The Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval went to great lengths to make the hypothesis that the shafts were used to line up certain stars and constellations in order fix a point in time of the building of the pyramid. I will not argue against these hypotheses, however what would be the reason for giving such a date and what is the meaning of the constellation Orion anyway?

When our ancestors built stone buildings, these building had more than one function, which of course makes sense considering the great efforts that it took to build them. The same as the universities were multi-dimensional, so were the pyramids. One purpose of these shafts were to allow water to flow through the tunnels. Now back to the shafts as fixes on stars or constellations. Hancock and Bauval argue that the southern King's Chamber shaft was lined up to the belt of Orion, the southern Queen's

Chamber shaft to Sirius, the northern King's Chamber shaft to the north polar star and the northern Queen's chamber shaft to a star of the "Little Dipper". The position of the star Sirius was a most important issue with the Kemetic people because its heliacal rising indicated the beginning of the Nile flood. When the Nile flooded everyone had to leave their homes in the valley and retreat to the plateaus and islands for 40 days. In that 40 days they had to fast to preserve the food and water. They could not drink the Nile water because it became polluted with filth and parasitic worms washed into it when she overflowed her banks.

What is the meaning of the constellation Orion? If one goes outside and looks up at the sky one will not see a "man" in the sky. One will see many, many stars and star clusters. Why would one designate these particular stars as Orion or Osiris? Who was Osiris? What was his history or story and what does that have to do with anything? Hancock and Bauval do not have a theory of the "why" would the Egyptians classify these stars as Orion-Osiris, nor do they understand the mythology of Osiris.

Briefly, Osiris was killed by his brother Set and became Lord of the Underworld (Tuat) and had to go through certain trials before being resurrected in the Ta'mentet, the West. Sound familiar. In the Masonic ritual: Hiram Abiff , the master architect, was hit upside the head, carried on a westerly course and buried in a shallow grave in the northern corner of the Temple. The keys here are that the Kemetic people were not using these "myths" and the layout of the pyramids to point to these "myths" as indications of what happened in the past, but as a symbolic way of foretelling the future of their own people, who would be enslaved, lose the knowledge ofself, be spiritually buried in the West to be resurrected by the Son of Man with the Master Grip. In other words the pyramids tell the story of the Black Man and Woman in North America. A story that they wrote down on the Gizeh plateau 6,000 years ago. In other words they wrote history in advance and we are nowliving out the "play". Welcome to the "Matrix" Kemetic style.

Look at this is map of the Giza Plateau  over which I have superimposed a quarter circle or a quadrant. From left to right you are going north and from top to bottom you are looking from east to west. This makes this the northwest quadrant of a circle. The Great Pyramids sides face exactly north, south, east and west.

Now notice the tombs in the "Western Cemetery". Put them together the way we used to do when kids, i.e. connect the dots on the perimeter of those tombs.

What does the "Western Cemetery" remind you

of when taken as a whole?