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The Great Pyramid [#0 of 110] Wed 08 Dec '99 (01:29 PM) by (Repeater)


The Great Pyramid, built by the Pharaoh Khufu (i.e.,"HWFW" in ancient Egyptian; "Cheops" in Greek) circa 2623 B.C.E., is geographically situated and oriented on the 30th parallel of latitude in the North African country of Egypt. Egyptologists contend that the meridian of the Great Pyramid – which is 30 degrees east of Greenwich, England – is the most suitable meridian for 0 degrees of longitude on our planet. (The prime meridian, 0 degrees longitude, from which all other meridian lines are measured, currently passes through Greenwich, England.)

If the Great Pyramid is used as the center from which two perpendicular lines are drawn on a map of the Earth, the landmass and oceans are seen to be equitably distributed throughout the four quadrants. Reference to any equal-area projection map of the Earth's surface reveals that the chosen site of the Great Pyramid lies on the longest land-contact meridian on the Earth's surface, and is also at the geographical center of its whole land mass, including the Americas and Antarctica.

The enigma of the Great Pyramid and its specific placement in Egypt naturally has caused brilliant minds to muse over its mass and external measurements for its relativity to that of the Earth itself. Numerous mathematical analyses have been developed that show that the Great Pyramid corresponds proportionately with the Earth, as well as showing correlations between Earth and the solar system. Simply stated, Egyptologists believe that The Great Pyramid, in all its symbolism, represents the laws of the Universe expressed geometrically. The following is just a partial list of some of the astounding astronomical correlations:


1.The length of the King's Chamber minus

half the length of the antechamber equals 354

in., which is the number of days in a lunar



2.A circle with the length of the antechamber

(116.25 in.) for its diameter has a total

circumference equaling 365.24 in., which are

the number of days in a solar year.


3.The width of the King's Chamber (206.066

in.) multiplied by the square root of pi

equals 365.24 in.


4.The length of a base side (9,131 in.)

divided by 25 in. (the "Sacred Cubit") equals

365.24 in.


5.Twice the length of the King’s Chamber

(2x412.12 in.), measured along the Grand

Gallery’s floor, contains a vertical rise in

that distance of 365.24 in.


6.The total inch value of the base perimeter

equals the number of days in a century.


7.The total inch value at the 35th-level

perimeter equals the number of days in 80

solar years.


8.Twice the length of the base diagonal

(2x12,913.26 in.) equals the number of years

in the precession of the equinoxes and the

total inch value at the 50th-level perimeter.


9.Adding the length and height of the King's

Chamber and dividing this value by its width

equals pi.


10.Adding the length and width of the

sarcophagus and dividing this value by its

height also equals pi.


11.One face of the pyramid represents one

curved quadrant of the Northern Hemisphere.


12.The apex of the Great Pyramid corresponds

to the North Pole, while the perimeter of its

base correlates to the circumference of the



13.The Great Pyramid is a perfect almanac,

registering the seasons of the year by

functioning as a huge sundial, whose shadow

indicates, among other things, the solstices

and duration of the year.


The Great Pyramid [#1 of 110]Wed 08 Dec '99 (06:50 PM) by (Ankmin)


Let me add that the Great Pyramid and the over 70 pyramids that have been explored were not tombs. The Kings and Queens of Egypt were found buried in the sides of mountains 300 miles south of the Pyramids.

The Great Pyramid never had a cap stone, so the placing of a gold cap stone on its apex the night of December 31, 1999 is all vanity.

See http://arabia.com to keep up with the latest controversies surrounding the big

pyramid party to be held at midnight of December 31.


I wrote a book on the Great Pyramid in 1988 called "Amen:The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid." There is new evidence that has come forward after I wrote my book which pushes the date of its building back at least 800 years. The Sphinx also has been recently analyzed to be at least 12,000 years old. I believe that it is exactly 12,960 years old.

Peace, Doc


The Great Pyramid [#2 of 110]Wed 08 Dec '99 (06:54 PM) by (Lovechild)


There are archeologist who believe the Sphinx was partly underwater because of water marks. Have you heard about that?




The Great Pyramid [#3 of 110]Wed 08 Dec '99 (07:08 PM) by (Ankmin)


Yes I have. And I have also heard that it was rain that caused the erosion. This is why the geologists move the date back, because Egypt (Kemet) was in a wet period about 10,000 years ago.



