October 18, 2002

The (Biological) Sky is Now Falling for People of Color

By: Boyd E. Graves, J.D.


Because of the parallelisms of ‘chicken little’, I know people are 
uncomfortable and distrusting of bearers of truth. In a general sense, I would 
not have endeavored to pursue the origin of HIV/AIDS, other than my positive 
test, now some ten years ago. 

The HIV/AIDS enzyme was designed under a secret U.S. program, called the “
Special Virus”. According to Dr. Len Horowitz; ‘in the dictum of shadow 
governments’, special means secret or CIA-related. The science evidence clearly 
shows the United States has secretly spent one hundred years seeking 
(biologically recombined) “contagious” cancers that “selectively” kills. The 
science evidence concludes the United States had what they believed a “
transmissible agent” akin to African Americans in 1902. 

According to page 2 of the first available progress report of the secret 
program, it confirms the United States was seeking to make a candidate “
leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The first contract of the program seeks to develop a 
candidate “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The program’s blueprint depicts the “
convergence” of two viral agents in accordance with the sixty page narrative 

As you look at the flowchart of the program, you notice a couple of things 
immediately. First on your far left you see the document does say “research 
logic” and second, towards the top side ride you see, “Immunological Control”. 
It is these specific experiments that will show us the controls and inhibitors 
of HIV/AIDS as they knew them then. It is our belief that review of the program 
beginning with the listed antidote experiments and contracts should be our 
highest priority, eight point two days a week.

To those who say: this issue is not important because only the scourge Negro 
and other kinds of people like them are the only ones who are purposefully 
being killed, and in a way, that is kind of o.k. We respond the science reveals 
that there is a high probability that aerosol and mosquito vectors will convey 
a “mystery illness” similar to a mix of HIV and influenza. Additionally, and 
perhaps the most important discovery of this process has been the blood-marker 
receptor site in the blood of the Black population. Thus they have studied for 
one hundred years and then some, to make something that will connect to this 
site, enter the Black genome, pathogenically dismantle Black immnity and 
eliminate all with the receptor site. The science concludes many, many diseases 
are products of “human assisted” recombinant genetics and several target the 
CCR5 Delta 32 Positive receptor site.

It is no wonder Dr. Alan S. Rabson, the Deputy Director for Cancer for the 
United States, destroyed all files, records, emails, flowcharts, etc., of our 
prior communications. Dr. Rabson stopped assisting the people’s inquiries for 
two reasons. First, in attempting to bluff, Dr. Rabson offered a Zinder Report, 
which concluded the “Special (AIDS) Virus” program ended in 1977, produced 
nothing and was a complete failure. Dr. Horowitz miss-references the report in 
his book. The people provided Dr. Rabson the 1978 progress report of the 
program. Dr. Rabson was also given the conclusion of veteran AIDS researcher, 
Alan R. Cantwell, M.D., that the program had made 60,000 liters of stuff 
identical to HIV. Dr. Rabson had to thwart our efforts for a far greater 
reason, we had located his name in the progress reports of the development of 
HIV/AIDS. Sure as heck, a cursory review of Dr. Horowitz’s book list page 12 of 
the 1971 report and Dr. Rabson was a member of the “Development Committee”. 
Remember, the first experiment contract for the program deals with a “
leukemia/lymphoma” virus as is called for in the program’s narrative. According 
to Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Luc Montagnier, writing jointly in 1984, before HIV 
became a word, the original name of HIV is “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The sky 
is falling for people of color because we have allowed our basic intellectual 
sense of reason to become distorted in the quest for acceptance. We have become 
dependent on narcissistic gratification, through sports, music, movies and 
religion, that it is ‘automatic’ to pay no attention if it ain’t at your 

On March 16, 1970, President Richard Nixon said there will be explosive 
events in the last third of the 20th Century regarding population 
stabilization. It is the White population that is being stabilized, our is 
being eliminated.

