Bush 'buried' critical report

May 29, 2003

The Bush administration reportedly buried a report 
commissioned by the US Treasury which predicted a 
budget deficit of over $44,000bn and called for 
tax rises. In a front-page story Britain's Financial 
Times said the report, which advocated tax rises, 
was left out of February's budget report as the 
White House lobbied for $350bn in tax cuts.

Those cuts, the opposite of what was reportedly
recommended in the Treasury study, were signed into law
by President George W Bush on Wednesday.

The newspaper said the study was "the most
comprehensive assessment of how the US government is at
risk of being overwhelmed by the 'baby boom'
generation's future healthcare and retirement costs".

"It estimates that closing the gap would require the
equivalent of an immediate and permanent 66% across-
the-board income tax increase," the FT said.

The Bush administration has been heavily criticised for
the tax cuts - which came on top of a 10-year $1,650bn
in tax cuts in 2001 - as the US economy stagnates and
unemployment rises.

Reports ignored

The FT reported that former Treasury Secretary Paul
O'Neill, who was sacked from the administration in
December, commissioned the paper.

Two leading US Treasury economists headed the study -
Kent Smetters, former Treasury deputy assistant
secretary for economic policy, and Jagdessh Gokhale, a
Treasury consultant at the time.

In transcripts of interviews with them published by the
FT, they disagree over whether the report was meant to
be included in the budget report.

Mr Smetters said the report was "never meant to be a
Treasury study. It was meant to be some internal
thinking... on how to reform the budget".

He was contradicted by Mr Gokhale.

"When we were conducting the study my impression was
that it was slated to appear (in the budget)," he said.

But Mr Gokhale added that it had been common practise
for US administrations to ignore similar critical
reports over the past decade.



US Finds Evidence of WMD At Last - Buried In a Field Near Maryland
By Julian Borger
The Guardian 

Wednesday 28 May 2003

The good news for the Pentagon yesterday was that its investigators had finally unearthed
evidence of weapons of mass destruction, including 100 vials of anthrax and other dangerous

The bad news was that the stash was found, not in Iraq, but fewer than 50 miles from
Washington, near Fort Detrick in the Maryland countryside. 

The anthrax was a non-virulent strain, and the discoveries are apparently remnants of an
abandoned germ warfare programme. They merited only a local news item in the Washington

But suspicious finds in Iraq have made front-page news (before later being cleared), given the
failure of US military inspection teams to find evidence of the weapons that were the justification
for the March invasion. 

Even more embarrassing for the Pentagon, there was no documentation about the various
biological agents disposed of at the US bio-defence centre at Fort Detrick. Iraq's failure to come
up with paperwork proving the destruction of its biological arsenal was portrayed by the US as
evidence of deception in the run-up to the war. 

In an effort to explain why no chemical or biological weapons had been found in Iraq, the US
defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said yesterday the regime may have destroyed them
before the war. 

Speaking to the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations thinktank, he said the speed of
U.S. advance may have caught Iraq by surprise, but added: "It is also possible that they
decided that they would destroy them prior to a conflict." 

The US germ warfare programme at Fort Detrick was officially wound up in 1969, but the base
has maintained a stock of nasty bugs to help maintain America's defences against biological

The leading theory about the unsolved anthrax letter attacks in 2001 is that they were carried
out by a disgruntled former Fort Detrick employee; equipment found dumped in a pond eight
miles from the base has been linked to the crimes. 

The Fort Detrick clean-up has unearthed over 2,000 tonnes of hazardous waste. 

The sanitation crews were shocked to find vials containing live bacteria. As well as the vaccine
form of anthrax, the discarded biological agents included Brucella melitensis, which causes the
virulent flu-like disease brucellosis, and klebsiella, a cause of pneumonia.

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to
those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and
educational purposes.)


War Profiteers Shell, Bechtel, Fluor Take Record of Terror From Africa to Iraq
By Dena Montague
San Francisco Bay View

Wednesday 21 May 2003

As Bush creates a corporate protectorate in Iraq, many companies who stand to benefit from
reconstruction and oil exploration there are familiar to Africans. Shell, Bechtel and Fluor are all
associated with massacres and crimes against humanity in Africa. 