The Great Pyramid [#4 of 110]Fri 10 Dec '99 (06:46 AM) by (Ankmin)

Just to keep you up to date I copied this from arabia.com:

Home: ArabiaLife: Millennium

Millennium music will make pyramids



People will party at the pyramids on New

Year's Eve, but for the monuments looming over

Giza, 2000 is just another year.

December 09, 1999, 11:51 AM

CAIRO (Reuters) - Thousands of people will

party at the pyramids on New Year's Eve,

but for the monuments looming over Giza for

over five millennia, 2000 is just another



"Man fears time, but time fears the

pyramids," runs a ninth century Arab proverb

proudly quoted by Egypt's Tourism Minister

Mamdouh el-Beltagi as he explains the venue's



The world's most readily recognisable

landmarks have reared up from the Nile

skyline for more than 4,500 years. But forget

silent, awed contemplation as the second

millennium of the Christian era slides

imperceptibly into the third.


The twelve dreams of the sun French musician

Jean-Michel Jarre will deploy all the

techno-wizardry he can muster to lay on a

sunset-to-sunrise electronic opera for an

audience that could top 50,000.


"The Twelve Dreams of the Sun" will first

light up the three great pyramids at nightfall

as atmospheric sounds reverberate eerily

across the barren, rock-strewn desert.


Jarre, backed by 1,000 singers, dancers and

musicians, will then perform a three-hour

concert, drawing global television audiences

as networks dip in and out of millennium

events. It can be accessed on the Internet at



At the show's pulsating midnight climax, a

helicopter will lower a golden sheath to cap

the Great Pyramid of Cheops, in what

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass calls a modern

re-enactment of what he believes happened when

its construction was completed.


Hawass, director of the Giza plateau, wants

to drive home a message that the pyramids were

created by ancient Egyptians, not Freemasons,

Jews, aliens or the lost civilisation of



Masonic claim snubbed

Hawass has planned the highlight of the

night's revelry as a riposte to claims

propagated on the Internet that the capstone

symbol rightly belongs to Freemasons, not

ancient Egypt.


"The Masons are using a wrong imitation of

the capstone of the Middle Kingdom," he

declares. "Five years ago I discovered a

hieroglyphic description saying the capstone

was cased with gold. Workmen were dragging the

capstone in scenes of dancing.


"My interpretation is that when the king put

the capstone on the pyramid it meant it was

finished and everyone was dancing because the

pyramid was a national project," says Hawass.


He also dismisses theories that Jewish

captives in Egypt built the pyramids

for the Pharaohs before the Biblical exodus.

But the notion of capping the pyramid at the

millennium party makes some of his compatriots

spit with fury.


Egyptian opposition newspapers have scorned

the idea and criticised Culture Minister

Farouk Hosni for patronising what they see as

a plot inspired by the very Zionists,

Freemasons and New Age mystics whose

theories drive Hawass to distraction.


Egypt may shelve millennium plan to crown



However, Culture Minister Farouk Hosni told

reporters on Wednesday that Egypt is wavering

in its plan to place a golden capstone on the

great Cheops pyramid.


"We have not reached a final decision

regarding whether to place the capstone on the

pyramid. It is still under consideration by

experts," he said.


Tented splendour


The controversy is unlikely to trouble New

Year revellers at the pyramids, some of whom

will pay $400 for a place in one of 12 luxury

tents each seating 500 guests for dinner and



Each heated tent will have a huge video

screen showing the show on stage

for those unwilling to brave the night chill.


President Hosni Mubarak and his entourage are

expected to hold court in a central pavilion.

The president, target of an assassination

attempt in September, will be heavily guarded.

Less well-heeled visitors can enjoy the

12-hour spectacle for 50 pound ($11.50)

tickets that allow them to stand in front of

the stage in the bitter cold of the windswept



Fun-lovers are advised to bring their own

festive spirits as champagne and other

alcoholic drinks will not be sold outside the

tents in deference to Ramadan. New Year's Eve

falls, for the third year in a row, in the

holy Moslem fasting month.


Organisers say they have sold "most" of the

tickets, but give no specific figures.