Suddenly, there was epidemic death in Africa and Manhattan. Epidemics created 
by “vaccine-complement” injection pursuant to the “clinical trials” phase of 
the “research logic” flowchart of the Special (AIDS) Virus program of the 
United States of America (1948 – 1978). “Chicken Little, I feel you….”.

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Farrakhan to American public: Wake up! 
Nation of Islam leader says war on Iraq will spark global conflict

* FinalCall.com Exclusive Audio/Video Webcast

NEW YORK (finalcall.com)?If the American public were awakened, then they
would rise up and take their government back from a small clique of
individuals and interest groups that are leading America into an unjust war,
the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan declared Oct. 16 before a packed house
at Salem Baptist church in Harlem.

This ?clique? wants war with Iraq to remove President Saddam Hussein, but
such a war could spark the dreaded War of Armageddon, which would consume the
whole world, he said.

?No one in their right mind wants to be opposed to the President of the
United States of America,? the outspoken leader of the Nation of Islam said.
But if the peacemakers are blessed, then cursed are the warmongers, he added.

?Every president from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush has had a problem with
the Muslim world,? he continued. ?The cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy is
Israel, and since September 11, the President?s war on terror has served the
purpose of (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon.?

Min. Farrakhan said God has guided him to know what?s in the mind of
President Bush. The hypocrisy of a U.S. attack on Iraq is that America made
Saddam Hussein powerful and strong, he said, referring to the weapons given
to Iraq during its 1980s war with Iran.

The Minister also predicted that Mr. Bush would be into his war within the
next three months.

Speaking on the occasion of the Holy Day of Atonement, in celebration of the
seventh anniversary of the historic Million Man March, Min. Farrakhan said
the impact of that day affected the whole world.

?The people of the world saw us as their hope,? he said of the nearly two
million men who gathered for the 1995 event at the foot of the Capitol
Building. ?Unless you travel, you don?t realize the horrible effect of
America?s foreign policy on the Third World nations. What they saw was hope
that America could be changed from within.?

October is also the 40th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost
sparked a nuclear conflagration with America?s neighbor. At that time, Min.
Farrakhan said, U.S. generals wanted to create an incident that would rile
the American public into supporting an attack on Cuba.

?If President Kennedy had listened to his generals, many American cities
would have been nuked,? he said. Forty years later, generals are telling
President Bush ?don?t do this,? he said regarding the war on Iraq.

President Bush has used Saddam Hussein?s alleged use of chemical weapons on ?
his own people? to legitimize a war, Min. Farrakhan said. Highlighting the
double standard of the Bush logic, Min. Farrakhan then read from an
Associated Press report that sited past open-air chemical weapons tests on
American military personnel in at least four states by the U.S. government.

Min. Farrakhan also said Secretary of State Colin Powell should resign from
his post rather than compromise his views as ?the only sane voice? in the

The consequence of a war on Iraq would be an international arms race ?because
no nation will feel safe. All nations would be afraid of the United States of
America,? he said.

America has promised to share in the oil with China, France and Russia, all
permanent members of the UN Security Council, if they would support a
resolution authorizing war on Iraq, Min. Farrakhan said. Mr. Bush plans to
set up a U.S. military government in Iraq once Mr. Hussein is overthrown, he

?But I warn you, China. I warn you, France and Russia ? that when (Bush) has
it (oil), I guarantee you he will not give it to you? because he fears a
strong Russian and China, he said.

In closing remarks, Min. Farrakhan said Zimbabwe would be the next test case
for American imperialism because of the land reform measures of President
Robert Mugabe that confiscates some White-owned land and resettles it with
landless Blacks.

He also noted that Homeland Security authorities would target highly visible
anti-war voices such as his own as the war fever escalates.

?When I saw the vote in the Congress (approving war on Iraq), I said this
Congress is going to bring the Wrath of God down. I?m pleading to the
American people. Wake up! Your country has already been taken from you.