Oil giant Shell had a hand in the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the massacre of hundreds of Ogoni
in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Bechtel has profited from and exacerbated the ongoing war in the
Democratic Republic of Congo. And Flour had tight relationships with the apartheid regime of South

Shell in Nigeria

One of the latest announcements concerning executive positions in post-war Iraq was that Philip
Carroll, former chief executive of Shell Oil Co., is a “a leading contender to oversee Iraqi oil
production,” according to the New York Times. Carroll, who headed Shell through 1990, oversaw
the company’s Nigeria operations during the dictatorship of Sani Abacha, a time of massive
political upheaval. Shell was, and continues to be, the largest oil producer in Nigeria. 

During the 1990s, a powerful people’s movement emerged in the Niger Delta, Nigeria’s main oil
producing area, to hold the company accountable for massive environmental damage caused over
decades by its operations there. The movement began with the Ogoni people, a small community
of half a million, living on land which contains some of the sweetest crude oil in the world. Shell’s
operations in Ogoniland devastated the people’s farming and fishing areas, which were central to
their survival. 

Internationally renowned political activist, author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ken Saro-Wiwa
led the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) based on principles of non-violence.
The movement was met with violent retaliation from the Nigerian military, supported and paid for in
part by Shell Oil. In reaction to Ogoni protests, the Nigerian military under Abacha detained and
abused thousands of Ogoni and summarily executed hundreds, including Ken Saro-Wiwa. 

Carroll was CEO of Shell Oil throughout this period, and his company regularly collaborated with
the Nigerian military during the uprising, according to Human Rights Watch. Shell admitted to
having made direct payments to Nigerian security forces and importing arms used by the Nigerian
police. In fact, the company continues to have its own police force, known by people in the region
as the “Shell Police,” and that force continues to be linked to civilian deaths in the area.

The Bush administration claims it wants to ensure that the sale of Iraqi oil benefits the Iraqi
people. If this is true, the man tapped to lead the revival of the Iraqi oil industry is not the right
person for the job. Carroll led a corporation that collaborated with the brutal Nigerian military under
Abacha and did nothing to ensure that the population benefited from the company’s presence. 

To this day, Shell has failed to successfully clean up the damage left behind on Ogoniland from
production operations abandoned in 1993. The Nigerian population as a whole suffers tremendous
poverty in a country that lacks a functioning infrastructure, despite having in the world’s sixth
largest oil producing capacity. 

Is this the legacy the Bush administration plans on leaving in Iraq? It is the legacy left by Shell Oil
Co. under Carroll. 

Bechtel in the DRC

As one of the largest construction and engineering companies in the world, Bechtel is the top
contender for hundreds of millions - and potentially billions - in reconstruction contracts for post-war
Iraq. Some attention has been paid to the mess the company has made in Boston and possible
conflicts of interest because of its close connections to the Bush administration. 

But there are ongoing concerns about Bechtel’s role in the Democratic Republic of Congo that
have not received adequate attention. Bechtel was interested in winning business in the
mineral-rich Congo and established an early and friendly relationship with the rebel leader Larent
Kablila in 1997 before he took control of the whole country. 

Bechtel went one step further than many of its Western competitors involved in the Congo by
supplying high-tech intelligence and offering to draw up a master development plan and inventory of
the country’s mineral resources free of charge. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company
compiled “the most complete mineralogical and geographical data of the former Zaire ever
assembled, information worth a fortune to any prospective mining or oil firm.” 

The company also commissioned and paid for NASA satellite studies of the country to develop
detailed maps of the DRC’s mineral potential. Robert Stewart, an executive representing Bechtel
International Inc., became a trusted advisor to the Congolese leader, traveling the country with

Coincidentally, one year after Bechtel initially expressed interest in mapping the mineral data in
the DRC, coltan was discovered in the eastern region. This mineral is used in cell phones,
computers and high tech devices. Since the discovery of the mineral, rebel groups in the Congo
have made hundreds of millions of dollars on the illicit sale of coltan to the U.S., Europe and Asia. 

Fluor in South Africa

Fluor Corp. is one of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world, and it is
one of Bechtel’s competitors for reconstruction contracts in Iraq. 

