Image of the Beast: The Layout of Washington, D.C. (1999)

(8 1/2 by 11 manual form) 102 pages, 57 exhibits, table of contents.

Washington, DC is a special territory that is not controlled by the American people. American and European Masons designed it and continue to control its development of streets and placement of buildings based on an underlying scheme. This scheme became apparent to me when I studied maps of the District and read books about its early development.

The book moves from the theoretical to the practical implications of such schemes as they relate to Black people in America. In 1995 the author in preparation for the historic Million Man March would study maps of DC for hours. One night the author saw the "eyes of an animal" staring back at him from the map. The Mall area of the USA’s capital city is laid out in the "Image of the Beast" and over two million Black men stood in its belly on October 16, 2001.

The book also deals with the implications of genetically modifying our food supply while at the same time running Black people off of the land. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 57 exhibits, maps and diagrams should prove quite valuable in tracking down a "beast" of the two legged kind.

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No Farms, No Food: A Manual for Black Survival. (2001) 92 page 8 1/2 by 11 inch manual.

This manual starts out by explaining how the Black farmers lost their land and what we must do to survive until we get that land back. Instructions include:

1. What we can do to get our farm lands back

2. How to set up a garden

3. How to can, freeze and dry your produce

4. Where to find Black farmers

5. How to find community canneries

6. How to set up food coops

7. How to prepare and behave in emergencies

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Amen: The Secret Waters of The Great Pyramid. (1988) 200 pages, 29 illustrations, 2 appendices, bibliography and index.

The pyramids were not tombs and the "pharaohs" were not "fat cats". They were black and very concerned about the lives of their people and not their egos.

This book solves some of the greatest mysteries of all times;

1. Who built the pyramids and sphinx?

2. Why did they build them?

3. How did they build them?

4. Why have these facts been kept a secret until today?

We wrote this book in 1988 and then went to Egypt in 1989 to verify and document its validity. In 1988 many Black people did not even know what a pyramid was and those so-called experts among us told people that Dr. Ridgely Mu'min was crazy.  Well, "crazy" or not,  truth in this case is indeed stranger than fiction.  The everyday truths and understanding of the Kemetic people would place them in the categories of "gods" as compared to the mind of so-called modern man. No brag, just fact. Read it for yourself, then think.

I recently, Nov. 15, 2001, did a lecture at N.C.A&T in Greensboro, "A Systems Approach for Determining Your Future", which is highlighted below.  One of the students in the audience e-mailed me this link,, where they show pictures of underground tunnels filled with water in what they call "The Osiris Shaft". It seems that some of the students at that lecture took my advice and began to study things not required by their university teachers (smile).

 These tunnels were once a part of a vast underground water system connecting the pyramids to cities throughout ancient Egypt.  The Romans were not the first to build aqueducts, but to attribute this type of technology to Black Africans would destroy some of the basic tenants of "white supremacy".  Truth about our past has tremendous political implications.

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Recipes From/For Life. (1998) 46 pages.

This book contains 21 recipes and 10 poems. The recipes were developed by Sister Anne Muhammad for "Muhammad Farms Kitchen" as seen on The poems, "Recipes from Life", were written by

Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min from his life experiences, insight, vision and pain. Some of the poems included are:

1. Dysfunctional Revolutionaries

2. Devils to My Left

3. Do for Self or Die a Slave

4. The Talented Tenth

5. Slaves did not Build Pyramids

Read and enjoy the fruits of a labor of love.

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I Will Not Apologize: The Resurrection of the Master Architect (2003) 169 (8x11) pages, 64 illustrations

If you want to know why knowing about Ancient Egypt (Kemet) is important to us as a people, you must read this book.  This book chronicles the author's development through his awakening, study, research and development of the ideas put forth in this manuscript.  "Truth is stranger than fiction."  

In 1988 this author wrote "Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid".   Since then, the author has justified what was written in that book and taken even greater leaps into the consciousness of our ancestors.

The author answers such questions as:

    1. Who were the pyramid builders and why did they need to preserve this knowledge for 6,000 years?

    2. How was "hydraulics" used in their construction? 

    3. How did those great minds see us (the so-called American Negro) in the future?

    4. Is it possible that our ancestors left a message for our resurrection and development in stone, hidden beneath the sands of Egypt and above the minds of white folk?

