Farrakhan Press Conference via Webcast

> An addition to the listed web sites to carry the webcast at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, September 16  is:

> BlackElectorate.com - http://www.blackelectorate.com

> Here is the latest news on Sunday's Press Conference:

> Allah Willing, 

> The Press Conference, will be carried live via satellite (see www.noi.org or 
> finalcall.com for the coordinates).

> We do not yet know if C-Span will cover it live but you may want to check at 
> http://www.cspan.org  and/or call them direct at their listed contact numbers.

> The Press Conference will be broadcast live via the Internet and thus far, 
> the public will be able to access the webcast from the following sites:

> The Nation of Islam Online: http://www.noi.org

> The Final Call Online: http://www.finalcall.com

> Final Call Web Services: http://www.finalcall.net (will be up by Sunday)

> Black Voices: http://www.blackvoices.com

> Mathaba.Net News & Information: http://www.mathaba.net