In the 1980s, Fluor was accused of helping to further apartheid in South Africa through business
dealings with the white government that enabled the company helped build what was at the time
the world’s largest plant producing commercial oil from coal. The project was proposed to
guarantee a domestic supply of oil as international supplies were cut off due to sanctions. 

Fluor also helped build oil refineries in apartheid South Africa. As the Guardian reports, Fluor is
the subject of “a multibillion dollar lawsuit claiming that it exploited and brutalized black workers in
apartheid-era South Africa.” Part of the claim includes accusations that “Fluor hired security guards
dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes to attack unarmed workers protesting against poor pay and


Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 02:41:23 +0000
From: PABarton@webtv.net


It seems that some new, devastating disease hits planet earth every few
decades. About twenty years Ago, AIDS (Aquired Immune Defficiency
Syndrom) hit the planet. Like SARS (TAKE GOOD NOTE), IT SEEMS TO HAVE

In the case of SARS, there is still some confusion about how SARS began
or what it is. Yet, according to China Daily News, Chinese Scientists
believe SARS is a combination of viruses and one of these viruses is
chlamydia, the other is a corona virus.

A chek of the dictionary (Websters' New World Dictionary, 1988, Simon &
Shuster) discribes Chlamydia in the following manner:

"a widespread gonorrhealike venereal disease caused by a bacterium
(Chlamydia trachomatis) that also causes trachoma, ect.

The word "trachoma" caught attention and it was also checked. Webster's
defination is thus:
trachoma -- "a contagious infection of the conjunctiva and cornea,
caused by a bacterium (Chlamydia trachoma) and characterized by
granulation and eventual scar formation."

Hence, the new disease SARS which affect the respiratory system if it is
composed of the viruses that causes chlamydia and trachoma has to come
from a source, particulaly if this virus/disease is airborne, as some
believe it is. In fact apart from the Chlamydia bacteria being airborne
as the Chinese believe, it seems uncannily similar to a number of
similar diseases that affect the lungs and are just as devastating as
These include the Hanta Virus that is said to have come from rats and
spread among American Indians in the South Western U.S. some years ago.
Athsma, another lung ailment is said to be caused by pollen, tiny
roach eggs in craw spaces of houses in some cities.
South West Valley Fever: This lung disease is caused by a fungus
that some believe once grew on the skins of prehistoric wales that lived
in the inland Sea that once existed from California to the South West.
Valley fever is also caused by a coxi or spore that lives in soil about
one to two feet below the ground. When disturbed, soil infected with
valley fever coxi or spores can infect the unsuspecting and rapidly
"grow" its fungus througout the lungs, inner organs, bones, and reach
the brain.


It is said that SARS began in Guangdong Province in Southern China. Did
sars originate in the soil? Chinese scientists believe a Chlamydia
related factor may be in SARS. Is this factor the "chlmydospore?
According to Webster's, the chlmydospore is "an enlarged, thick-walled
resting spore formed between the vegetative cells of a filamentous
FUNGUS or certain protozoans.

What if the chlymdospore was already in the soil in Guangdong in a
dormant state, similar to how certain spores are also found in parts of
the South Western states? What if human or animal activity in the area
(such as disturbing the soil through building or contaminating of
animals) brought about the unleashing of this virus.

After all, a similar situation is said to have taken place in Central
Africa after parts of the Congo never before disturned by human activity
was disturbed and caused the ebola virus to be disturbed spread into the


The AIDS crisis did not hit the Black community or Africa untill about
ten years after AIDS was first said to be found among homosexuals,
intravenous drug users and others. AIDS was rare in the Black community
and it was rare in Africa, although what was and is still called "AIDS"
in Africa includes bilharzia, tb, worms, waterborne diseases, kwashiokor
and others. Some of these diseases have symptoms similar to what is
called AIDS.

Those who believe that they have been targeted with AIDS over the past
fifteen years, based on their conclusion that AIDS was deliberately
spread in Black nations, it is sensible to be very careful and to take
measures to prevent SARS from causing the same devastation and genocide
that AIDS has participated in on a worldwide scale. Keep in mind that
SARS did not begin in Africa or the U.S., and that AIDS was not found in
the Black community or widespread in Africa when it first began. In
fact, in parts of Northern Africa or places where blood products and
foreign "help" in sensitive areas lie health is rejected, there seems to
be less of an AIDS problem, compared to nations in Central, Southern and
Eastern Africa whose leadership continues to remain disunited, in
termoil and at the handout end of accepting the unwanted clothes,
medical supplies, food and other hand-me-downs from other nations. Any
disease can be passed through this method.


