The Lone Rangers and "Tomtoe"

They say, "You canít teach an old dog new tricks," but I must add that you can trick the same dog with the same trick, over and over again; case in point, the continuing scam going on in the name of BFAA but calling itself "BFAA, Inc." The real BFAA leadership warned the farmers that the government would work to destroy their unity and organization by offering crumbs to a few. The proverbial 30 pieces of silver were offered and one sucker ("Tomtoe") took the bait and split the organization.

The original BFAA established August 1997 to help Black farmers save their land from USDA foreclosures, even get back 2 million acres seized by the USDA, and to seek financial compensation for farmers discriminated against by USDA officials. Now the new "BFAA, Inc." is concentrating on new victims who are looking for something for nothing like their ancestors who were tricked on the first slave ships coming to America. Oh, did I not tell you about John Hawkins, the slave trader who made an interpretation that we would get more gold for our labor than what we were getting in our own country? We left the Gold Coast of Africa searching for that pot of gold behind the rainbow and got chains of iron instead.

But being the "old dogs" that we have grown to be, we canít get enough of being made the fools. The white lawyers (Lone Rangers) pulled the first scam by getting the court to accept a settlement with loopholes in it for the government but "noose-holes" for the very farmers who were suing. This first scam also left a loophole for non-farmers to get in and get a few dollars, while denying legitimate farmers their just settlement. These legitimate farmers include the first 3,000 Black farmers whose land was is jeopardy of foreclosure and is even more vulnerable today. Some of the farmers saw the trick but the Lone Rangers quickly recruited some of our well-known civil rights talking heads who convinced the farmers to "trust these good white people who were trying to help us."

Included in the list of "Lone Rangers" are Black farmersí lawyers headed by Al Pires, the Justice Department lawyers who defended the USDA, the Federal Judge (Friedman) who oversaw this fiasco, the adjudicators and arbitrators who got paid and played with the lives of the Black farmers, rendering laughable excuses for denying them justice and the monitor who got paid big money just to watch.

Now Tomtoe done stole the name of the original BFAA and calls itself BFAA, Inc. Tomtoe is now riding around the country getting more victims to sign on to the closed Pigford v. Glickman Lawsuit as a form of "Reparations" than signed on originally as legal claimants. The offer of $50,000 to non-farmers may be nice, but what about the original Black farmers who have lost and are losing their land now? Come on Tomtoe have a heart. Put down your (snake oil show) "creep-pipe" and smoke screen and let the farmers breathe. The original BFAA almost had the Lone Rangers corralled but you, Tomtoe, bailed them out by splitting the unity so that the enemy could get away. But "Tomtoe" remember that the "Lone Rangers" ainít your friend either. They like to turn on their friends in the end.

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For Black Farmers and in Peace, 

Gary R. Grant, BFAA President and Dr. Ridgely A. Mu'min, V.P. of BFAA