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An initiative of the Millions More Movement


Right Four Life is a weekly radio show devoted to helping people acquire and maintain good health. Itís a health initiative of the Millions More Movement that will deal with all aspects of wellness from what to eat, how to eat, how to exercise, how to recognize good food to eat, how to listen to your body as well as understanding the spiritual requirements for good health. The Right Four Life idea was conceived by Sisters Wanda Muhammad (Atlanta) and Dawn Muhammad

(Newark). Their idea was expanded upon and is now coming to a National audience as a radio broadcast. Be there. You definitely donít want to miss it!!!!!


Almighty God gives us a wonderful body to live life with, life so we can be productive. Thatís HIS gift to us. What we do with it, how we preserve it, how we take care of it is our gift back to HIM. What kind of gift are we giving back to THE

GOD in terms of our health? Gerald Levert, Ed Bradley, Luther Vandross, all geniuses in their own right BUT challenged by health issues. Young men dying early, not knowing how to eat to live. This is why RIGHT FOUR LIFE is so needed.


Our team of health, exercise and spiritual experts includes, but is not limited to, Dr. Alim Muhammad, Dr. Ridgely Muhammad, Dr. Consuelo Rahman, Sis. Callie Muhammad, Sis. Audrey Muhammad, Sis. Beverly Muhammad, and Min. Ava Muhammad to name just a few. Our list of experts and panelists is expanding at an exponential rate daily. Thereís no telling who will be on the broadcast.


The first Right Four Life broadcast is Saturday,

November 25 at 9:00P.M. Eastern time.


To tune in you must call, thatís right, you must call a phone number. The

phone number is: 712-432-8700. Pin: 483-0091#.

Weíll meet you every SATURDAY for the next 10 weeks starting Nov. 25, 2006 at 9:00 PM, GOD WILLING!!!!!


Bro. Ademah

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