How Fluoride Kills Human Cells 
Date: 5/12/04 5:34:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time 

How Fluoride Kills Human Cells

Researchers uncovering mechanisms behind fluoride's toxicity 
Fluoride, the "Golden Child" of dental professionals around the world,
seems to have a "dark side" that few outside a very specialized field of
the scientific community are aware of. As disturbing as it may be,
fluoride apparently has the ability to cause DNA damage and even "cell
death" in human cells. 

In a new study, researchers from the National Institute for Environmental
Studies in Japan note that 

"Even though fluoride toxicity is increasingly being considered to be
important, very little information is available on the mechanism of
action of fluoride."
You might think that most everything would be known about a chemical that
is being added to our water and prescribed for our children, but
regrettably this is not the case. 
Researchers decided to investigate the mechanism by which fluoride's is
able to kill cells by observing how it affects human leukemia cells.
Cancerous cells are often used in research on toxicity because they are
more active than normal cells. 

They found that the fluoride induced a form of cell death known as
"apoptosis" in a dose-dependent and time dependent manner. 

Now, if fluoride killing cancerous cells were the "end of the story",
this would be a great breakthrough in cancer treatment and would likely
save many lives. Unfortunately, things are not quite so simple. 

Lead researcher Dr. C.D. Anuradha, in comments to the Optimal Wellness
Center, explains that "fluoride in general is harmful to any type of
cell. We have seen that fluoride causes cell death in other non-cancerous
cells but however the mode of death has been found to be different."
Instead of causing apoptosis, in normal cells fluoride seems to kill
cells through a different mechanism, known as "necrosis". 

Cell Death - Murder or Suicide? 

Apoptosis, also known as "programmed cell death" in a process governed by
genes in which the cell dies from within upon activation by some
stimulating factor. It is a useful phenomenon, which occurs often as part
of the normal functioning of the human body, as it gets rid of unwanted
cells. The term apoptosis is derived from the Greek word that signifies
"the dropping of leaves from the trees." The falling leaves are no longer
needed, just as is the case with the unwanted cells, so they are gotten
rid of, and recycled back into the earth. 

Necrosis, on the other hand, is an externally influenced death, which
occurs through some type of local injury (as loss of blood supply,
corrosion, burning, or the local lesion of a disease). 

A useful analogy between apoptosis and necrosis might be to compare
suicide (apoptosis) to murder (necrosis). 

Is it Dangerous at Much Lower Doses? 

Now many readers may ask the intelligent question of - How does this
affect me? Are the much lower concentrations found in fluoridated water
and toothpaste a danger to my family and me? 

The answer unfortunately is that nobody knows for sure. However, Dr.
Anuradha states that, although the concentrations are quite low "&still
we expect some amount of damage even at lower concentrations, since at
higher concentrations the results are quite clear that the difference is
enormous and significant." 

She notes that the issue of therapeutic fluoridation is the subject of
much debate. Could this be the reason that Japan does not fluoridate ANY
of its water supplies? This can't be said with certainty, but after all,
doesn't it make sense to keep a potentially dangerous substance out of
the water and not FORCE the entire population to consume it? 

In the United States currently about 60% of the population drinks
fluoridated water, although if the federal government has its way, that
percentage will rise dramatically. This is especially true with states
like California MANDATING the fluoridation of the public water supplies
over a certain size. 

How it Caused Cell-Death 

Dr. Anuradha and colleagues found that fluoride caused apoptosis in the
human leukemia cells by activating an enzyme called caspase-3, which has
been identified as a key mediator of apoptosis of cells in humans and
other mammals. 

The authors note that "The results clearly suggest that fluoride causes
cell death in HL-60 (human leukemia) cells by causing the activation of
caspase-3 which in turn cleaves PARP leading to DNA damage and ultimately
cell death." 

What Type of Fluoride? 

Except for readers with strong scientific backgrounds, most people don't
realize that there is really no such thing as plain "fluoride". When it
said that "fluoride" is added to the water, in reality it is a
fluoride-compound such as sodium fluoride (NaF), which is the form used
in these toxicity experiments. 

While this may be the most well known and well-studied of all the
fluoride compounds, it is actually very rarely used for water
fluoridation. In over 90% of the fluoridated water in the US, the
chemicals used are one of the silicofluorides (either fluosilicic acid or
sodium silicofluoride). 

However, these chemicals have been shown to act much differently from the
much simpler sodium fluoride. In one study, it was shown that these
chemicals enhance the cellular uptake of lead

Being that there is evidence that silicofluorides may be even more toxic
than NaF, it is quite possible that the DNA damage and cell-killing
ability might be even greater in the type of fluoride used in the water

What Can I Do About it? 

Whether you believe that water fluoridation is a vast conspiracy or
simply that it is a possibility that fluoride is a dangerous substance
that you would just rather avoid, the question remains the same - what to
do about it? 

