Press Release

"Farrakhan and Mayors Honor N.O.I. Pioneer"

March 7, 2001

by Dr. Ridgely A. Muímin Muhammad


Here at Muhammad Farms in Bronwood, Ga we have a treasure in one of our great pioneers and farmers, Bro. William Muhammad. Bro. William was born in Mississippi on March 14, 1901. This coming March he will be 100 years old. He acts as "father" to over 90 children and is the natural father of 50. His youngest is 20 years old. He attributes his long and productive life to hard work, the farm, and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Recently he was a guest of honor along with 23 other Pioneers at a special dinner at the National Palace hosted by none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan (see pictures). Bro. William was honored in two cities in Terrell County by having March 14, 2001 proclaimed "Willam Muhammad Day". Mayor Robert Gardner and Mayor Robert Albritten signed the documents on Tuesday, March 6th (see pictures).

Bro. William was one of the first two pioneers sent down here to Georgia to run the Nationís farm in 1966. According to Bro. William: "There wasnít nobody down here growing vegetables. They called this a dead area. We did more with this land, this old battlefield land, with vegetables than anybody in Georgia. It wouldnít produce nothing here but corn and wheat, barley. When we got started back with the vegetables the people knew that we were producing vegetables with none of those chemicals in it."

He has been a part of the Nation of Islam for 46 years and lived to see the Nation lose that farm in the late 1970ís and get a part of it back in 1994. During the time that the Nation had lost the farm, Bro. William chose to stay in Georgia and farm on his own. He like other black farmers had little success at getting loans from the local Farmers Home Administration due to discrimination. He has also filed a claim in the class action lawsuit against the USDA. However, he like many other black farmers have not received any compensation, but are still fighting against an unending stream of red tape between them and justice.

On Saturday, March 17, 2001 Muhammad Farms is planning a "Pioneer Awards Celebration" to be held at the Robert Albritten Neighborhood Service Center in Dawson, Ga at 6:00 P.M. For information call (229)995-6619. We expect an overflow crowd so please put in your reservations early.

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