Pay off for tourism


Ordinary Egyptians, more focused on the

rhythm of the lunar religious calendar, do not

normally hold lavish New Year's Eve

celebrations and with Ramadan in full swing,

they are unlikely to pay attention to what

many see as a party for foreigners.


But the government hopes the millennium

celebration will help put Egypt firmly back on

the world tourism map.



#5-7The Great Pyramid [#5 of 110]Fri 10 Dec '99 (08:11 AM) by (TheBomb)

In 1978, apparently after having let their  own technological prowess intoxicate them with delusions of grandeur, the Japanese Nisson Corporation, with permission of the government of Egypt, embarked upon a project that would prove to be extremely humbling

Their mission was to build a pyramid of lesser proportions on the Gizeh desert just southeast of the 3rd pyramid of king Mekaure. Their focus was not to build for size but to build for technique, following the method expounded upon by Herodotus. They were to quarry the stone out of the nearby hills, float it down the rive, hire Arab workmen as haulers using ropes and pulleys to drag the blocks onto and up the ramps, putting them in place manually without the aid of levers.

Upon beginning construction the Japanese found that they were faced with insurmountable problems. First an foremost, the duplicated hand tools the men were provided with could not cut the stone, so the workers had to resort to the use of air jackhammers. Secondly when the boulders were placed on the rafts another problem arose. They could not prevent the barges from capsizing, since they were soon overrun with water and could not be handled properly. They became unsafe for the men, due to the instability crated by the weight of the steamboat. Upon reaching the shore they ran into a third problem: the limestone boulders began to sink into the river silt and the sand of the desert, and those that did not sink were of no consequence for the men could not budge them. Once again modern technology was called upon in the way of trucks and land rovers to move the stone to the designated site. Finally, adding insult to injury, the great numbers of men that they had amassed, could not lift the blocks by pulley, levers, nor ropes, and as result power cranes plus helicopters were contracted to do the job. Even then, employing the use of today' most powerful lifting machine, those blocks set in place were greatly out alignment, and many (if not most) were broken, chipped and badly scratched, due to improper handling.

Finally, the Government of Egypt interceded and put and end to their agony. The unauthorized use of the heavy land equipment had torn asunder large stretches of desert land which had become quite an eye sore. The project was terminated and the pyramid, what little was intact, was dismantled. What the world learned from this endeavor was two things-one; that the simple methods conservative scholars have for so long said were utilized were totally inadequate, falling way short of the mark-and two; even with aid of modern technology in regards to transportation, lifting, quarrying, and placing these two ton blocks the job left much to be desired.

In comparison, the ingenious masonry work exhibited in the construction of the pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid, far surpassed the meager attempts made by the Japanese. When archaeologists removed one of the few remaining casing stones, (the stones that at one time covered the entire pyramid) on the north side of the pyramid at its base they were shocked at what they discovered. None of the underlying blocks examined had chipped edges, cracks, or even scratches: they were perfect! In reference to the casing stones, one of the world's greatest Egyptologists, Flinders Petrie, found that the faces and butting surfaces of these 16 tone blocks were cut to 1/100 of an inch of mathematical perfection. He reported, "the mean variation of the cutting of the stone from a straight line and from a true square is .01 inch in a length of 75 inches up the face, and amount of accuracy equal to most modern opticians' straight edges of such a length. These joint with an area of some 35 square feet each, were not only worked as finely as this, but were cemented throughout. Though the stones were brought as close 1/500 of an inch, or, in fact, into contact, and the mean opening of the join was 1/50 of an inch, yet builders managed to fill the join with cement, despite the great area of it, and the weight of the stones to be moved-some 16 tons. To merely place such in stones in exact contact at the sides would be careful work, but to do so with cement in the joints seems almost impossible." Thus the builders of these great monoliths quarried and cut approximately 80 acres of casing stone within 1/100 of an inch of perfection, and raised a man-made mountain 4000 years ago as meticulously as we cut gems.

There are approximately 2,300,000 blocks of stone which comprise the Great Pyramid each weighing from 2.5 tons to 70 tons (as much as a railroad locomotive) which originally covered an area of 13.11 acres.

The Great Pyramid contains more stone than all the churches, chapels an cathedrals built in England since the time of Christ. If all the stone in the pyramid were sawed into blocks one foot on a edge and these were laid end-to-end, they would stretch two-thirds of the way around the earth at the Equator.