Some months ago, it was revealed in a New York newspaper that students
or scientists at a New York university claimed that they could create
certain viruses. The revelation that viruses could be created to
affect certain people is already known by the highly important and
powerful Pan-African scientific community, especially those of Nigerian
ancestry who work in nations like North America and England and who
would be victis of race-specific viruses and diseases that the media
revealed was being made to affect Blacks.

The fact of this diabolical scheme has not led to the worls's Black
scientists making a fuss, but one thing is certain, Black America,
Nigeria and a number of "poor" Black and Africoid (such as some of the
people of India), will never sit back and let mysterious viruses and
diseases that never existed before wreck havoc on their people. In
fact, since this new SARS virus is in existance and since AIDS IS STILL
WRECKING HAVOC, these Black scientists and researchers should get on the
job of planning a worldwide self-defense system.


Many may not know it, but for thosuands of years, Africans have had some
of the most effective ways of handling diseases, viruses and epidemics.
In ancient Nubia, Egypt, Wagadu (West Africa) and East Africa as well as
places where malaria is rampant, many methods were used to prevent
devastation by this disease and the carrier of malaria, the fly. Places
were fumigated with certain types of herbs and medicines, methods of
doing things were changed, new taboos such as "kosher" or purified
handling of food came into being. Animals like hogs were taboo to some
while those who used it did so carefully.

It was also in Africa that diseases like cholera and others have been
problems for thousands of years. Yet, based on historical fact, methods
and systems were developed to handle these ailments. For example,
Africans invented the vaccination by dipping needles or scratching
devices in medicine and scratching the skin. The Africans also used the
asprin plant (grown in Kenya), along with a number of herbs and
medicines, mineral rock, the use of smoking an area to destroy disease
carriers, burning all things used by the infected or ill, ritually
(medically) purifying and cleansing the infected. In fact, much of what
is called "voodoo" and part of the ancient Yoruba religions of Shango,
Imbanda, and others are based on healing, the belief in self and the
ability to manipulate natural forces. What many people like to see as
different is actually effective since these practices are the remnants
of ancient rituals and religions that existed in an advanced form at a
period in Black and world history when there was a higher type of


One of the very bad and destructive habits of some Black men and women
as well as youth is the way sexual relationships are handled. Too many
simply open up and "get with" anyone for superficial reasons such as
giving their children light skin and "good" hair, not for any
commonality and love but to partake in a fad and trend born out of
self-hatred and an inferiority complex on the part of some Black folks.
A person may be infected with any strange disease that was never in the
Black community, but those of us who feel inferior and hate ourselves
witll exploit a person we believe will give us what we desire. The
focusing on Black men and women who will marry, sex and date anyone just
to satisfy their fantasies of what other people are like is fool hardy.

Let us not forget that it was people from Europe who came to the
Americas and went to Australia and within a period of fifty years, tens
of millions of American Indians and Black Aboriginals were diseased with
syphilis, cholera, and other diseases. In Asia, drugs such as opium was
tried int he scheme of genocide but the victims resisted it. We have to
get to the point as people to ask whether we should continue with the
habit of sexing here, sexing there, sexing anyone and everywhere. Or
are we going to return to strict African values of not goint outside of
the nation and not tolerating the types of behavior that causes the
spread of diseases that are destroying us. We must use our intelligence
and stop using other races for sex and lightskinned/good haired babies.

