Farm land of our own

(Reprinted from "Torchlight for America" p.88-90)

by Minister Louis Farrakhan

Today's whites are not the cruel perpetrators of slavery, as were many of their forefathers.  However, they are the beneficiaries of slavery in the form of inherited wealth and privilege.  To maintain their position of wealth and influence, many whites utilize the ignorance of black people to manipulate us to serve their economic purposes.  Moreover, there is still a group of whites who want to keep blacks in a perpetually subordinate position, or rid the country completely of the black presence.

The legacy of slavery is that wealth has accumulated disproportionately in the hands of today's whites in the form of financial assets and land.  There's nearly $10 trillion in wealth in America.  However, black people account for only 3% of the wealth in America.  The average net worth of a black person in America is $24,000 while for whites it's over $100,000.  This is directly due to the legacy of slavery.

If the government is sincerely interested in relieving itself from its responsibility for slavery, then there should be a cooperative effort by business and government to promote equitable distribution of business, financial assets and land ownership in this country.  We never received our forty acres and a mule during the aftermath of civil war.  We remain owed today, to say nothing of the psychological damage for which no amount of compensation can be calculated.

There are millions of acres of federal and municipal land and property currently abandoned or not in use.  We can make use of that land by developing agribusiness to feed our own who are hungry, and the hungry of the world, and by building low-income housing for the urban homeless, for the poor and for the working class. This is our spirit. The government should consider selling or leasing us the land and property at a price that is mindful that America owes us reparations for the holocaust of slavery.

Within America black people must develop in the area of agribusiness and show America a better diet. We must acquire fertile territory on which to harvest our produce.  If people are to be healthy they have to change their diet.  When they change their diet they need access to non-chemicalized, overly processed food. The food companies don't have the incentive to teach right and do right by the American people. We must have land of our own from which we can produce the food and create the circumstances that will improve our condition and serve as an example for the rest of America and the world.