Nadine Bloch

March 9, 2001

"TRADE SECRETS": March 26, 2001 

ON March 26 there will be a showing of a new Bill Moyer's Groundbreaking
Report on the Chemical Industry on PBS channels nationally:: TRADE SECRETS.

COMING CLEAN is a network of groups organizing around this event: it is a
great opportunity to look at Corporate irresponsibility and disregard for
the health of our environment and US! 

**For activists working on corporate globalization issues, this report is
a critical link to environmental organizing and specific assaults by
corporations on our health and safety.
**For the general public, we can use this to mobilize people around issues
of health that connect to corporate operations;it is an easy first step to
invite people to watch a TV show! (easier than travelling to Qattar for
next WTO meeting!)

Coming Clean ( and me) is asking you to:
1. Organize people to watch TRADE SECRETS on MODAY MARCH 26th. ( time
varies, see
--organize a viewing party in your own home, or get your
group to have a public showing
(serve some GMO pesticide -free popcorn or drinks!!!)
(there is a small amount of funding available if your group needs help
renting a space. contact me for info.)
2. GEt the word OUT...pass a message to all your contacts.
3. let them know what you are doing:
Bryony Schwan
Ann long
and me too:
Nadine Bloch
4. Request information packets from them if you'd like...(visit web site)

Do call or email me with questions, and I hope you can help get the word
out about this show!! Check out the Web site for information on Public
Viewing Events already organized near you...
Nadine Bloch

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