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Great Pyramid [#11 of 110] Sat 11 Dec '99 (12:00 PM) by (Friendly)

I have had the opportunity to venture the great pyramid(military). At the time I was not into the history. The little info I have came by since is remarkable. As TheBomb states, today's society have no clue as to how the pyramids were constructed. I have seen a documentary on the history channel that a Oxford professor who states that the pyramid were built by aliens!? That there is no other possible way.

Well my tour up close and personal deemed to be different. Inside the pyramids were tourist was allowed all had descendants of darker skinned people, as opposed to what I've always seen on television. Also we know of the Sphinx nose, actually I thought the sphinx was much larger. I only hope the true history will one day come available.


Great Pyramid [#12 of 110] Sat 11 Dec '99 (03:47 PM) by (Vabre)

Good topic!!


Great Pyramid [#13 of 110] Sun 12 Dec '99 (05:28 PM) by (Estute)

The pyramids have not fallen. That is a sign of true architecture. The same meaning thatit took to create them, continues now.


Great Pyramid [#14 of 110] Sat 18 Dec '99 (08:42 AM) by (Ankmin)

It seems like the Illuminati are having a few problems sealing "The New World Order". First there was the "Battle in Seattle", now they can't cap the Great Pyramid:

"Egypt drops controversial plan to cap pyramid

Following an outcry by Egyptians, Culture

Minister canceled a controversial scene in the

millennial sound-and-light opera.



Related News:

City of Light prepares French-style New Year

UN to hail New Year with display in lights

Arabic music, dance festival to be staged

under tent at Cairo

'Phantom of The Opera' top 20th century show

Millennium music will make pyramids pulsate



December 18, 1999, 12:26 PM

CAIRO (AFP) - Following an outcry by

Egyptians, Culture Minister Faruq Hosni has

canceled a controversial scene in the

millennial sound-and-light opera scheduled for

December 31 at the Giza Pyramids.

Hosni decided to remove the scene in French

artist Jean-Michel Jarre's show in which a

light-emitting golden capstone is placed atop

the largest of the three pyramids, the

Egyptian press reported Friday.

The minister has been under attack from all

sides since the spectacle was announced.

Egyptian members of parliament and

journalists had said the capstone could damage

the pyramid's surface.

MPs also criticized the performance for

faults ranging from its cost to its perceived

disharmony with the Islamic fasting month of

Ramadan which lasts until the first week in


The Islamist newspaper Al-Shaab, which

likened the capstone to a Jewish skullcap,

accused Jarre of plotting to impose "Zionist

Free Masonry" on Egypt.

Hosni said the Egyptian pyramids could not be

compared to the masonic pyramid symbol

because their dimensions are different, the

masonic symbol having a shorter base than


Peace, Doc



Great Pyramid [#15 of 110] Sat 18 Dec '99 (05:29 PM) by (TripleM)


I really don't have much 2 add, but it's so FUNNY how people claim 2 not believe in alien life forms, but when it comes 2 the pyramids, aliens did it?

I never visited them, but my mother did. She brought bac a TON of pics, & all the pics showed dark-skinned peeps with afros...



Great Pyramid [#16 of 110]Mon 20 Dec '99 (01:21 PM) by (Ankmin)


Yes it does seem strange how quickly the western world will reach for aliens to explain

a very terrestrial structure found in Africa. It is also quite interesting how some of the

present inhabitants of what is called Egypt today do not want to accept their African

heritage and do not want to accept that it was African Black people that built these


It is interesting to observe the different threads on TW and see how one set of black

people argue with another set over such issues as whether capitalism is better than

socialism, as though these are real alternatives for black people to choose from,

when in fact as long as our minds are enslaved by feelings of inferiority, we will be slaves

in either system.

The issue of who built the pyramids and why is very special to me. If the pyramids were

built by black people and they were built to serve the living and not as just monuments to

the dead, then that changes the whole perspective on how black people might fair

under "all black leadership". Black people cling to the so-called white man's world

because they actually feel that they could never do better on their own.