It was not long ago that both the BBC News and a public television
station had programs and articles on how the Bubonic plague that
devastated Europe in the 1500's brought about a group of people who can
carry diseases and infect others, while they themselves do not get
infected. Yet, by the way some Black magazines promote irresponsible
sexual activity, one would think that they have not read the material or
closed their eyes to it. What the article was saying is that the same
peope who brought disease and devastation to the American Indians and
Black Aborigines in the 1500's to 1800's are also infecting the
unsuspecting today. The advice to Black magazines, newspapers and
television programs that promote strange and taboo sexual practices and
relationships should be that they should promote self-preservation and
help people love themselves for who they are rather than trying to
exploit and use others so their children can have light skin and "good"
hair. Pleas read this work, "Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and
Practice of Pan-African Economic, Racial and Cultural
Self-Preservation," pub. by iUniverse, www.iuniverse.com

In the final analysis, people will have to take measures to stop SARS
from causing more devastation. Paranoia may be a result of now knowing
what SARS is capable of doing, but all one has to do is read about the
Bubonic plague or the flus that caused serious damage over the last
century around the world. (More on African culture, trade and
civilization, read, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade,
Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by www.1stbooks.com also read about
the "crack conspiracy" and diseasing of people, "A History of Racism and
Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by Xlibris, www.xlibris.com

Read "AIDS CONSPIRACY," http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire


Baltimore Passes Resolution Against Patriot Act for the 
Preservation of Civil Liberties 


[Text of approved Baltimore City Council resolution against the USA
Patriot Act.]

City of Baltimore Council Resolution

Introduced by: Council Member Abayomi

Preservation of Civil Liberties Resolution-USA Patriot Act

For the purpose of defending the civil liberties and civil rights of
all individuals living in Baltimore City.

WHEREAS, the City of Baltimore recognizes the Constitution of the
United States of America to be the supreme law of the land, which all
public servants are sworn to uphold; and

WHEREAS, the City of Baltimore greatly benefits from the many
contributions of its highly diverse population, which includes people
from around the world, and is vital to our city's unique character;

WHEREAS, the City of Baltimore is a major international port and
recognizes its unique position to maintain prosperous relationships
with all nations; and

WHEREAS, government security measures that undermine fundamental
rights do damage to the American institutions and values that the
residents of the City of Baltimore hold dear;

WHEREAS the Council of the City of Baltimore believes that there is
no inherent conflict between national security and the preservation
of liberty-Americans can be both safe and free;

WHEREAS federal policies adopted since September 11, 2001, including
provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act (Public Law 107-56) and related
executive orders, regulations and actions threaten fundamental rights
and liberties by;

(a) Authorizing the indefinite incarceration of non-citizens based on
mere suspicion, and the indefinite incarceration of citizens
designated by the President as "enemy combatants" without access to
counsel or meaningful recourse to the federal courts;

(b) Limiting the traditional authority of federal courts to curb law
enforcement abuse of electronic surveillance in anti-terrorism
investigations and ordinary criminal investigations;

(c) Expanding the authority of federal agents to conduct so-called
"sneak and peak" or "black bag" searches, in which the subject of the
search warrant is unaware that his property has been searched;

(d) Granting law enforcement and intelligence agencies broad access
to personal medical, financial, library and education records with
little if any judicial oversight;

(e) Chilling constitutionally protected speech through overbroad
definitions of "terrorism";

(f) Driving a wedge between immigrant communities and the police that
protect them by encouraging involvement of state and local police in
enforcement of federal immigration law;

(g) Permitting the FBI to conduct surveillance of religious services,
internet chat rooms, political demonstrations, and other public
meetings or any kind without having any evidence that a crime has
been or may be committed;

WHEREAS these expanded powers have and will pose a particular threat
to the civil rights and liberties of the residents of our city.
Powers granted by Congress to government agencies are seldom
retracted and government agencies including the Defense, State, and
Justice Departments which have been granted greater surveillance and
investigative powers under the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001 may not be
willing to abandon those powers by 2005, and therefore these agencies
along with the Administration may seek to amend, adjust, or repeal
the sunset provisions of PATRIOT Act Title II. It is incumbent upon
Congress to ensure that these powers granted by the USA PATRIOT Act
are limited in scope and effect to whatever extent Congress has
stated in the Act that such powers are to be so limited; and

WHEREAS new legislation has been drafted by the Administration
entitled the Domestic Security Enhancement Act (DSEA) (also known as
PATRIOT II) which contains a multitude of new and sweeping law
enforcement and intelligence gathering powers, many of which are not
related to terrorism, that would severely dilute, if not undermine,
many basic constitutional rights, as well as disturb our unique
system of checks and balances by:

(a) diminishing personal privacy by removing important checks on
government surveillance authority,

(b) reduce the accountability of government to the public by
increasing government secrecy,

(c) expanding the definition of "terrorism" in a manner that
threatens the constitutionally protected rights of Americans, and

(d) seriously erode the right of all persons to due process of law.

