence officer with the Batista
dictatorship overthrown by Fidel Castro.

Jeb Bush was then the chairman of the Dade county
Republican party and Padreda its finance chairman.
Padreda had earlier been indicted on a $500,000
(£320,000) embezzlement charge along with a fellow
exile, Hernandez Cartaya, but the charges were dropped,
reportedly after the CIA stated that Cartaya had worked
for them.

Padreda later pleaded guilty to defrauding the housing
and urban development department of millions of dollars
during the 1980s.

The president's younger brother was also on the payroll
in the 80s of the prominent Cuban exile Miguel Recarey,
who had earlier assisted the CIA in attempts to
assassinate President Castro.

Recarey, who ran International Medical Centers (IMC),
employed Jeb Bush as a real estate consultant and paid
him a $75,000 fee for finding the company a new
location, although the move never took place, which
raised questions at the time. Jeb Bush did, however,
lobby the Reagan/Bush administration vigorously and
successfully on behalf of Recarey and IMC. "I want to
be very wealthy," Jeb Bush told the Miami News when
questioned during that period.

In 1985, Jeb Bush acted as a conduit on behalf of
supporters of the Nicaraguan contras with his father,
then the vice-president, and helped arrange for IMC to
provide free medical treatment for the contras.

Recarey was later charged with massive medicare fraud
but fled the US before his trial and is now a fugitive.

Jeb Bush sealed his popularity with the Cuban exile
community by acting as campaign manager for another
prominent Cuban-American, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, when she
ran successfully for Congress.

George Bush Sr famously appeared with her during her
campaign in Miami declaring: "I am certain in my heart
I will be the first American president to step foot on
the soil of a free and independent Cuba."

She has since lobbied successfully for the release of
several exiles convicted of terrorist offences held in
US jails but who now live freely in Miami.

Most controversially, at the request of Jeb, Mr Bush Sr
intervened to release the convicted Cuban terrorist
Orlando Bosch from prison and then granted him US

According to the justice department in George Bush Sr's
administration, Bosch had participated in more than 30
terrorist acts. He was convicted of firing a rocket
into a Polish ship which was on passage to Cuba. He was
also implicated in the 1976 blowing-up of a Cubana
plane flying to Havana from Venezuela in which all 73
civilians on board were killed.

CIA memorandums strongly suggest, according to
Bardach's book, that Bosch was one of the conspirators,
and quotes the then secretary of state, Henry
Kissinger, as writing that the "US government had been
planning to suggest Bosch's deportation before Cubana
airlines crash took place for his suspected involvement
in other terrorist acts and violation of his parole".

Bosch's release, often referred to in the US media as a
pardon, was the result of pressure brought by hardline
Cubans in Miami, with Jeb Bush serving as their point
man. Bosch now lives in Miami and remains unrepentant
about his militant activities, according to Bardach.

In July this year, Jeb Bush nominated Raoul Cantero,
the grandson of Batista, as a Florida supreme court
judge despite his lack of experience. Mr Cantero had
previously represented Bosch and acted as his
spokesman, once describing Bosch on Miami radio as a
"great Cuban patriot".

Other Cuban exiles involved in terrorist acts, Jose
Dionisio Suarez and Virgilio Paz Romero, who carried
out the 1976 assassination of the Chilean diplomat
Orlando Letelier in Washington, have also been released
by the current Bush administration.

The current administration also maintains a hard line
on the continuing Cuban embargo despite the urgings of
many in Mr Bush's own party to end it. The president's
adviser, Karl Rove, "has urged him to fully accommodate
hardliners in return for electoral victories for both
his brother and himself", Bardach's book says.

For their help, many hardline Cuban-Americans have
received plum jobs in the current administration: Mel
Martinez, the Orlando Republican who arranged for the
shipwrecked Cuban boy, Elian Gonzalez, to visit Disney
World, was made housing secretary, while Otto Reich was
awarded a one year recess appointment for the western
hemisphere in the state department.

© Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002

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Bin Laden, Bush Serve 
The Same Master
Globalists Fabricating 'War of Civilizations'
By Henry Makow, Ph.D

The headquarters of Islamic terrorism is London
England, where the Anglo-American Establishment
sponsors the radical "Muslim Brotherhood" in order to
advance its long-term goal of plutocratic global

These globalists have fabricated a bogus "war on
terror" to crush the remaining vestiges of nationalism
and democracy in both Muslim countries and the
West. Expect more incitements like the current "Miss
World " imbroglio to convince both sides the other
endangers its way of life. 

In a comprehensive online report, the perceptive Hawaii-based researcher Peter
Goodgame concludes: "Osama bin Laden is not, nor has he ever been, the
leader of the international Islamist movement which is directed by the
International Muslim Brotherhood." 