This society stacks one lie above another concerning the pyramids to ensure that we never get in our breasts the confidence to go free. They first argued that the so-called Jews built them during their "captivity". Pres. Sadat challenged them on that and was never rebuked. Then they tried to find aliens, but as you stated, when you go over there and look at the monuments you don't see any aliens, you see kinky headed Black people.

Then the scholars say that these were built as tombs. Well of course no one would want to go back to that type of leadership that would enslave the people to make them build a tomb for the Pharaoh. The "Pharaoh" as a fat cat enslaving his people is the type of image that they want black people to carry in their hearts, so that when ever we try to get together their would be this underlying fear that "I don't want to be no where with a bunch

of niggas, 'cause they go make a slave out of me." So we block our own progress.

Now this world takes our building, then sticks it on the back of the dollar bill with a gap between the capstone and the base. We don't know the meaning of these symbols that were actually ours and now they planned to lower a gold capstone on our building. It seems that they will not be able to do it, while we sleep listlessly in America at the turn of the century and don't know that there is a war raging over the control of our minds. And our enemies post on their dollar bill "IN GOD WE TRUST". Yes, they "trust" that we

stay asleep just a little bit longer.

Peace, Doc


Great Pyramid [#17 of 110]Mon 20 Dec '99 (02:57 PM) by (TripleM)

Greetings Fam,

Doc, U said it best:

"as long as our minds are enslaved by

feelings of inferiority, we will be slaves in

either system."

It doesn't matter what we do, where we do it, or under what system. If we feel inferior,

all is lost.

I can tell U know much more about Egyptology than U have written in this thread.

The egyptians were lovers of life. Am I correct? Take the ankh, the Nile River, the

scareb, & the sun. These symbols R on literally everything.

The ankh represents life, while the crucifix reprsents death?

The Nile river & the rich soil 4 growing crops?

The scareb as a fertility bug?

The sun, which we need 2 sustain life?

The pyramids themselves were loaded with things that they used during their life 4 the

afterlife. Does this mean they believed in eternal life?


As far as the pharoah, that makes sense: Moses saying "Let my people go."

And I have ALWAYS wondered about Y the pyramid was on the back of the $$$ bill. Of

all the millions of objects that could B put as a symbol, Y the pyramid? Surely it's not

there by accident...


The more I think about how ADVANCED they were as a society, the more I'm blown away. They did it all: astronomy, architecture, irrigation, medicine, sculptures, etc.

Then the Greeks come in & claim all the writings as their own. Greek philosophy is

stolen Egyptian philosophy. Plato & Aristotle? LOL



Great Pyramid [#18 of 110] Mon 20 Dec '99 (05:00 PM) by (Ausare)

If you notice on the back of the bill behind the pyramid there is NOTHING... This symbolizes the destruction of the African world view (Ma'at) and the dominance of the now new world order by putting this symbolism on their money...In fact, under the bill are

the latin words, "novus ordo seclorum" which translates into "new order of ages."


Great Pyramid [#19 of 110]Mon 20 Dec '99 (05:03 PM) by (Ankmin)


I am not trying to be modest, but the more I learn about the Kemetic science and the pyramids in general, the more I feel inadequate to describe them. I have been studying the pyramids since 1969. I could not accept that a people so smart and ingenious as to build these building would build them for just one dead person.

In the process of studying the pyramids I changed my major from economics to architectural engineering to finally agricultural economics, not knowing that there was a relationship between agriculture and the pyramids. Before I get more into the agricultural and public works nature of the pyramids, I'll deal briefly with this "afterlife" stuff.

I believe that all of my ancestors are alive in me, just as all of your ancestors are alive in you. The Kemetic people that they would return to life through one of their offsprings every 3,000 years. In other words there are at least 2 people alive in one body at any given time. I should say "conscious" instead of "alive", because there are others alive also, but not conscious. Our ancestors when they were building these pyramids and other stone edifices were actually building a book for their descendents to read which would be the catalyst for their "rebirth" in them. In fact I called on one of my ancestors to help me write my book "Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid". I have had a lot of people say that I was "crazy", but not one to prove anything that I wrote in my book asbeing in error. In fact there were certain aspects of the Great Pyramid that I wrote about in my book that I have never seen described in other books. However, after completing my book in 1988 I had the privilege of going to Egypt in 1989. While in the Great Pyramid I found a slab hidden in a niche suspended on steel girders that I had described in my book as a "flip valve" or pressure valve which controlled the flow of water in and out of the Great Pyramid.