American people you have to stand up now so that the chastisement of God will
not overtake you when America does what it plans to do.

?Let us take it back and let it be a government of the people, for the people
and by the people,? he said.

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Min. Farrakhan Meets The Black Press
>By Herb Boyd
>TBWT National Editor
>Article Dated 10/18/2002
>New York--Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam had a few things on 
>his mind and he shared them with the Black press last Tuesday afternoon at 
>the State Office Building in Harlem. After extensive remarks on his 
>opposition to the Bush administration and its "rush to war" plans, the 
>minister touched on a variety issues, particularly during the question and 
>answer session.
>Of the current controversy about the movie "Barbershop," Farrakhan said he 
>finally went to see it at the urging of Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is ridiculed 
>in the film. "I didn't find anything funny,"he said. "The movie divides us 
>along the lines of elders and our youth."
>While Farrakhan praised Cedric the Entertainer and Ice Cube, noting that they 
>were "conscious brothers," the minister took exception to their 
>characterization and disparaging remarks about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 
>and Rosa Parks. "We have to honor and recognize the struggle that Rosa Parks 
>and Dr. King gave us," he continued. "I was never a civil rights activist; I 
>was a nationalist, but I admired Martin Luther King, Jr. Whether we agree or 
>not, we have to acknowledge their struggle."
>And as he had done in his opening remarks, Farrakhan once more stated his 
>unequivocal support for the Rev. Al Sharpton. "I can never condemn Rev. 
>Sharpton, even if something he did was true," he asserted. "We have to let 
>people grow. Folks are a work in progress. Isn't there any redemption for us 
>when we make a mistake?"
>When the publisher of the Amsterdam News, Elinor Tatum, asked Farrakhan how to 
>get the 20- and 30-something African Americans back in the struggle, he said 
>the youth are being totally separated from the people. "There are some who 
>are so enamored with the system that they poison the minds of our youth, 
>making them believe there is hope in the system," he answered. He then 
>lamented the fazing out of positive rap music, noting how such groups as 
>Public Enemy and Big Daddy Kane were supplanted by gangster rap. "It pushed 
>thought-provoking rap down," he added.
>Is the Nation of Islam enduring attacks that aim to destroy it? another 
>reporter inquired. Farrakhan said the NOI was under attack. "We are suffering 
>internally," he remarked. "Yes, we are being weakened by our enemies, but all 
>groups suffer with internal problems." Because of a blunder at the Final 
>Call, the organization's paper, the funds for it have been frozen. Moreover, 
>the organization is fighting several lawsuits, one of which was brought by a 
>woman in Boston who charged that she was prohibited from entering an 
>all-men's meeting.
>During his comments on the injustice of the Central Park jogger case, 
>Farrakhan called for a more united Black press to provide coverage of 
>national issues and to challenge the distortions of the mainstream media. 
>"The Central Park case should not just be in the Amsterdam News and the Daily 
>Challenge," he suggested. "It should be in the Chicago Defender, the Atlanta 
>World and other Black newspapers."
>He said we needed a national treasury among Black news agencies that would 
>cover international, national and local stories. Farrakhan said he had tried 
>on several occasions to visit Abdul Rahman, who was convicted as the 
>mastermind of the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and 
>Noriega, the former president of Panama, now imprisoned in Florida. "But I've 
>been blocked each time," he said.
>"We must not forget Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)" he said toward the 
>close of the meeting. "We can't just let him go like that." Al Amin is 
>incarcerated in Atlanta awaiting appeals in his conviction in the death of a 
>Veteran journalist Gerald Fraser, whom Farrakhan graciously acknowledged, 
>photographers Karl Crutchfield, Ali Rahman, Kwame Brathwaite, Ali Muhammad, 
>writers Lamont Muhammad, Peter Noel, Saeed Muhammad, Elombe Brath, and Nayaba 
>Arinde of the Daily Challenge were among the members of the Black press 
>invited to the exclusive meeting. 

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