Goodgame continues: "Osama bin Laden has been used effectively as a
figurehead for the Brotherhood's militant branch to take responsibility for its
atrocities, but he is not the mastermind By the same token, the Muslim
Brotherhood is a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to
overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of
global governance." 

Goodgame cites former British Intelligence officer, Dr. John Coleman, who
says the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret freemason order set up by the great
names of British Middle East Intelligence, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell
and St. John Philby to "keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource,
oil, could continue to be looted." 

The Muslim Brotherhood has been used to check nationalist movements led by
such figures as Nasser, Bhutto and the Shah of Iran who tried to develop their
countries. Without the British, "radical Islam would have remained the
illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the
Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous," Goodgame says. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is now a powerful faction in the global oligarchy.
Goodgame quotes Robert Drefuss, author of "Hostage to Khomeini" (1980): 

"The real Muslim Brothers are the secretive bankers and financiers who stand
behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families
whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and
intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the
British oligarchy. 

And the Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably
controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and
controls billions more in everything from oil trade and banking to drug-running,
illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with
the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a
terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide
financial empire" 

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the
globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they
will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally
completely subjugated to their odious rule. 

The globalists have long been using wars to subvert, demoralize and destroy
Western civilization. They backed the Nazis and the Soviets in World War
Two. They created the Punch and Judy show that was the Cold War. They
tied U.S. hands while backing Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. 

Who are they? Also called the illuminati, they represent a recrudescence of the
alliance between Rothschild finance and European aristocracy secretly
coordinated by a Satanic dogma hidden in freemasonry. 

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish the middle classes, depopulate
and enslave the masses, and leave only the rich served by a technocracy. The
whole world will resemble a repressive third world country governed by the
IMF, UN and World Bank. 

The globalists are headquartered in London and centred on the
Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table
society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The
American branches include the Council on Foreign Relations, CIA and the
Rockefeller foundations which all ensure the American people continue to
finance and enforce one-world tyranny. The Bush family has owed its
prominence to this cabal ever since grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange
financing for Nazism. 

Zionism is supposed to represent the "West" in this sham war with Islam.
Americans are being groomed to become like Israelis, victims of daily acts of
"Muslim terror." Last week, when another suicide bomber struck in Jerusalem,
Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Whether the explosion takes place in Bali,
Moscow, New York or Jerusalem we are all united in a war against a common
terrorist enemy." 

According to Swiss journalist Richard Labeviere ("Dollars for Terror: The
United States and Islam" 2000) radical Islam is an essential "complementary
enemy" to Zionism, which also seeks regional hegemony. According to the
"Yinon Memorandum" (1982) Israel intends to splinter the Arab countries into
several small cantons along ethnic lines. None of these will be able to challenge
Israel, which, like the US is a disposable tool of the globalist agenda. (207) 

The Palestinian terrorist "Hamas" movement is a product of the Muslim
Brotherhood. According to Labeviere, it serves the interests of the Israeli right
wing, and has received secret financial support from the Israeli "Shin Beth."
(203-205). Thus, Palestinian suicide bombers play straight into Ariel Sharon's

Meanwhile, back in the USA, "Muslim terrorist attacks" are an excuse to lay
the foundations of a police state. These attacks, which could become nuclear
or biological, might serve as a pretext to declare martial law, suspend elections
and round up dissidents, i.e. anyone who does not buy the lie. 

This may seem incomprehensible to Americans now when the economy is still
being propped up. Once the US has done the globalist's dirty work, interest
rates could rise and debt ridden Americans could be stripped of their assets, as
they were in the Depression. 

The Homeland Security Act is designed to control all US law enforcement
agencies so that elements in the CIA and Mossad can target Americans with
impunity, like they did on Sept. 11. American agencies were designed to
remain independent so they could serve as a check on each other. 

The Act is also designed to allow George W. to place his henchmen in positions
of control. Remember, he is a product of a secret Satanic cult, the "Skull and
Bones." This sounds gruesome but the Twentieth Century provided many
precedents. The illuminati was behind both Nazi and Communist mass
slaughter and terror. Our position is akin to the European Jews who disbelieved
warnings of the holocaust. 

There is even a provision in the Homeland Security Act against whistle
blowers. Why? Another provision allows mandatory vaccinations while giving
vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution. Why? The "Total
Information Awareness" program will "red flag" troublemakers by monitoring
all personal communications and financial transactions, even your library
records. You didn't attack the WTC. Why are you targeted? 

What is the justification for this destruction of freedom, which Bush is sworn
to protect? In 14 months since Sept.11, 2001, there has been NOT ONE
Muslim terrorist attack in the US despite the bloody American invasion of
Afghanistan. If "Al Queda" were capable of pulling off Sept. 11, don't you
think it would have planned an encore? Don't get me wrong: I am grateful to
the Mossad and CIA for sparing us. But Americans simply don't deserve
freedom if they accept this obvious ruse and its ominous consequences. 