The Great Pyramid contains enough stone to construct thirty Empire State Buildings.


The Great Pyramid [#6 of 110] Fri 10 Dec '99 (08:29 AM) by (LoveChild)

Good Morning Doc,

Whenever I read information about the great pyramids and other wonderous structures throughout the planet I can't help but wonder why people are so quick to assume "aliens" or super intelligent beings from elsewhere created these structures as oppose to the people who lived in those civilizations.

They are never given credit for the knowledge they held.



The Great Pyramid [#7 of 110] Fri 10 Dec '99 (09:00 AM) by (Ankmin)

Greetings LoveChild and TheBomb,

I am glad to see interest in the Great Pyramid. I have been studying this building since 1969 and by no means do I claim that I fully understand it yet. I will not bore you with my many theories.

 However, I think that the issue of who built them and why this world wants to keep the truth a secret goes to the core of the power of this system to keep a people enslaved without physical chains. Excuse me if I seem to ramble for a moment. There is a book called "On War" which is studied in all the military schools of the western world. The author points out that the physical instruments of war, bombs, bullets, killing and maming are only tools to destroy the WILL of the people. Once a peoples' will to fight for their freedom is vanquished, then they are truely defeated.(note:Chechenya, however Russia will never defeat those people)


Social scientists have come to the conclusion that people do not rebell because they are catching hell, but will fight when they believe that the benefits of rebellion will out weigh the cost of the struggle.

Back to the pyramids. The western world has got Black people convinced that this technological wonder" that we live in is the "best" that there ever was or can be. If as you have stated TheBomb, they can not build a pyramid then one might began to believe that maybe they are not as smart as they have put themselves out to be. Therefore, they must find some "lost world" Atlantis, or some aliens to account for technology superior to theirs. Lordy, don't give them nigga's the hope that they could ever compete with us if they were free. So they pay big bucks to a bunch of psuedo-scientists to come up all types of theories to explain away the Black African builders of the Great Pyramid, to keep that jewel out of the pyche of young Black kids thirsting to be a part of something great.

We can not go back to ancient Kemet to live, but we can stay out of the Holywood induced  emotional vacuum which absorbes all of our dollars in an attempt to be somebody.


Peace, Doc



#8-10The Great Pyramid [#8 of 110]Fri 10 Dec '99 (09:30 AM) by (LoveChild)

Once again Doc, you hit the nail on the head. I think part of overcoming negative powers or energy is acknowledging it. All to often on behalf of peace, people of color all over the world have such denial about the attrocities and lies being perpetrated by the economic powers in this world.

  What do you think it will take for people of color all over this world to develop their own personal character to the extent that they can't be lied to. And won't fall for the appearances of grandur that seems to over shadow the truths. Peace


The Great Pyramid [#9 of 110]Fri 10 Dec '99 (11:15 AM) by (BrotherMan)

THANK YOU for the information within this thread!!!!


The Great Pyramid [#10 of 110]Fri 10 Dec '99 (02:44 PM) by (Ankmin)

The information brought to light by the originator of this thread and the other contributors are excellent. Hopefully, the rest of you out there can add more to the discussion.

I personally find that the process of discovery is more rewarding than the process of teaching. It is my firm opinion that the Great Pyramid is a living teaching tool used by our ancestors to communicate and teach us beyond the grave. Fortunately those lessons have been so preserved that our enemies will be forever locked out of her secrets. As a matter of fact I was very reluctant to write my first book on the matter for fear of teaching our enemies too much. But now I understand and appreciate better the wisdom of our ancestors so I no longer have fear.

So hopefully those of you who have not begun the process of discovery will go to the book stores or libraries and began to study the Great Pyramid. But do not rely upon the European's interpretation of the facts nor their translation of the hieroglyphs. Take some time to study the hieroglyphs for your self. Also get as many pictures and charts and graphs of the pyramid which highlights its dimensional and geometric features.


Proportions and angles govern everything. By the way, there is a reason why America

hates Qadaffy. He is using the same underground water 200 feet beneath the Saharra dessert that the Ancient Kemetic Kings and Queens used to irrigate their farm land. Qadaffy terrorizes the US because he intends to use that water to turn Libya into an oasis and help feed Africa.


Peace, Doc

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