    5. Is the knowledge of DNA a recent discovery or is it possible that our ancestors used this science to communicate with their descendants?

The book is worth the 64 diagrams just by themselves. (smile)

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Commonomics: Developing a Post Yakub Economcy (2009) 166 (8x11) pages, 36 illustrations/tables

"Commonomics" is common sense economics needed for personal group survival and righteous "success". The "World of Yakub" has fallen.  It has both a physical and a spiritual side which produced the two-headed economic monster of modern day capitalism and so-called communism.

"Commonomics" is the conceptual model and analytical tool that will allow almost anyone to understand how economies work and how well the economy is working. This book is broken into four major parts: "The World of Yakub", "Commonomics", "The Cooperative Movement" and "To Move or not to Move".

The book moves from the explanation of the present to models for the future including specific business models that fit the new culture of "Freedom, Justice and Equality" which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad brought to us.

The book also presents the modern DNA research that pinpoints the arrival of the White race exactly where "Yakub's History" indicates.

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The Science and Business of Farming vs. The Art and Hobby of Gardening (2010) 264 (8x11) pages, 122 illustrations/tables

At our 2009 Saviours’ Day Convention held in Chicago, Minister Farrakhan announced his desire for the Nation of Islam to obtain 2 million acres of farmland. A friend of mine made a little joke which got my attention. She said that a group of believers from Atlanta were discussing the Minister’s plans and said, “Who is going to farm that 2 million acres of land? Oh, Dr. Ridgely, all by himself.” Ha, Ha, that ain’t funny (smile). I have a hard enough time farming 1600 acres of land, much less 2 million. This book was written to help grow some new farmers.

I estimate that we would conservatively need about 500 good farm managers and 10,000 skilled workers to successfully utilize 2 million acres of farmland. Of course these are just estimates. But even to make such estimates requires a lot of understanding of the science and business of farming, which is a lion’s step away from the art and hobby of gardening. So now I must begin to teach the science and business of farming to those of us who have made the first step into gardening.

Think of a farmer as “Superman” and the rest of the world as “kryptonite”. There is something called the “parity ratio”, which at its present level indicates that every time a farmer has to buy some goods or service from someone else he loses. He loses because when he goes to the market to sell his product he does not get a price that reflects the time, effort, capital and risk that he must employ to produce that commodity. In other words the exchange rate between what the farmer offers the market and what he has to pay for inputs for production is not fair.

In this book we discuss different aspects of farm management and what we have found about how good managers think and operate. The farm manager not only manages but farms as well. There is a difference. Gardening can help you understand the basic nature of the production process; however, in this book we show you the equipment that you need to farm and how to utilize that equipment when producing different crops.

You also need to understand that not all farms are the same. Most farms are highly specialized. The USDA has classified farms under broad categories of cash grain, field crop, vegetable and melon, fruit and tree nut, nursery and greenhouse, dairy, poultry and egg, and cattle/hog/sheep. So your first decision is to determine what type of farm are you going to set up?

A farm is more than just some land. It is a system which includes the infrastructure, buildings and equipment necessary to carry on the operations done on that land. When we purchased our 1600 acre “farm” in Georgia, there was no equipment or repair shop, just open land filled with large weeds. We decided to set up a farming operation growing cash grains and vegetable/melons. So in this book we use our farm in Georgia as a model to demonstrate what a farmer must know about decision making, production, marketing and finance.


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"Snake" in the Reparations' Grass: The Real Story behind the

Black Farmers’ Lawsuit 1998 - 2001

"..the anatomy of a ‘scam’"2 hrs: 20 min. (Manual)

Filmed and Edited by Dr. Ridgely A. M. Muhammad

Prepared for the Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association (BFAA)

Copyright (c) 2001 by Ridgely Abdul Mu’min

Black people have been tricked, lied to and conspired against since being dumped on the shores of America. Rarely do you get a chance to catch the perpetrators of fraud in the act. This documentary gives you that chance. "Reparations" is now being talked about. The form that it will take may depend on some of these same lawyers that took the Black farmers for a ride.

In 1998 I had a dream about a snake the night before the lawyers, who were supposedly representing the Black farmers in their lawsuit against the USDA, came to Albany, Ga to tell the farmers what a great deal that had cut on their behalf. I took my video camera and taped everything the lawyers said and kept tapping for three years. I went to Black farmer meetings, rallies and protests in D.C. The farmers were not deceived but their own lawyers continued to block the farmers’ attempts to obtain justice. In the meantime the popular media kept the Black farmers’ complaints away from the American public.