WHEREAS, the City of Baltimore recognizes that an infringement of the
constitutionally guaranteed rights of any person, under the color of
law, is an abuse of power, and a breach of the public trust, a
misappropriation of public resources, a violation of civil rights and
is beyond the scope of governmental authority.

BALTIMORE remains firmly committed to the protection of civil rights
and civil liberties for all people. The City of Baltimore will
completely avoid discrimination in every function of city government,
and vigorously uphold the constitutionally protected rights of all
persons to peacefully protest and express their political views
without any form of governmental interference.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Baltimore joins
communities across the nation in expressing concerns regarding
provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act (Public Law 107-56), related
executive orders, regulations and actions threaten fundamental rights
and liberties guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

IT IS HEREBY FURTHER RESOLVED, and is the policy of the City of
Baltimore, that the council of the city of Baltimore:

1. Directs the Police Department of the City of Baltimore to:

a. Refrain from enforcing immigration matters, which are entirely the
responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security. No city
service will be denied on the basis of citizenship; and

b. Refrain from engaging in the surveillance of individuals or groups
of individuals based on their participation in activities protected
by the First Amendment, such as political advocacy or the practice of
a religion, without particularized suspicion of criminal activity
unrelated to the activity protected by the First Amendment; and

c. Refrain from utilizing racial profiling or religious profiling as
factors in selecting which individuals to subject to investigatory
activities except when seeking to apprehend a specific suspect whose
race, religion, ethnicity or national origin is part of the
description of the suspect; and

d. Refrain, whether acting alone or with federal or state law
enforcement officers, from collecting or maintaining information
about the political, religious or social views, associations or
activities of any individual, group, association, organization,
corporation, business or partnership unless such information directly
relates to an investigation of criminal activities, and there are
reasonable grounds to suspect the subject of the information is or
may be involved in criminal conduct; and

e. Refrain from undertaking or participating in any initiative, such
as the Terrorism Information and Prevention System (TIPS), that
encourages members of the general public to spy on their neighbors,
colleagues or customers; and

f. Refrain from using racial profiling to stop drivers or pedestrians
for the purpose of scrutinizing their identification documents
without particularized suspicion of criminal activity; and

g. Report to the city council any request by federal authorities
that, if granted, would cause agencies of the City of Baltimore to
exercise or cooperate in the exercise of powers in apparent violation
of any city ordinance of the laws or Constitution of this State or
the United States.

2. Directs public libraries within the City of Baltimore to post in a
prominent place within the library a notice to library users as
follows: "WARNING: Under Section 215 of the federal USA PATRIOT Act
(Public Law 107-56), records of the books and other materials you
borrow from this library may be obtained by federal agents. That
federal law prohibits librarians from informing you if federal agents
have obtained records about you. Questions about this policy should
be directed to: Attorney General John Ashcroft, Department of
Justice, Washington, DC 20530".

3. Directs the City Council Chief of Staff to:

a. Transmit a copy of this resolution to Senators Barbara Mikulski
and Paul Sarbanes, and Representatives Elijah Cummings, Dutch
Ruppersberger and Roscoe Bartlett accompanied by a letter urging them
to monitor federal anti-terrorism tactics and work to repeal
provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT and other laws and regulations that
infringe on civil rights and liberties. And to take all possible
actions to lead Congressional action to prohibit passage of the DSEA.
And to support our United States Congress in their efforts to oversee
and assess the impacts of the PATRIOT Act and to ensure that the
sunset date of Title III of the Act remains in force and is honored,
thereby supporting all Congressional efforts to ensure that Congress
enacts the required joint resolution on or before October 1, 2005 to
inactivate Title. ; and

b. Transmit a copy of this resolution to Governor Robert Ehrlich, and
appropriate members of the State Legislature, accompanied by a letter
urging them to ensure that state anti-terrorism laws and policies be
implemented in a manner that does not infringe on civil liberties as
described in this resolution; and

c. Transmit a copy of this resolution to President George W. Bush and
Attorney General John Ashcroft.


