High Tech Geopolitical Whipping administered by Min. Farrakhan

What are the real reasons for this so called "war on terrorism"? In a 2.5 hour stream of wisdom pouring into 20,000 eager vessels, Min. Louis Farrakhan gave a high tech geopolitical answer to this question at the Western Forum in L.A. on February 17th. At the heart of that answer was America’s insatiable desire for oil. He revealed that "America is an oil junky" willing to lie, steal and even kill to get that fix.

Min. Farrakhan used computer graphics displayed on two large screens to deliver to Black people what they had been too lazy or too scared to discover for themselves. Many Black people had no idea about the great oil deposits north of Afghanistan. Many Black people never questioned what was beneath the soil in Libya, Sudan, Iran and Iraq. Most Black people whose parents owned land in the South never thought to get a geological survey of that property before they sold it for pennies.

Yet young Black men and women will be going to fight a war to secure resources that they will never benefit from at home. It seems that Black people would prefer to shed their blood for a dream than work their own land for a future.

How can a people be so twisted that they would be afraid to unite and do for self, yet willing to die on a battle field for those same people that put that fear in them? Since I have worked the land at Muhammad Farms, I have come to know that there is nothing in nature that is as stupid as the "so-called American Negro". These are my words and not Min. Farrakhan’s. Instead he still gushes forth his mercy for his people like a mother would towards her wayward child.

So those who desire such mercy please click on Min. Farrakhan’s 2002 Saviours’ Day Address.

Peace, Doc

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