Fortunately, we got the goods on these "snakes". We even have produced a manual to go along with the tapes to help you swim through the lies and see the scheme.

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Corral within a Corral. (2001) 1 hr 45 min.

This presentation was given on August 18, 2001 at Mosque Maryum in Chicago as a part of the N.O.I. Ministry of Health’s conference. Dr. Ridgely eloquently ties in the relationship between health, food and the US government continued efforts to deprive Black people of the means to feed themselves while at the same time using tax dollars to develop genetic weapons against Black people.

Why were Black people run off of over 12 million acres of land in America and corralled in cities? How will America deal with the expanding population of Black people in the land?

Why are the best agricultural lands in Africa owned by Europeans? Where does the myth about the overpopulation of Africa come from? What does "genetic warfare" have to do with all of this?

How do farmers herd cattle? This professionally recorded and edited video is the "bomb".

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The Clear Evidence. (1998) 2 hrs.

There are some that argue that so-called white people came from central Asia. However, according to their ancient writers they trace themselves to the islands in the Aegean Sea.

Who were the Scythians? What is the relationship between the Scythians and the followers of "Set", Sethians? What did ancient Africans do with their albino populations? Why did Egypt leave troops, Colchian, at the foot of the Caucasus mountains for over 1,000 years, according to Herodotus?

Who was Imhotep and what did he have to do wit the "making of so-called white people"?

Who were the Khazarians and what is their relation to the so-called Jews?

This lecture is filled with illustrations and quotations, "Clear Evidence", to answer these questions taken from books written by so-called white people themselves.

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Energy Grids From Kemit to America. (1998) 2 hrs.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that a group of 24 scientists wrote history in advance every 25,000 years. This well done video shows in detail how the Ancient Egyptians put 6,000 years of that pre-history on the Giza and Saqara Plateaus. While scholars are digging beneath the Sphinx to find the legendary "Hall of Records", Dr. Mu’min shows you the record that they missed in the layout of the stone monuments.

According to Richard Hoagland and other New Age theorists, the Giza Plateau is laid out to replicate the constellation Orion and indicates a point in the past according to the stars. However, Dr. Mu’min shows that the "circles" drawn by Hoagland are incorrect and the time pointed to was in the future and not the past. The "Ring of Power" or "Circle of the Gods" has been found.

Dr. Mu’min follows the lines laid out by the pyramids to the New World and to locations that you must see to believe. It seems that we may be indeed a part of a "play".

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Muhammad Farms and A Pilgrimage to The Nile. (1997 and 1989) 2 hrs.

In 1989 Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min and his family went on a fact finding tour of Egypt to verify "theories" presented in his 1988 book, "Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid". A three part six hour documentary came out of that trip entitled, "Going Home: A Pilgrimage to the Nile." The present 2 hour video contains a one hour shortened version of that documentary highlighting some of the most mind blowing discoveries.

Dr. Mu’min was commissioned in 1995 to be the farm manager for a 1600 acre farm in Georgia purchased by the Nation of Islam. A one hour section of this video introduces you to him, the farm and the vision for future developments. These two items placed together demonstrate how the past, the present and what must be done are intricately related.

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From The Pyramids to the Million Man March. (1995) 2 hrs

This presentation was done in September of 1995 leading up to the historic Million Man March that October. In this presentation he shows the "Image of the Beast" in the layout of the Mall area of Washington, DC where over 2 million Black men would be standing in the belly of this "beast". The Masons designed a 200 year plan for America but the Ancient Egyptians had already encompassed that plan within a larger 6,000 year plan.

The presentation takes us back 6,000 years ago to Imhotep, the architect of the Step Pyramid of King Zoser and designer of ALL the stone structures to be built over a 3,000 year period. Imhotep is always depicted carrying a book. That "book" was laid out in the Nile valley and up on the plateaus of that river.

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From Pyramids to Ghetto and Back to Pyramids (1990) 2 hrs

After reviewing the video footage from our trip to Egypt in July of 1989 and further study at the libraries, we developed an even deeper respect for the ancient African peoples. In this presentation to students at Virginia Tech we not only demonstrate that the pyramids, "temples" and tunnels were part of a vast water works system that covered the length of the Nile valley in Egypt.

