Friday, February 18, 2005, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Torch Light Academy 2801 Wilmington St. (Corner of Rush)

Raleigh, NC

Ph. 252-826-2800 or 919-538-7991


Organizational Meeting:

Future Land Owners


Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association (BFAA)



"Land is the Basis for Economic Development"

Who owns the land, owns the future.

Knowledge + Land + Capital = Power

What will you do with your knowledge, if they continue to out-source the high tech jobs?

Learn how to make yourself wealthy.


Facilitator: Dr. Ridgely A. Muímin, Vice-President of BFAA and Minister of Agriculture for the NOI



Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association (BFAA)
representatives will be on the campus of 

NC A&T State University 
Thursday, February 17, 2005 1-2:20 PM 
Room 255 Carver Hall
Greensboro, NC

NC State University
Thursday, February 17, 2005
Biltimore Hall
Room 2022D
Raleigh, NC

Torch Light Academy 
Friday, February 18, 2005, 
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
2801 Wilmington St. (Corner of Rush)
Raleigh, NC 
Ph. 252-826-2800 or 919-538-7991

> Mugabe calls Rice a 'slave'
> 11/02/2005 22:58 - (SA)
> Harare - President Robert Mugabe on Friday sharply criticised US Secretary
> of State Condoleezza Rice, saying she was a "slave" to white masters in
> Washington who had branded Zimbabwe an outpost of tyranny.
> Launching the election campaign of his ruling party, Mugabe referred to
> Rice as "that girl born out of the slave ancestry, who should know from the
> history of slavery in America, from the president situation of blacks in
> America that the white man is not a friend".
> "The white man is the slave master to her," said Mugabe in a two-hour
> speech launching the campaign of his Zimbabwe African National Union -
> Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) party for the March 31 parliamentary elections.
> 'Her master's voice'
> "She says Zimbabwe is one of the five or six outposts of tyranny. Ah well,
> she has got to echo her master's voice," he declared.
> At a US Senate confirmation hearing in Washington last month, Rice, an
> African-American and one of the most influential members of President
> George W Bush's administration, branded Zimbabwe along with Belarus, Cuba,
> Iran, Myanmar and North Korea as "outposts of tyranny".
> If Zimbabwe were indeed a tyranny, Mugabe argued, "the first person to lose
> his head would be Ian Smith", who led the white-minority government in
> Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was called before independence in 1980.
> "We have kept him and protected that head. He eats our food, lives in our
> home comfortably and is protected by our rules of law and order," said
> Mugabe.
> Smith, who was prime minister from 1965 to 1979, lives on a farm outside
> Harare and has remained an outspoken critic of Mugabe.
> "He enjoys the comfort of Zimbabwe, can travel... He writes books freely,
> against us even, and using that head, which, if we had been a tyrannical
> government, we would have long taken off," he added.
> "How many countries would have done what we did?" Mugabe asked, adding that
> Smith enjoys "charity, generosity, kindness and forgiveness in our house".


Press Action
February 2, 2005

Farmers' Seeds Outlawed in Iraq


By Rosemarie Jackowski

..and they said that we were there to bring freedom
and is time to tell the troops the truth.
How did this happen? While few of us were paying
attention, the Coalition Provisional Authority,
representing the government of the United States,
imposed a set of 100 orders on Iraq. A careful
examination of these orders could lead to the
conclusion that the war is being waged to enrich
corporations at the expense of the ordinary citizens.
Many of these orders take freedom and liberty away from
the people of Iraq. The orders also have a profound
effect on us.

Iraqi Order 81 is of special interest because it goes a
long way in affecting every living being on the planet.
This order prohibits Iraqi farmers from using the
methods of agriculture that they have used for
centuries. The common worldwide practice of saving
heirloom seeds from one year to the next is now illegal
in Iraq. Order 81 wages war on Iraqi farmers. They have
lost the freedom and liberty to choose their own
methods of agriculture.

The food chain has been under worldwide assault by U.S.
corporations for some time now. The Master Race of
corporations has seized control of the very essence of
life itself. We are now in the age of Genetically
Modified Doomsday Seeds.

This is not exactly a new phenomenon. It has been a
gradual takeover. Remember Percy Schmeiser, the
Canadian farmer, who was sued by Monsanto? Not enough
people stood up for Percey, so then they came for other
farmers. In fact, Monsanto has sued so many farmers
that a national hotline (1-888-FARMHLP) has now been
set up to assist them.

Those who have been pushing for Tort Reform never
mention the frivolous, mean-spirited lawsuits brought
by Monsanto against U.S. farmers. This is a David and
Goliath battle and, as usual, our government is on the
side of Goliath. Order 81 now spreads the assault on
farmers to Iraq. The domino effect is underway. The
victim farmers in the U.S., Iraq, Canada, and all of
the other countries who have been under attack by
Monsanto need our help. The Tort Reform that is really
needed would be reform aimed at compensating victims of
corporate intimidation.

The corporations, backed up by the Pentagon, have been
jackbooting and goose stepping their way across the
planet. Whether you like it or not, you probably will
have some franken food on your dinner plate tonight...
franken foods, grown from franken seeds, brought to you
compliments of the Franken Empire. Our own USDA was
complicit in the development of Terminator seeds.
Picture Dr. Strangelove on the John Deere.

The existence of Order 81, and the other 99 orders,
which limit Iraqi liberty and freedom, creates some
interesting questions. How can Washington even pretend
that the election in Iraq is legitimate if U.S. imposed
rules are enforced after the election, or are we to
believe that the 100 Orders are canceled by the
election? I don't think so.

