Volume 3, Number 8                                                                                                  May 10, 2000

The Farmer


“Waters for President!”

by Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad

According to wire reports a House resolution urging the federal government to speed up settlement payments to black farmers in a discrimination lawsuit was defeated yesterday after coming up against the unlikeliest of opponents: black congressional leaders.  The non-binding resolution, requiring a two-thirds majority under a special House procedure, fell to a 216-180 vote with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) leading 179 Democrats and one independent in opposing it. The full story can be found at:


Gary Grant, president of BFAA, said, "I am sure the CBC is doing the right thing by exposing the double tongue of Rep. Dickey, but it certainly would have been better for them to defeat his resolution and introduce their own. We will see." Grant further added that "Glickman and his crew of lynch men/women did nothing yesterday to give me hope. They lie as a matter of principle -- no conscious. Waters is great --too bad we don't have more like her." Some 200 Black farmers and 100 more supporters held a rally in the park at 14th and Independence across from the USDA building on Monday, May 8th. Fifteen states were represented and the Rally was endorsed by 60 organizations. The organizers had invited all members of the Congressional Black Caucus to join them in protesting continued discrimination and stonewalling by the USDA. However, none showed up except Rep. Maxine Waters.  She not only showed up but "showed out". She gave a blistering speech lecturing the USDA, the Justice Department and the FBI for what she said was a" conspiracy against the Black farmer". "It is a shame," she said, "that you and I have to keep on coming to Washington to deal with this same issue time and time again. When we had the hearings for the Black farmers we thought that we were on our way. When we removed the statute of limitations, we thought we were almost there. When the Consent Decree was written by Judge Freedman, we thought we had finally arrived. But here we are again, time and time again." Rep. Waters did not just stay and talk, she led the rally across the street to visit Dan Glickman. Although the Black farmers were told before hand that Glickman was not in town, and after another 13 farmers went to jail after trying to peacefully enter the USDA to talk with Glickman and/or his lynch people, and after Rep. Waters insistence on entering the building herself, finally Glickman popped up and invited her, Gary Grant and lawyers Stephon Bowens and Darlene Smith to enter and voice their concerns. According to Gary Grant, "When Rep. Waters asked questions, Glickman and his lynch men/women flinched. You could tell by their facial expressions and body language that they were lying and being found out by Rep. Waters." Grant further added that he had never seen anyone methodically tear down a wall of lies to get to the truth so eloquently as did Waters. When Gary Grant came back outside to tell the farmers and supporters what happened in the meeting between Glickman and Rep. Waters, the chant rang out "Waters for President, Waters for President!" Dr. Ridgely Muhammad adds, " Rep. Maxine Waters has already investigated the government’s role in bringing drugs into the Black community. Now she is uncovering the conspiracy against the Black farmers and ultimately the contamination of the food supply of Black people in the cities. Let us now march to the Democratic Convention to be held in L.A. in August and continue the chant: ‘Waters for President!’ “

Peace, Doc

Rep. Maxine Waters Fights for Justice for the Black Farmer!