In conclusion, mankind is in the clutches of a diabolical multi generational
conspiracy. A Satanic, criminal cartel has subverted all social institutions and is
slowly crafting a brutal global dictatorship. Our political and cultural leaders are
witting and unwitting puppets. They are fabricating a phony war between Islam
and the West in order to subjugate both. 

I realize this vision seems incredibly bleak. The mass media casts a powerful
delusion of normalcy over us. However, expecting the worst means you will
never be disappointed. If you are wrong, you are relieved. If you are right, you
are prepared. 

Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the
author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the
new world order are archived at his web site He
welcomes feedback at 

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San Francisco Examiner


By Conn Hallinan

When 200 people showed up at the gates of Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory last month demanding the
right to "inspect" the sprawling complex for "weapons
of mass destruction," the press either ignored it or
dismissed it as clever political theater. But people
had better start paying attention to what Livermore,
and its sister labs at Los Alamos and Sandia, are up,
which includes:

- Undermining the 1972 Nuclear Non-proliferation

- Sabotaging the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty;

- And testing bio-weapons in the heart of the Bay Area.

The demand for "immediate, unimpeded, unconditional,
and unrestricted access" to Livermore-language lifted
from the UN Security Council resolution on Iraq--might
seem tongue-in-cheek, but representatives from
California Peace Action, Tri-Valley CARES, Western
States Legal Foundation, and Veterans for Peace were
dead serious. "We are demanding an end to all weapons
of mass destruction," Tara Dorabji of Tri-Valley CARES
told the crowd, "whether developed in the suburbs by
the University of California scientists or in Iraq."

The labs are flush with cash these days, and they are
gearing up to create a new generation of nuclear
weapons explicitly designed for use in conventional
wars. And if that isn't scary enough, they are also
seeking Biosafety Level 3 permits to grow and test
anthrax, bubonic plague, Ebola fever, and biotoxins.

Behind this program are two lab honchos, Stephen
Younger of Los Alamos (now at the Pentagon) and Paul
Robinson, director of Sandia. The former is pushing to
build a "bunker busting" nuke, and the latter for
creating what he calls "low yield weapons with highly
accurate delivery systems for deterrence in the non-
Russian world." Translation: We nuke people as long as
we are sure they can't nuke us back.

Congress has already allocated $15 million to study
development of a Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, and
both Los Alamos and Livermore are working on different
versions of it. And if we build it, we will test it,
since it would be folly to deploy an untested weapon.
Secretary of State Colin Powell claims that the
Administration is "not developing new nuclear weapons
and not planning to undergo any testing." However, Paul
Wolfowitz, Deputy Defense Secretary, says the U.S. must
"contemplate" returning to testing and the Department
of Energy has already started upgrading the Nevada
Nuclear Test Site. There goes the Comprehensive Test
Ban Treaty.

Just in case you aren't up on international treaties,
this is also a material violation of the Nuclear Non-
Proliferation Treaty, which forbids the development of
new weapons. It also trashes Article VI of that Treaty,
which requires the nuclear powers to negotiate in good
faith to abolish nuclear weapons. Lastly, it violates
the Treaty section, which forbids threatening non-
nuclear nations with nukes. Pretty much a clean sweep.

The push for the "bunker buster" is part of the Bush
Administration's Nuclear Posture Review, which argues
that "nuclear and nonnuclear strike systems" be
considered just another "option" to "complement other
military capabilities."

Which, as U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey points out, is
pretty nutso, "A new bunker-busting nuclear earth
penetrator sends exactly the wrong message to the
world. At a time when we are trying to discourage other
countries-such as North Korea---from developing nuclear
weapons, it looks hypocritical for us to be preparing
to introduce a whole new generation of nuclear weapons
into the arsenal."

Developing an earth penetrator will require
miniaturizing warheads, and the Tennessee Valley
Authority has already begun a $3.25 million program to
produce radioactive hydrogen, or Tritium. The latter is
a "blast enhancer" that gives small warheads a big
bang. If this technology ever gets out, some terrorist
organizations won't need a shipping container to hide a
nuke. An overnight bag will do just fine.

Even the mission of the labs to "monitor" the safety of
nuclear weapons, the so-called Strategic Stockpile and
Stewardship Program and its companion, the National
Ignition Facility, has been perverted for weapon
designing. The projected "Laser/Fireball" test, for
instance, can be used to simulate low-yield nuclear
warhead explosions.

All of this is aimed at breaking the firewall that has
kept nuclear weapons on the shelf since Hiroshima and
Nagasaki. Maintaining that firewall is in our own
interests, since breaching it, as Princeton physicist
Frank von Hipple points out, "would make it permissible
for others to use them against us."

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