Is it possible that Iraqi farmers think back fondly to
the good old days before the Occupation and before
Order 81? Even Saddam Hussein allowed them to save
seeds for the next year's crop. Is Monsanto a worse
master than Saddam? Imagine what would happen if there
was a successful worldwide movement of resistance, an
international Save the Seed Campaign. Farmers and
consumers in the U.S. need to stand in solidarity with
the farmers and consumers in Iraq. If you have a stamp
or coin collection, forget it. Instead, it might be
better to start collecting seeds. Maybe soon, one good
old-fashioned seed that was made by Mother Nature will
be more precious than your most prized gold coin. Just
one more thing... if you save seeds, keep it a secret.
The Seed Police have been on patrol. They are looking
for you.

On Town Meeting Day, 2004, in Vermont, the citizens in
seventy-nine towns passed resolutions against
Genetically Engineered Crops. Then Vermont made history
when it became the first state to require the labeling
of Genetically Modified seeds. "The Farmer Protection
Act is a pre-emptive strike to stop predatory lawsuits
against Vermont's family farmers by biotech companies
like Monsanto," said Ben Davis with the Vermont Public
Interest Research Group. Maybe this small, but hard-
fought, victory gives reason to hope for a better

Rosemarie Jackowski ( is a member of
Southern Vermont VFP Chapter 88. She was arrested,
tried, and convicted for having participated in a
peaceful protest against the war. The Conviction is
currently under Appeal in the Vermont State Supreme

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652 Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 729-0517 (207)
319-2017 (Cell phone)



Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown
By Timothy Egan
The New York Times 

Friday 04 February 2005

EVERETT, Wash - In the midst of the California energy troubles in early 2001, when power plants
were under a federal order to deliver a full output of electricity, the Enron Corporation arranged to take
a plant off-line on the same day that California was hit by rolling blackouts, according to audiotapes of
company traders released here on Thursday.

The tapes and memorandums were made public by a small public utility north of Seattle that is
fighting Enron over a power contract. They also showed that Enron, as early as 1998, was creating
artificial energy shortages and running up prices in Canada in advance of California's larger experiment
with deregulation.

The tapes provide new details of market manipulation during the California energy crisis that
produced blackouts and billions of dollars of surcharges to homes and businesses on the West Coast
in 2000 and 2001.

In one January 2001 telephone tape of an Enron trader the public utility identified as Bill Williams and
a Las Vegas energy official identified only as Rich, an agreement was made to shut down a power
plant providing energy to California. The shutdown was set for an afternoon of peak energy demand.

"This is going to be a word-of-mouth kind of thing," Mr. Williams says on the tape. "We want you
guys to get a little creative and come up with a reason to go down." After agreeing to take the plant
down, the Nevada official questioned the reason. "O.K., so we're just coming down for some
maintenance, like a forced outage type of thing?" Rich asks. "And that's cool?"

"Hopefully," Mr. Williams says, before both men laugh.

The next day, Jan. 17, 2001, as the plant was taken out of service, the State of California called a
power emergency, and rolling blackouts hit up to a half-million consumers, according to daily logs of
the western power grid.

Officials with the Snohomish County Public Utility District in Washington State, which released the
tapes, said they believed Enron officials had taken similar measures with other power plants. This
tape, they said, was proof of what was going on.

At the time, power plants in the greater West Coast grid were under a federal emergency order to
keep their plants running.

A spokeswoman for Enron, Jennifer Lowney, would not comment on the tapes, citing a blanket policy
of the energy trading company, which is operating under bankruptcy protection and facing multiple
criminal and civil proceedings. "We continue to cooperate with all ongoing investigations," she said.

Conversations between energy traders and power plants were routinely recorded to give a record of
transactions. The tapes were part of a large seizure of evidence by the F.B.I. The Snohomish County
utility, which is in a court battle with Enron, obtained them through a legal action.

Previous tapes released by the district last summer showed Enron officials joking about how they
were "stealing" more than a $1 million a day from California and fleecing "Grandma Millie" while
bringing Enron record profits.

Other tapes released on Thursday showed Enron executives discussing their fear of going to jail for
manipulating power markets in Canada and the United States. And memos showed that Enron
practiced as early as 1998 to create artificial shortages and run up prices and extend the market
manipulation to Canada.

Three former Enron traders have pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of fraudulently
manipulating the West Coast energy market. Enron's former chairman, Kenneth L. Lay, and former
president, Jeffrey K. Skilling, are under federal indictment for fraud.

In cooperating with federal officials, West Coast traders have told how they devised schemes named
"Death Star" and "Get Shorty" to make billions of dollars out of California's disastrous experiment with
energy deregulation.

But until the tapes were released on Thursday, there had been few public details of how Enron set in
motion the phony power shortages.

Company officials had long denied that they illegally shut down plants to create artificial shortages. In
March 2001 - two months after the recording showed how the Nevada plant was shut down- Mr. Lay
called any claims of market manipulation "conspiracy theories."

Memos uncovered by Snohomish County also show that Enron rewarded midlevel executives based
on their performance in manipulating the West Coast market.

The tapes and memos were filed this week with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, as part
of a broad investigation into how much money was lost by Enron market manipulation. Snohomish
County is seeking to void a $122 million lawsuit by Enron over an energy contract the utility said was
based on fraud.