More startling, however, is the evidence which indicates that the longest river in the world, the Nile, running 4,000 miles was MAN MADE approximately 25,000 years ago. See the evidence for yourself.

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"Debt is Slavery.

Is Usury Sin?" (2 hrs) 2004

Has the system tricked you back into slavery???

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." (Proverbs 22:7)

"Usury" is loaning money with interest. Is usury a sin?

The early Christian church like Islam outlawed the practice of usury. Why did Jesus throw out the money changers?

Did the God of the Old Testament give the Jews the right to practice usury as a weapon to rob the nations of the earth?


Did the United States government rob Black families of their farm land?

Can we get out of debt and live in peace?

Will the "Elijah Plan" work for Black people?

September 5, 2004

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"Why Muslims have always loved JESUS" (2 hrs) 2004

Jesus, the Messiah (Holy Qur’an Sura 3:44)

"44 When the angels said: O Mary, surely Allah gives thee good news with a word from Him (of one) whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, worthy of regard in this world and the Hereafter, and of those who are drawn nigh (to Allah),"

Why do they ignore the truth about Jesus and the Muslims?

Presented by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad,

Video tapes are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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The Hand of God: Hurricanes and Mighty Snow (1 hr) 2004

(Patricia Crayton Show, Nov. 6, 2004)

Wet snow blanketed parts of Texas, closing roads and cutting power to thousands. The heaviest accumulation was on election day, Tuesday, November 2, where more than a foot fell in the Lubbock area. The Texas Panhandle saw as many as 8 inches, according to the National Weather Service. There were wind gusts reported up to 45 mph causing tree limbs to break and knock out power lines.

Eight inches of snow and 45 mile per hour winds is more like a blizzard than just a snow storm and this was the first part of November in Texas no less. On viewing the satellite image of the snow on the ground  we see that this unusual snow was located near Midland, Texas, the boyhood home of President "elect" George W. Bush and the birth place of his wife, Laura.

The buzz over the internet is that Bush stole the election again. However, it seems that the "snowman" is after Mr. Bush. He flew back to Texas to vote on Tuesday and was greeted by this blizzard in early November. Perchance he may remember the warning given to him by Min. Louis Farrakhan on May 3, 2004 at a press conference held in Washington, DC, where he told Mr. Bush that he should get out of the Middle East or he should expect "unusual" weather.

This latest episode of "unusual" weather prompts me to reveal the results of another weather analysis that I made concerning the hurricanes that touched America this summer. America was struck by five major hurricanes, Alex, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. We live on a farm in Southwest Georgia which has suffered its share of inclement weather recently. Therefore, we have paid close attention to the tracks of hurricanes as they approach our area. We were first struck by Frances, whose eye passed almost directly over our area. Then we watched Ivan pass just west of us and then Jeanne which passed directly over us again.

The track of hurricane Jeanne was most intriguing because she was going North northwest one day then South southeast the next. She first looked like she would veer away from Florida, then she turned around and struck Florida within 35 miles of where Frances had hit earlier. Well, this prompted me to search for the tracks of each of these five storms. 

Then we traced the course of each of these storms and found that without adding or subtracting anything, the tracks formed the five letters of the word "Allah" in Arabic . In fact the order of the storms from Alex to Jeanne would be the order in which "someone" would write or sign their signature if their name was "Allah".

When I showed this to a friend, she told me to add up the numbers which represented the intensity of these storms according to the National Weather Service’s rankings. Alex was a category 3 storm, Charley 4, Frances 4, Ivan 5 and Jeanne 3. These numbers add up to the number 19, which is what Mother Tynetta Muhammad refers to as the signature of Allah.

Therefore, it seems that someone named "Allah" wrote his name across the landscape of America using hurricanes as His "pen". Of course one could just chalk all this "unusual" weather to "coincidence". Go ahead chalk it up, but in the meantime we will pay close attention to the weather as we move through the winter and on through 2005. Minister Louis Farrakhan has declared that to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March he is calling on Black men and women to go with him back to the DC mall and this time we are demanding Reparations in the form of land.