The best advice would be to go to our Fluoride Links Page and get

SEE LINKS BELOW............


Upcoming Conference: 

For those of you interested in the water fluoridation issue, there is a
scheduled debate, which will take place at an upcoming conference
sponsored by The Association for Science in the Public Interest, June
1-3, 2001, in Richmond, Virginia. 

Paul Connett, PhD, (Fluoride Action Network) and J. William Hirzy, PhD,
are scheduled to represent the anti-fluoride camp in the debate, although
it seems as though the conference sponsor is having trouble finding
anyone willing to debate them. Pretty amazing considering that the
American Dental Association is one of fluoridation's biggest champions.
You would think they could at least send someone to defend their


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Min. Farrakhan Implicates Israel in Iraq War, Photos Prove It

By Alan Muhammad

The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan?s May 3rd warning to the government 
of the United States and to its citizens presaged by mere minutes a 
torrent of controversy around America?s latest war crimes in Iraq. For 
just as our beloved minister delivered his ?GUIDANCE IN A TIME OF 
TROUBLE TO AMERICA AND THE WORLD,? the first of over a thousand 
photographs documenting American torture of Iraqi citizens began 
exploding onto the news. These photographs were so horrendous that 
President George W. Bush--who presided for years over the legendary 
Texas state murder machine--had to concede, ?I share a deep disgust 
that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated.?

But as the politicians line up to proclaim their ?outrage? and even 
?apologies? for the Satanic acts of the American military, several 
troubling realities are being craftily avoided by the U.S. officials 
and mainstream media. When dragged before Congress to account for 
?extremely graphic photographic evidence? of abuse in ?pictures and 
videos,? Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made a startling 
admission that exposed the unknown inner operations of the U.S. 
military. The wily and evasive Rumsfeld admitted under oath that the 
interrogation of Iraqis had been farmed out to private ?civilian 
contractors? and was not being performed by American Army personnel.

The next question, of course, should have been, ?Who were these 
contractors and who hired them?? But, to the great surprise of even the 
mildly interested, nobody--neither the politicians nor the press--even 
asked! This was suspicious in itself, mostly because the naming of the 
corporate culprits would have afforded Rumsfeld and the Bush 
administration an easy and convenient scapegoat. But even Bush?s 
embattled warmonger in the center of the crucible resisted this 
irresistible alibi, and the military is apparently poised to accept 
full blame.

Who was Rumsfeld, Bush, the Army, and the media hiding and why wasn?t 
Congress the least bit interested in probing this obvious opening? For 
anyone who viewed the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan?s press conference, the 
answer was at hand:

If America is to survive, she must not use the might of America to 
fight the battles of Israel and allow herself to be used to destroy the 
real or perceived enemies of Israel?.Forty-four years ago, the 
Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me, ?Brother Farrakhan, you cannot 
fathom the depth of Satan.?

In more than one way, Israel was at the center of this sordid mystery. 
But one must sort through the available evidence to make the 
connections that the powerful officials in government and the press are 
frightened to acknowledge.

Over the last several weeks, many references have been made in the 
media to a damning report issued by Major Gen. Antonio M. Taguba on the 
abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Taguba directly fingered two civilian 
contractors named Steven Stephanowicz and John Israel, who, he wrote, 
were ?either directly or indirectly responsible for the abuses.? These 
two plainly Jewish names place the heretofore ?absent? Jews at the 
center of the Iraq war.

But who were they working for and why were they apparently ordering 
U.S. forces to participate in these spine-chilling war crimes? Two 
American-based companies--CACI of Chantilly, Virginia, which was 
awarded a $10,118,040 contract for 24 ?specialists? to work in Baghdad, 
and Titan Corp., a high-tech military company based in San Diego--are 
named in the Taguba report as being directly connected to these two 
men. CACI has strong links to Israel. Its CEO, J.P. ?Jack? London, was 
awarded the Albert Einstein Technology Award by the Jerusalem Fund of 
Aish HaTorah, which was presented by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul 
Mofaz last January. The director of Titan with the largest stake in the 
company is Edward H. Bersoff, who received the Distinguished Leadership 
Award by the Washington Chapter of the American Jewish Committee in 
1999. Bersoff has been an honored speaker at the Jewish Federation of 
Greater Washington, along with the likes of former Israeli prime 
minister Binjamin Netanyahu.

From here, the satanic torture plot only thickens. Jewish investigative 
journalist Seymour Hersh stated in New Yorker magazine of December 15, 
2003, that

Israeli commandos and intelligence units have been working closely with 
their American counterparts?to help them prepare for operations in 
Iraq. Israeli commandos are expected to serve as ad-hoc 
advisers--again, in secret--when full-field operations begin.

