Works of Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu'min Muhammad

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*New Book released in 2010: "The Science and Business of Farming vs. the Art and Hobby of Gardening" , $25.00 

Title Format Date Price
Image of the Beast: The Layout of Washington, D.C. Book 1999 $15.00
No Farms, No Food: A Manual for Black Survival Book 2001 $15.00
Amen: The Secret Waters of The Great Pyramid Book 1988 $10.00
Muhammad Farms Kitchen Recipes Book 2004/05 $5.00
I will not Apologize: The Resurrection of the Master Architect Book 2003 $20.00
Commonomics: Developing a Post Yakub Economy Book 2009 $20.00

The Science and Business of Farming vs. the Art and Hobby of Gardening

Corral within a Corral







The Clear Evidence Video 1998 $15.00
Energy Grids From Kemit to America Video 1998 $15.00
Evaluating Min. Farrakhan as a General DVD 2002 $15.00
From The Pyramids to the Million Man March Video 1995 $15.00
Education and Economic Development Video/DVD 2005 $15.00
Growing Food: Do For Self DVD 2007 $15.00
* Why Muslims have always loved JESUS Video/DVD 2004 $15.00
What is Black?       Video/DVD    2005  $15.00
Eat to live: How and Why  Video/DVD   2005 $15.00
Why We Should Eat to Live  Video/DVD   2005     $15.00
The Hand of God: Hurricanes and Mighty Snow Video/DVD 2004 $15.00
Katrina and Black Land Video/DVD   2006  $15.00
Economic Development for the New World Video/DVD 2005 $15.00
Will a Stimulus Package Work? DVD 2009 $15.00
Terminator Genes (11 Poems with music) CD 2003 $5.00
Eating to Live in a Culture of Death Video/DVD   2006   $15.00
Eating Our Way to Health and Independence Video/DVD   2006   $15.00
"Snake in Reparation's Grass" (no longer available)


Please help.  I study a lot. I think that a lot of what I have been blessed to learn and discover may help others to understand the seriousness of the implications of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad being right and exact in terms of what he taught.

I am a scientist searching for truth and evidence of that truth.  Sometimes scientists don't make the best teachers, and  I am not one of the most patient of teachers (smile), so I do not like to repeat lessons once given.  After I discover one thing, I like to go back to studying to learn more.

I have written these books, presented these lectures and documentaries out of my desire to fulfill my duty to my fellow man.  I am also a farmer which requires me to work very hard everyday and be isolated from the masses of people who could benefit from my findings.  The donations from these books and tapes will enable me to continue farming and teaching.

Help me by ordering these books and tapes and by donating to the Three Year Economic Savings Program.  Help yourself by stepping up the pace of your studies. You may call me at (229)995-6619.

Peace, Doc

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