Pentagon Details New Surveillance System
Critics Fear Proposed Extensive Use of Computer Database Raises Privacy 

By Ariana Eunjung Cha
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 21, 2003; Page A06

The Pentagon yesterday detailed the development of a massive computer 
surveillance system that would have the power to track people as never 

It would identify people at great distances by the irises of their eyes, the 
grooves in their face or even their gait. It would look for suspicious 
patterns in video footage of people's movements. And it would analyze 
airline ticket purchases, visa applications, as well as financial, medical, 
educational and biometric records to try to predict terrorists' acts or 
catch them in the planning stage.

The technology does not yet exist, and no one knows whether its creation is 
even possible. Indeed, the very concept of what was originally known as the 
government's Total Information Awareness initiative raised so many privacy 
and civil liberties issues that, in February, Congress banned its 
deployment. Legislators asked for more information about the project and 
sought an analysis about how citizens' privacy would be balanced with the 
need for security.

The report that was delivered to legislators yesterday identifies the effort 
by a new name -- the Terrorist Information Awareness program. It sought to 
allay concerns about privacy by outlining policies to conduct spot audits of 
the data being collected and implementing technical safeguards.

"The program's previous name, 'Total Information Awareness' program, created 
in some minds the impression that TIA was a system to be used for developing 
dossiers on U.S. citizens," the Pentagon's research arm, the Defense 
Advanced Research Project Agency, said in a statement. "DoD's purpose in 
pursuing these efforts is to protect U.S. citizens by detecting and 
defeating foreign terrorist threats before an attack."

DARPA spokeswoman Jan Walker said the report is intended to express the 
agency's "full commitment to planning, executing and overseeing the TIA 
program in a way that protects privacy and civil liberties."

The core system seeks to create a database of public and private records 
that could be analyzed for patterns leading up to terrorism. The Pentagon 
has budgeted $9.2 million for the program in 2003, $20 million in 2004 and 
$24.5 million in 2005.

"Attempts to 'connect the dots' quickly overwhelm unassisted human 
abilities," the report stated. "By augmenting human performance using these 
computer tools, the TIA Program expects to diminish the amount of time 
humans must spend discovering information and allow humans more time to 
focus their powerful intellects on things humans do best -- thinking and 

The report outlines technologies and related programs in the surveillance 
system, including programs to mine data in foreign-language communications 
and to gauge biological threats by analyzing data from hospitals and other 

Other, more speculative systems borrow from prediction techniques used in 
the corporate world.

One, code-named "FutureMAP," would watch fluctuations in the public markets 
to assess sentiment on a particular topic, "avoiding surprise and predicting 
future events." Another, the "Misinformation Detection" system, would 
analyze language and other aspects of text for false or misleading 
information. In 2002, the report said, some researchers demonstrated an 
ability to detect which companies might be the target of Securities and 
Exchange Commission investigations, based on public filings.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who sponsored the February bill that requires 
intelligence agencies to get congressional approval before deploying the 
technology, said the report confirmed his worries that the system may not be 
the best use of the government's resources because it focuses mostly on 
theoretical possibilities.

He said new guidelines are needed on how such data should be used. Current 
privacy laws protect individuals, but they apply only to the private sector. 
The regulations place few constraints on the government's ability to gain 
access to material for terrorism investigations.

"I don't take a back seat to anybody in fighting the Mohamed Attas of the 
world, but before we send people on a virtual goose chase, the country needs 
to understand what's at stake," Wyden said, referring to one of the 
terrorists of Sept. 11, 2001. That sentiment was echoed by Sen. Russell 
Feingold (D-Wis.), who said the report "fails to propose any specific new 
rules to address the concerns raised by Congress."

Privacy and civil liberties groups were less diplomatic in their criticism. 
The American Civil Liberties Union called it an "Orwellian program." The 
Electronic Freedom Forum dubbed it a "giant suspicion-generating machine."

Both groups said the initiative goes against the notion that people are 
innocent until proven guilty, and expressed worry that people deemed 
terrorists by computer programs would not have any way of knowing and any 
way of getting off such a list.

Civil liberties groups have fielded numerous complaints from some people 
placed on the "watch list" for the Transportation Security Administration 
because they have names similar to those of known terrorists, and could not 
stop airlines from detaining and searching them on every flight.