It also appears that these two Israel-linked firms and their Jewish 
employees may have been contracted to apply the same Israeli 
interrogation/torture methods on the Iraqi prisoners as had been used 
on the Palestinians for many years. There is a reason why apparently 
sane Palestinians strap bombs to their bodies and detonate themselves 
next to as many Euro-Israelis as they can find. Israel has routinely 
and for decades used physical and psychological torture to extract 
confessions from Arab and Palestinian prisoners. Organizations such as 
Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, the Swiss Human 
Rights League, the American National Lawyers Guild and the 
International Association of Democratic Lawyers are among those human 
rights groups that have reached this conclusion. Torture is clearly 
prohibited under customary law as codified in numerous international 
documents, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 
Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, and the Geneva Conventions. In 
1951, even the Israeli Knesset declared that the laws now in force in 
the occupied territories ?are incompatible with the principals of a 
democratic state.?

For years the torture of the kind now being witnessed at Abu Ghraib has 
been dispensed at at least six detention facilities and administered by 
all of Israel?s security services. The purpose of this policy is 
primarily to persuade the Arabs to behave passively and accept the 
conditions imposed on them by the white Israelis. The photographs were 
likely an integral part of the process of shaming the Arabs into 
permanent psychological ruin.

Israel?s torture centers are in Nablus, Ramallah, and Hebron on the 
West Bank, at Gaza in the south and at a prison camp known as the 
?Russian Compound? in Jerusalem. Other evidence suggests that another 
center is located at a military supply base, probably at Sarafand near 
Lod Airport on the Jerusalem?Tel Aviv road. All of Israel?s security 
forces have been implicated, including M15 and Special Branch or Shin 
Beth, which are under the authority of the Prime Minister, Military 
Intelligence, the Border Police and Latam, the Special Missions force.

Numerous witnesses have testified that the tortures by Israel are 
widespread and brutal--just as the Taguba report alleges. Supporting 
these contentions are detailed medical evidence and testimony from 
doctors that have treated the victims. Israel?s foremost civil rights 
attorney, Felicia Langer, has said former prime minister the late 
Itzhak Rabin had given the order to break bones.

Torture-induced signed confessions are most often used to convict 
prisoners. The confessions, however, are commonly written in Hebrew by 
the interrogator and not in the Arabs? native tongue. All ?confessions? 
are signed long before the victim has any access to an attorney. The 
Palestinian has no judicial or political recourse within Israeli 
society. According to documents, Israel--the Synagogue of Satan--has 
regularly and routinely administered the following tortures to its Arab 
subjects, many of which we are seeing in photographs from Abu Ghraib:

?Beatings to the soles of feet
?Hanging by the wrists for extended periods of time
?Lying face down while one man stands on legs while another pulls the 
arms back
?Wooden stick twisted through handcuffs cutting the supply of blood to 
the hands
?Forced to wear black canvas hood or blindfolded for extended periods, 
up to seven days; hood soaked in human excrement
?Attached electrodes to body with plaster to administer continuous 
electric shocks
?Forced to sleep on urine-drenched floors
?Kicks directly to the face; constant facial beatings
?Forced to lick blood from boots of torturer
?Hair pulled out of the head by swinging victim; then forced to eat it
?Forced to drink salty water
?Forced bottles into rectum
?Head banged against wall
?Victim jammed into barrel of freezing water
?Beating, squeezing, pulling and twisting of genitals with metal tools
?Chemical gasses applied in enclosed cell
?Glass inserted into nostrils
?Forced to hold heavy objects such as chairs outstretched in arms for 
hours at a time
?Attacked by dogs while blindfolded
?Confined in small cells with spiked floor
?Forced to crawl on sharp stones while being beaten
?Female family members are stripped and beaten in front of male 
prisoner. Wooden sticks are forced into the vagina and rectum drawing 
blood while the father, brother or husband is forced to watch.
?Ballpoint pen refill inserted into penis
?Cigarette applied to various parts of the body

Israel, of course, denies that any of this occurs, even in the face of 
overwhelming evidence. The official term currently used by Israel is 
?moderate physical persuasion.? They have ignored all requests for 
inquiries into these allegations and America has never pressed for 
answers. And now it appears that the U. S. government has hired 
Israel?s satanic services. Any charges that are brought against the 
Israeli security forces are done so in secret ?for security reasons? 
and the results are rarely made public. Such complaints are routinely 
dismissed without the presentation of pertinent evidence or witnesses. 
It has been estimated that up to 90% of Arab detainees are beaten or 
tortured. Israeli security forces trained and supplied the white South 
African Apartheid police force, and it is now reported that they will 
be employed in Boston for the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

This is what Bush and Congress are hiding. Despite General Taguba?s 
report, completed in late February 2004 and implicating them directly, 
CACI and Titan?two of the apparent fronts for Israeli involvement in 
the Iraq war--have not been formally charged with any crime.


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June, 1967,? pamphlet by Abdee Jabara, Attorney at Law, Association of 
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Dr. Edward H. Bersoff, 

?CACI Chairman, President, and CEO Dr. J.P. (Jack) London Receives 
Albert Einstein Technology Award