Actual Food Facts

1.  The population of the Original people (non-white) dropped from    4,400,000,000 in 1934 to less than 3,800,000,000 in 1981, while the colored man (so-called whites) increased from 400,000,000 to over 690,000,000.

2. The most densely populated continent in 1981 was Europe, not Asia or Africa. Africa had only 2 more people per square mile than did North America.

3. In many countries in Africa, over 90% of the best farm land is owned by their former European colonizers.

4. Americans spend 6% of their disposable income on food.

5. On average the world spends 21.5% of their disposable income on food.

6.The United States has 444,382,000 acres of cropland and has a population of (1993) of 258,300,000.

7. In 1993 the population of Black people in the USA was given as 29,986,090 while owning only 2,500,000 acres of land.

8. The crop acreage to population ratio among American whites is 1.93 acres/person and among American blacks is .08 acres/person as compared to the Chinese ratio of .34 acres/person.

9. In the U.S. the returns to capital in agriculture has averaged less than 3% for the last 30 years, while the cost of capital (loan rate) has stayed above 8%.

10. Thirty years ago Black people were the healthiest people in America, while the least healthy were rich whites.

11. In 1996 the healthiest people in America were rich whites while the Black became the least healthy.

12. Thirty years ago Blacks cooked most and raised some of their own food, while rich whites ate out.  That trend has reversed itself.

13. The base chemical for most insecticides sprayed on crops is the same chemical developed by the Germans as a "nerve gas" for chemical warfare. Many of the Nazi scientist were brought into the U.S. after World War II.

14. In 1996 the first completely artificial fat food product was put into the food system even though it was known to cause diarrhea in 15% of people tested.

15. In 1995 the first genetically engineered food crop, a variety of tomato, was released into the food system.

16. In 1996 the first genetically engineered plant variety (b.t. cotton) was put on the market that would kill certain insects when eaten.

17. In 1996 the Agricultural Market Transition Act was passed and was designed to phase out all government farm subsidies over a 7 year period.

18. The U.S. imports about 40 percent of its fruits and 60 percent of its seafood.

19. In 1990 the U.S. had 1,521 million bushels of corn in reserve but only 412 million bushels in 1995.

20. Over 300,000 farms had gone out of business from 1978 to 1992.

21. The average age of farmers was 53.3 years in 1992 and getting older.

22. Farm families receive only 10% of their income from farming requiring them to work off the farm for the other 90%.

23. "Mad Cow" disease started when beef growers started feeding chopped up cow parts back to cows in their feed.