So the monuments were built to serve specific useful purposes for the living of that time and to serve as books written in geometric symbolism to serve as guides for their own souls as they traveled through the "Tuat" (underworld, egg and sperm, genetic stream) to

be resurrected in "Ta'mentet" (the Land of the West, America).

Peace, Doc



Great Pyramid [#20 of 110] Mon 20 Dec '99 (05:19 PM) by (MusaNC)

The Great Pyramids are the most magnificant engineering structures on this Earth. There is to still learn about them to be trying to slap that thing on top.

Heck, some of our "greatest" scientific minds are still looking for the mars probe.

All I can see is them damaging it in some sort of way. Leave it like it is...those things

are sacred.


Great Pyramid [#21 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (08:04 AM) by (Ankmin)

If they had planned to lower this gold pyramidan on to the Great Pyramid in a time other than Ramadan, they may have been successful. However, their arrogance and need to make a show of power at their artificial transition of time to represent their "hoped for" transition to the epoch of their total domination of the economic, political and informational structure of human beings, forced them to make the wrong choice of time and place. Just as the WTO meetings in Seattle turned out to be a disaster for the "elite" in the West, so now the juice has been taken out of their "pyramid party" in the East.

Human behavior may now be responding to unseen, subconscious forces that have been unleashed and are now dictating the course of human affairs though the polytheist be


Peace, Doc


Great Pyramid [#22 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (11:16 AM) by (Ankmin)

If you are interested in learning more about the proposed ceremony and controversy surrounding the Great Pyramid at Y2K, check this page out:

Peace, Doc


Great Pyramid [#23 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (11:53 AM) by (NuttyProf)

This is all good to hear and learn...

But on another note: Scientiest found one of the most Startling pieces of evidence at the

bottom of the Great Pyramids...Dating back 1200 BC...the Uncovered.....

"A 2 PIECE CHICKEN MEAL and a Bottle of HOT



Great Pyramid [#24 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:04 PM) by (Ausare)

Excuse me Doc for my disrespect.

Yea NuttyProf, it belong to your white ancestors. They just discovered how great

Black folks can cook chicken. And stole it of course. KFC...


Great Pyramid [#25 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:10 PM) by (NuttyProf)

4real Ausare...THANKS for telling me!!LOL..

THEY had a KFC down there 2...DAYUUUMMM!!




Great Pyramid [#26 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:17 PM) by (Ankmin)


Thank you for dealing with "NuttyProf". I am sure that we will have many more visitors to this particular thread that intend to disrupt, belittle etc. Hopefully there will also be visitors that wish to add to the information presented or even intelligently debate the some of our conclusions. It's all good!

When things get "deep" some of our own get scarred, the "elite" get angry and the "pawns" try to impress the "elite" by acting like they ain't listening to the teachers.

Peace, Doc

Great Pyramid [#27 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:24 PM) by (NuttyProf)



Maybe it was not rhyme or reason to the



V-SHAPE PATTERN and always one side is longer

than the other.....WHY::????


...AFTER years of study ...(TRUE STORY)...

...THEY FOUND THAT the reason is..nothing



LOL @ MYSELF...........No Disrespect




Great Pyramid [#28 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:30 PM) by (Ausare)

Nuts: did you know that those "Egyptians" had models of flying machines which probably gave those folks who did the study the curiosity to ask why one side was shorter than the other.

If you don't know Nuts, you should either read or listen.

As far as the comedians, I'm sure they didn't have any in "blackface." Unlike today.



Great Pyramid [#29 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:31 PM) by (Ausare)

Again sorry Doc, I won't answer again..

Continue please...



Great Pyramid [#30 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:35 PM) by (NuttyProf)


I do know...THE QUESTION is Do you...???




