Economic Development

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These are a few items that I pulled up when I used this string: "Economic Development Success stories in rural black communities" (without quotation marks) in a Yahoo search:

Success Stories

1.Success Stories: Community Projects That Work 
... Development. Success Stories ... stories in this chapter highlight successful development projects launched
by Champion Communities, EZ/EC communities and other rural ... economic development to black ...


"Sustaining A Rural Black Farming Community in the South: A Portrait of Brooks Farm, Mississippi," RDP, Apr. 1998, 8 pp.
Discusses how members of a small community draw on the strength of their own institutions to continue to provide public services
and help those who cannot help themselves.


PCSD - Final Report - Metropolitan and Rural Strategies - Draft 
Chapter 4. Metropolitan and Rural Strategies. Introduction. Goal Statement for Sustainable Communities ? ...
helped ensure our society's success. The first ... Rural communities are particularly vulnerable to economic and
land development pressures ... areas, and rural black households and female ... - 162k - Cached

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. AFT has a factsheet on Agricultural Economic Development which might be of use:

. It's more oriented towards what communities can do to
support farm enterprises than for individual farmers, but that's an important piece of the puzzle, as well.

 New Hampshire Extension has a great resource kit:

Finally, there was a question about conservation protocols for economic development activities. This may be an issue to
be decided in collaboration with the Land Projects Committee, as I assume we'd have the same sort of guidelines directing
our assistance (though maybe not...). Anyway, here is some language from American Farmland Trust's sample easement
which we use as our conservation protocol: 

"The primary purpose of this Easement is to enable the Property to remain in agricultural use by preserving and
protecting its agricultural soils, agricultural viability and productivity. No activity which shall significantly impair the
actual or potential agricultural use of the Property shall be permitted. To the extent that the preservation and
protection of the natural, historic, recreational, habitat or scenic values referenced in this Easement is consistent with
the primary purpose stated above, it is also the purpose of this Easement to protect those values, and no activity which
shall significantly impair those values shall be permitted...
All agricultural operations on the Property shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a conservation plan
prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or its successor, or by a
qualified conservation professional approved by Grantee. This plan shall be updated periodically, and in any event any
time the basic type of agricultural operation on the Property changes or ownership of the Property changes. All
agricultural operations shall be conducted in accordance with applicable law...."