Minister Farrakhan has taught us that white people come to the Black owners of very successful businesses with an offer to buy and a threat. Of course the Nation of Islam does not endorse carrying weapons, so what could be the "threat" that we bring as we ask for land? We believe that it is the "Son of Man" that produces earthquake, hurricanes and mighty snow. We believe that we have God backing our demand for land and freedom. It seems that He may have written his signature already to let us know that He has a mighty hand to back up our demand to the modern Pharaoh to "let us go".

Video tapes and DVDs are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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Economic Development for the New World

(Charlotte, NC June 26, 2005 2 hrs)

One of the misconceptions that has come out of a false teaching of American History is that Black people came out of slavery broken and helpless.  This lecture points out the missing pieces of history from 1865 to 1910 where Black people bought over 15 million acres of land, set up schools, hospitals, insurance companies and even towns throughout the South  until a string of lynchings and terrorism by the US government and her citizens short circuited the economic development of Blacks in America.

Where do we go from here?  What can we learn from out previous attempts at self-sufficiency? How can we develop a new economic development strategy for the 21st century based on the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?  These questions and more are explored along with the introduction of a new economic world view that could be the underpinning for a new type of economic development.

Video tapes and DVDS are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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Education and Economic Development

(Atlanta, GA August 3, 2005)

Black people spend their money where their heart is at.  What they want and desire is dictated to them through the educational system.  Once they have been properly trained as to what stimuli to respond to, then advertising can be developed using the right keys to get them to respond.  If Black people are to develop economically then they must control the purse strings.  Therefore a new educational paradigm must be developed and taught so that the Black dollars can be steered in a different direction. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that "It is knowledge of self that the so-called Negroes lack which keeps them from enjoying freedom, justice and equality."  The Messenger also taught us that you must go back to Ancient Egypt (Kemet) if you want to see Black people when we were still "gods" of the planet. In this presentation we go back to Ancient Kemet to get our base for self-knowledge.  Then we come forward and make a critical analysis of modern economic theory, which lays the ground work for a new economic paradigm for Black economic development.

Video tapes and DVDS are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

Send a money order to: Ridgely Mu'min, 2569 Southpoint Rd, Bronwood, Ga 39826


Eat to Live: How and Why

(Charlotte, NC  November 2, 2005  2 hrs)

Following in the footsteps of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Louis Farrakhan has redeemed 1600 acres of farmland in Georgia.  However, back in the 1960s and 70s Black people had restaurants and they cooked at home.  Black farmers had a market for their products within the Black community.  But now in the 21st century Black people are eating at fast food restaurants or micro-waving dinners from Sara Lee.  Black people used to be the healthiest people in America 40 years ago, but now are the sickest.  What happened?

Sister Anne Muhammad starts us off in this presentation by pointing out a few of the pointers from "How to Eat to Live" by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Min. Lee Muhammad shows us how we can use our backyards to grow large quantities of safe food.  Then Dr. Ridgely Muhammad unveils the sinister scheme of the white world to destroy Black people through the food supply.  We produce an alternative agricultural paradigm and explain the power with Min. Farrakhan to back up our plans.

In this presentation we also get into the scientific evidence of "genetic memory" and what that means in terms of why we should preserve our bodies from the attacks of our enemies.

Video tapes and DVDS are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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Why We Should Eat to Live

(Jackson, Miss., December 11, 2005 2 hrs)

Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min and Sis. Anne Mu’min met with Katrina survivors from New Orleans and Mississippi which proved the need for the reinstitution of "family" in the Black community. Sis. Anne teaches you how to eat to live and how to organize your life to make your home a heaven for your family. Dr. Ridgely then explains the importance of a safe and independent food supply in the face of disasters or chemical and biological warfare.

Video tapes and DVDS are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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What is Black?

(Americus, GA January 30, 2005  2 hrs)

Black is not a color and Black is not a race, so teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Black goes back to the beginning of the universe and expresses itself through a people that is both envied and hated by this world.  How did that happen?  What do the enemies of Black people know about "Black" that makes them so angry?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that history rewards all research.  He also taught us the "Islam is mathematics, and mathematics is Islam." With these two principles Dr. Ridgely goes back in time to uncover the history of when and how "Blacks" acted when we were on top of the world.  Why were the pyramids built and how? 

He also uses modern scientific discoveries to understand why whites study "black" to uncover the secrets to the development of a whole new world of technological inventions.  When Blacks learn how to harness their Blackness, once again, then we will be back in a position to rule again.

Video tapes and DVDS are now available for $15 plus $5 for shipping 

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