Great Pyramid [#31 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (12:40 PM) by (NuttyProf)

OH...I forgot...If you were able to turn the

PYRAMIDS upside down...You would have a


If You turn it on it's side..You get EYE-DROP




Great Pyramid [#32 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:11 PM) by (Ankmin)


You see we have hit upon something here. This "pyramid" thing rubs some people the wrong way, why? There can be nothing allowed to give Black people a sense of a higher meaning to life other than the miserable existence that we now have as the "menaces 2 society". Therefore, when anyone attempts to bring light into this darkness they must be immediately assassinated physically or morally, witness Nobel Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Diop, Farrakhan and others.

If the pyramids have no meaning then why is it used as a symbol on the dollar bill? If it has no meaning then what is behind the big celebration and controversy over a capstone? If the pyramids have no meaning then why has a whole science sprung up around it and millions of dollars are spent digging and trying to uncover "something"?

If one was to get an map or an aerial view of the Gizeh (geyser) plateau and evaluate it in light of certain geometric patterns, in particular a circle, I don't think that one could easily dismiss the fact that these buildings had and have meaning.

Even Herodotus, "the father of history"(smile), stated that 68 meters beneath the Great Pyramid was an underground lake that it took 10 years to build before they built theabove ground structure. Why would such a "lake" be needed by a dead man? However, when

one is building a well, one digs an infiltration zone within the limestone aquifer. Such an aquifer lies 68 meters beneath the pyramid. Dead bodies are best preserved in dry areas not aquifers.

Peace, Doc


Great Pyramid [#33 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:17 PM) by (NuttyProf)

4 real doc...Well TEACH ON !!!...

...I'm just having fun.....You know you wanna

laugh..go head.............


Great Pyramid [#34 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:18 PM) by (TripleM)

Greetings Fam,


Pay no attention 2 the joksters. We have more than 1,000 threads here. Surely they can find another place 2 act a fool...

I'll B back...



Great Pyramid [#35 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:27 PM) by (NuttyProf)

TO answer yo question doc..

The SIMPLE things of this world confound

and confuse the so-called intelligent..

For they put all their time and efforts in

Looking at what was created, than Looking at

the CREATOR.....

Will knowing what the Pyramid secrets are:

Get you into Heaven..


more than the SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS...


MAYBE another attempt by SATAN to take you

off your true goals ....





Great Pyramid [#36 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:41 PM) by (Ankmin)

Again, the pyramids are serving a purpose even to this day because it is an enigma that even the Arabs tried to take down when they were faced with its awesomeness. Its hard to justify the enslavement and destruction of a people that could do such beautiful and magnificent works. I would not be surprised that one day the "elite" will attempt to "nuke" the pyramids because they can not understand nor own their wisdom.

It is also interesting how someone would bring "Satan" into the picture to scare other people from even investigating the only remaining "Wonder of the World". What is it about this building that messes with the "mind of this world"? I sincerely thank my ancestors for putting it there, it has become one of our best weapons against mental slavery.

By the way, "Satan's" real name was "Set" or "Seth" as in your Bible (hint to the wise).

Peace, Doc


Great Pyramid [#37 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:41 PM) by (NuttyProf)

..and what about some of the other history..

...Like how many PEOPLE WERE KILLED to

GLORIFY their so-called KINGS...and QUEENS













Great Pyramid [#38 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:48 PM) by (NuttyProf)



LUCIFUR (sp)...

I think Immo go with the bible on that doc..





Great Pyramid [#39 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:48 PM) by (Ankmin)


The Bible does not say anything about the building of the pyramids in Kemet(Egypt). If it did please present the verses. Recent excavations now further support my contention when I wrote my book in 1988.

"Slaves did not build pyramids, righteous black Africans did". You see slaves don't build anything perfect and indeed the Great Pyramid is the closest thing to perfection yet built according to even the scientists of this world.

Again, I love my ancestors for building those things. They were both wise and loved us even though we were not yet born.

Peace, Doc

Great Pyramid [#40 of 110]Tue 21 Dec '99 (01:50 PM) by (Ankmin)


Where is your reference in the Bible about the pyramids?


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