"Kwadwo Kyerematin" <wbuster@hotmail.com> 
2003/05/22 Thu AM 09:27:08 EDT

[sankofalist] Fwd: Why are so many Afrikan governments Corrupt? whities

Why Are So Many African Governments
Corrupt? Ask The Corporations. By Dena Montague

Recently Halliburton Company was forced to admit it paid a $2.4
million dollar bribe to a Nigerian government official in exchange for
tax breaks. Payments were made in 2001 and 2002 by Halliburton
subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root. Halliburton has been involved with
several large-scale projects in Nigeria. In 1999 Kellogg Brown and
Root began what was then one of the largest construction projects in
Africa; a major expansion of Nigeria's liquefied natural gas plant in
Rivers State. Halliburton has been active in the Niger Delta and has
several collaborative projects with Nigeria's largest oil producer,
Shell Petroleum Development Company, including development of the first
major offshore oil and gas facility for Shell.

Shell has a sordid history in the Niger Delta. Last month the company
was ordered by Nigerian Court of Appeals to pay the Ogoni people
approximately $2 million for environmental damage. Few Nigerians
anticipate Shell will actually make payments to the Ogoni. What Shell
has made are direct payments to notoriously corrupt and violent Nigerian
security forces during the Ogoni uprising in the 1990's leading to the
execution of environmental and human rights activist Ken Saro Wiwa. The
company has also imported arms on behalf of the Nigerian police.
Recently Shell was forced to shut down operations due to political
unrest in Rivers State related to the oil industry.

Rivers State where much of Halliburton's interests are concentrated has
drawn attention not only for the political unrest in the State but also
has been cited because of widespread electoral fraud organized by
President Obasanjo's ruling PDP party. Oil companies in Nigeria see
Obasanjo as a strong ally due to his oil friendly policies. A summary
of findings by Nigerian Civil Society found that a free and fair voting
environment across Nigeria was "the exception rather than the rule." In
some areas voting malpractice was "part of a systematic plan to either
disenfranchise the voters or distort the votes."

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported:

The Justice Development and Peace Commission which deployed 30,000
observers across Nigeria "described as 'incredible' official results
showing nearly 100 percent turnout in southern Rivers State with 2.1
million of 2.2 million registered voters casting their ballot for the
ruling party on a day when observers reported a low turnout. And in the
volatile oil-rich Niger Delta, ethnic Ijaw militants questioned
electoral commission figures showing a 98 percent turnout near the oil
town of Warri. Weeks of fighting between Ijaws and people from rival
Itsekiri and a boycott organized by Ijaw militants ensured there was
practically no voting in the area. An electoral official assigned to
work in the area told UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)
that top politicians in Obasanjo's PDP had taken home electoral
materials and ballot boxes which they filled and returned."

While most Nigerians acknowledge widespread fraud in recent
Presidential and National Assembly elections, Official U.S. reaction to
the Nigerian elections has been supportive of Obasanjo and his ruling
PDP party. U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Howard Jeter claimed the
elections in Nigeria, "had sent a signal to the rest of the world that
the country was consolidating its democracy."

Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton has helped
develop projects in at least 20 African countries, including providing
military support in Somalia and Mobutu Sese Seko's Zaire as well as
assist in the development of deepwater exploratory offshore wells in
Angola and Equatorial Guinea.

At the same time the Halliburton bribery scandal broke another scandal
was revealed by The Independent involving ExxonMobil and another oil
rich African country - Equatorial Guinea. ExxonMobil is facing an
investigation into an alleged payoff of up to $500 million transferred
into a private US bank account apparently controlled by the president of
Equatorial Guinea. Ken Silverstein has written an excellent piece on
the politics of oil in Equatorial Guinea entitled "Oil and Politics in
the 'Kuwait of Africa'" describing rampant corruption and poverty in the
oil rich state while oil executives actively court the state for
favorable oil deals.

Dena Montague is a Senior Research Associate with the Arms Trade Resource
Center of World Policy Institiute and can be contacted via e-mail at:


"Oil and Politics in the 'Kuwait of Africa'"

HRW report - "The Price of Oil: Corporate Responsibility and Human
Rights Violations in Nigeria's Oil Producing Communities"

Nigeria: Civil Society on Elections

Africa News