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Airing November 11th, BROKEN HEARTLAND: The Demise of the Family Farm 
Features Exclusive Interview With "Farm Aid" Founder Willie Nelson

(San Francisco, November 4, 2003) - The family farm in America has become an endangered species. Family farms continue to foreclose at the alarming rate of 350 per week,
totaling a staggering 23 million in the past twenty years. The face of the American heartland is clearly changing. Corporate buyers are able to set commodity prices below the
cost of production, driving many farmers into foreclosure and bankruptcy. Depression and suicide rates among farmers have grown dramatically, with suicide rates now five times
the national average. What long-term impact does this trend have for Americans? Who is now controlling the American food chain, and how does this affect the food on our
tables? Why do tens of millions of dollars in US government subsidies go to only ten percent of American farmers, while the remaining 90 percent are left to fend for themselves? 
Is this new agricultural model sustainable? All of these questions will be the subject of an important TV special.

On November 11th at 7PM ET Link TV's The Active Opposition presents:

BROKEN HEARTLAND: The Demise of the Family Farm, a call-in talk show featuring a panel of farmers, activists and agricultural experts. The Active Opposition host Peter
Coyote will begin the program with an exclusive interview with country music icon and "Farm Aid" founder Willie Nelson, who underscores the unfolding national farm crisis: 

"When five family farmers go under, one business in that community goes under?it's like the domino effect. You lose all the farmers, and then the schools and the hospitals, all the
businesses in that town. Everybody folds up. You got a ghost town; everybody moves out and goes on to the next big town..." 

Unfortunately, this is not just a national story. Similar rates of suicide are reported among farmers in England, India, Australia and elsewhere. In the recent WTO meetings in
Cancun, a Korean farmer stabbed himself to death to dramatically make the point that small farmers around the world have become hopeless victims to international trade

BROKEN HEARTLAND: The Demise of the Family Farm will examine current USDA policies, the politics and shaping of farm legislation, and some of the social and
environmental consequences of large-scale factory farming. Program guests will identify the complexity of national and international agricultural problems, and offer a provocative
range of solutions. This panel of experts will be drawn from the ranks of farmers, environmental activists, agribusiness industry spokespersons, leading journalists and suicide
hotline counselors.

Hosted by internationally renowned actor Peter Coyote, Link TV's The Active Opposition is a critically acclaimed monthly series that features interviews with celebrities, public
figures, politicians, journalists and other guests who have are actively involved in important national and international issues. The Active Opposition is available in over 21 million
US households, and can be viewed in streaming video on www.linktv.org.

This call-in series airs on Link TV, a national non-commercial network offering a global perspective on news and world events. Previous shows have covered a broad range of
critical national and international issues, including media consolidation, war with Iraq, the new nuclear reality, and more.

Mr. Coyote, who has shown a long-standing commitment to social activism, notes that: "Conversations on this show will move into depths not available to broadcasters selling
commercial time in seconds. We will continue to trust the native intelligence of our Link TV viewers, and allow you to decide for yourselves which points of view expressed on this
show are most relevant to help you become fully engaged in the democratic process." 

Featured guests include:

ANURHADA MITTAL - Co-director of Food First 
GARY GRANT - North Carolina farmer and President of Black Farmers & Agriculturalists Association (BFAA).
MARK RITCHIE - President, The Insititute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
MONA LEE BROCK - Suicide hotline counselor
FRED KIRSCHENMANN - Iowa Farmer. President of Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
Rhonda Perry - Missouri Farmer and Activist. 

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